Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Word Cloud

I found this neat thingy for my blog at Becky and Bro. Holley's blogs. You go to this website to do it. It scans your blog and makes a word cloud of it. It is pretty neat, hm???

Do you need a laugh???

Well, this ought to do it! LOL

What happens when you have ... nothing to do; a sharp knife; a large lime; a patient cat; and, it's football season?

Ed and I spent a very enjoyable day together yesterday. The student he transports was sick yesterday, so we decided to take off early and see where the day would take us. I fixed us a hearty breakfast before we left, so it was on to the carpet barn to select carpet for the living room and hallway. After that, we stopped by to see Daniel, as he is sick, too. He has such a time with his sinuses. He gets these awful dark circles under his eyes and says he just feels terrible and all. Erin was sleeping as she had worked the night before, but she did poke her head out of the bedroom door to tell us she loves us! *smile* Daniel had fixed breakfast for her before she went to bed. She calls Daniel the "Breakfast King" because he fixes such good breakfasts! Anywayyy....we visited with the granddoggies....Heidi, Macie, Jasmine and Dakota. Dakota, the Weimeraner, has GROWN! Oh my word, he prances around like a horse because his legs are so long and his feet are big! But he is beautiful! I'll have to take a recent pic of him and post it. We had such a good visit with Daniel and we prayed for him before we left. Last night, just before we went to bed, Ed called Daniel and he said that he was feeling so much better. I am so thankful that even when we can't be with our children or our ability to help is limited, the Lord is always available and able to help. What a faithful God He is and how mindful He is of the things that concern us as parents. Here is a couple of recent pictures of Daniel and Erin. I took them a week ago this past Sunday when they came up for a visit!
Oh, and Daniel told us that he is on schedule to graduate in June. This is a big deal because he will be the first student of Mr. Leffler's.....Daniel's Drafting and Design teacher from Tri-County Career graduate in two years from Hocking College. It is a two-year course, but the other students have always drug it out to 3-4 years, for whatever reason. It is alot to accomplish in 2 years, but it can be done. Daniel has always been one to set goals and achieve them. He did this when we homeschooled. He makes lists and posts signs of encouragment in his living space. Yesterday, as we were leaving, we noticed a sign on his front door...."Protein Shake" remind himself to have one before leaving the house each day.
Well, thanks for "listening" to me brag a little on the boy. I promise to listen/read when you have the need. *smile* Have a great Wednesday!!

Oh No! It's happened to me!

I remember when I got my first computer back in 1996-97. I'm not sure of exactly which year it was. *sigh* (This is happening more and more as the years pass (speeeed) by.) Anywayyyy, everyone was saying, "Oh, you will love playing solitaire on your computer!" And my thought was always, "Why would you want to play soltaire on your computer?" Sheesh! I tried it a few times and just didn't get the big deal of it. Then, in 1999.....I remembered that year!*tada*....I started working at the library and people...mostly older people.....would come in, sign up to use a computer and then sit there and play solitaire! Helloooooo! That just didn't make sense to me. Such a waste of time! Especially when you could be surfing the web, emailing and so on. Wellllll, as most of you know, I am still contending with dial-up internet here in my little valley. Soooooo, as I wait for pages to load....some times longer than others....I have taken to playing...dare I say!!! On my computer!!! I'm addicted!!! I'm keeping a running list of my scores and times. (no, I'm not proud of this..) I've tried not playing it while waiting for pages to load....but it seems such a waste of time to just sit here and do nothing. Sooooo...I've resigned myself to it. I'll admit it.....I love playing solitaire on my computer. (Does this mean I really AM getting older?)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Music resources and chord sheets

If you are looking for music resources and chord sheets, here is a wonderful website. There are some really good chord progression sheets and chord charts that can be downloaded free of charge. It is sponsored by one of my former piano teachers, Sis. Pam Rentzel, who is the music director at Bro. Kenneth Dillingham's church in Fairborn (Dayton), Ohio. They are great people!

Oh, Sweet Summertime

I had posted some beautiful winter pictures of Ash Cave here last week. Well, here is a picture of the waterfall at Ash Cave in the summertime. As you can see, it is beautiful, no matter the season.

Below is a picture taken by my brother-in-law of the same Ash Cave waterfall when it was almost completely frozen. This was taken a week and a half ago.

The Kitty of the house.....again

Last night, as I went into the den to turn out lights and so on before going to bed, I caught a glimpse of Ellie sleeping away in her little cubby. Sooooo, I just had to grab the camera and take a picture, of course! Here it is for your viewing pleasure! *smile* I think it is so adorable when she curls all up and puts her little leg over her face! Awwww.....*grin*

Catching up and Getting Started

I'm here at the library downloading music from the internet at and thought I would put up a quick post as Ed is at home putting down new wood flooring. That means I might not have access to my computer for a couple of days because he is installing it in that area.
I had a 9:30am appointment with Dr. Gedeon, my new chiropractor. This was my second visit and I do believe I have had some improvement though it is minimal. I realize that this will be a slow process and that is alright. I just found out over the weekend that my brothers are his plumbers and actually, one of them was at his house this morning doing some work. I told him that I hoped he wouldn't hold that against me. I've heard those plumbers charge pretty high rates. *grin*
Oh, we had such wonderful services at church yesterday. Especially last night. You see, when Daniel was in the 2nd grade, I started getting this little girl off to school in the mornings. She began going to church with us and continued to through the years until last year sometime. She started working while going to school began dating a nice young man and just kind of busied herself out of church, I believe. Well, service was going along so wonderfully last night and in through the sanctuary doors came this young lady. I could hardly believe it. She has just gotten off work and came over. After service, she came to me and we prayed together and talked and I believe she is back. What is so awesome, was that earlier in the service, while the preaching was still going on, I had been sitting there beside Ed thinking of this young lady, while looking up at the other youth sitting there, and just thinking of how I missed her so. And then to have her walk in later. The Lord is so good and truly in His time all things are made beautiful.
I hope your Monday is going well. May the Lord order your steps and keep you ever in His care.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ahhhh, memories.......

