Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Kitster!

This is our outside kitty, Kitster, drinking milk out of my glass! You see, I had made myself a PB&J, a glass of milk and gone out to the back deck to read one afternoon. Well, I had to go inside for something and when I came back out, he had jumped up on the table and helped himself to my milk, which I didnt' mind at all! He is a beautiful cat, though it doesn't really show here. I'll try to find a better picture to post later! Oh, in case you are wondering, the book is "Back When We Were Grown-ups" by Anne Tyler! A wonderful book!


Theresa said...

What an adorable picture! We had a cat, Smokey, for close to 15 years, who loved to paw milk out of our glasses. Of course. she was also a peanut butter fan, so your PB&J would have been history!!!

Liz said...

I was thinking the same thing - Smokey reincarnated