Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day!

Isn't it unbelievable the lengths that some people go to for Valentine's Day? I'll admit that I love the colors. Red is my favorite color and I really like pink and white, too. And I love hearts! But the candy, flowers, ballons......*sigh* Only in America.....

Call me jaded but I sometimes think that people's over-the-top expressions of "love" are just a show or perhaps they are trying to impress someone other than their significant other, i.e. a young lady in our youth group received not one, but FIVE dozen roses today at school. Now me, I would prefer one beautiful long stem red rose. There is just something classy about that. I just don't go for overkill.

It's great if you and your significant other shared gifts, candy, flowers or whatever today, but if you, your spouse or significant other didn't do anything, that does not mean that there is not love there.

My DH has never been big on these holidays that make him feel pressured to buy me something or do something for me when he would not ordinarily have done so. So today he has not given me anything, BUT he has run the sweeper for us for months and months! Do you have any idea how much that means to me, especially since I have been having back problems. He shampooed the carpet in my car where I have slopped coffee all over it, even after he asked me to be careful, cause he knows how clumsy I can be.

I'll try not to make you gag, but it is all of the little day-to-day things that he does for me that makes me know that he loves me. He is definitely a keeper! :-)

Okay, I'm done with my Valentine's Day rant! ( I was going to abbreviate Valentine's Day (VD), but thought better of it!!! *smile*

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