For some reason, as I was sitting here blog reading, I began remembering little things about when I was homeschooling Daniel. One fond memory I have is of him and his desk chair. He could do more things with a desk chair than I ever thought imaginable. Sit sideways. Sit backwards. Sit upside down. Wiggle. Squirm. Bounce. And, still, he learned. Oh, not that he always sat in a chair at a desk. Au Contrare'. He did schoolwork on the sofa. On the floor. On his bed. At the kitchen table. On the back deck. At the picnic table. And, still, he learned. A few times, we even went to a small state park located about five miles from our home....Stroud's Run. We would pack lunch, take some firewood and our books and off we would go. There was a small lake there and we would build a small fire, have lunch, enjoy the outdoors and do schoolwork. That was one of the many great things about home-schooling. And Daniel was a good student and made it fairly easy for us. I remember how he would be sitting SOMEWHERE doing his math and just be singing or humming along as he did it. I asked him one time how he could possibly do math and sing or hum along as he did it and he replied with exasperation at his mother, "I don't know, mom, I just can, okay?" and he went right back to his work. Well, okay, sorry to bother you, my son. He actually got scolded in public school one time for humming. I believe he was in the 3rd grade, his last year of public school. He has always been a hummer and a singer. *smile* (thank you, Lord.)
Another funny memory: While Daniel would be doing his schoolwork I would sometimes be playing Text Twist on the computer. I'm sure many of you are familiar with it. Well, each time I would scramble the letters, Daniel would try to pronounce them. It was sooooo funny!! For example: A E I M M D or M I D A E M or M M A I D E (I'll let you guess the word. You can put the answer in the comments.) and each time he would pronounce it phonetically. Of course, some were funnier than others, but we did have some wonderful laughs. And, to this day, he is an excellent reader. At church, we had a Bible-reading marathon one time, meaning, we each signed up to take turns reading over a period of days. Of course, Ed, Daniel and I took our turns. Come Sunday morning, Bro. Chappelear asked Daniel to come to the pulpit and read a particular chapter that had alot of begats in it and you know what that means. Alot of hard-to-pronounce names. He had listened to Daniel read during our Bible-reading marathon and was impressed with Daniel and wanted him to read aloud for the congregation. He just breezed right through it. Needless to say, I was a pretty proud mama.
Now, all of this is not to say that Daniel LIKES to read. *sigh* He doesn't. But he CAN. And I believe he WOULD enjoy reading if he would just allow himself. Perhaps someday. Of course, he had to read while we were homeshcooling. I would assign him, oh, maybe a couple of chapters a day to read for a book report. He would get his book and head for the sofa, albeit a bit grudgingly. But a few minutes later, I might hear him chuckling over something he was reading or he would finish his assigned chapters and tell me how good the book was, but he would never just continue reading on for the pleasure of it. I would sometimes sit down with him and read a few chapters to him, as he always loved for me to read to him. When he went to Tri-County Career Center in his 11th and 12th grade years, he had assigned books to read in Literature there. So I would go get the assigned book from our local library and read it along with him. That way I knew what he was reading and we could discuss it and so on and this made it more fun and interesting for Daniel, too.
When Ed and I first married, he didn't read anything but his Bible which is not a BAD thing. It is just that I have always been a voracious reader, from the Bible to the daily paper to magazines to non-fiction and fiction. Well, over the years, Ed, too, has become a reader and almost always has a book at hand to read. He used to read just Louis Lamour, but he has read all of them and most of them two or three times, so I introduced him to James Patterson and a few other authors that he really likes. I'm hoping that Daniel learns to love to read one day, too.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Needin' some blog love!!

Would all of you do me a favor and make your way over to my adopted grand-daughter's blog and show her some love? Now that Thursday Thirteen is going off the air, she is concerned that she will not get very many visitors to her blog. She is so witty and has this dry humor that I just love. Her father, Bro. Don Ryan, pastors in Minerva, Ohio and many of you read his blog, I know. Thank you ahead of time!! :-)


Tuesday morning, as I was getting up from my chair here at the computer, something happened in my lower back and, well, this (see picture to the left)has been me for the past couple of days. I had to miss our monthly ladies meeting at church Tuesday night because I just couldn't move. I missed last month, too, because of my body rebelling. *feeble grin* And if you know me at all, I just don't miss church or church activities. Last year, I didn't miss one ladies meeting! *patting myself on the back* We have such a wonderful time of "sistership" and eating wonderful food. And dear Sis. Pastor always has such encouraging, uplifting devotions. Two ladies always volunteer to decorate, have games, (I love to play games!) and the door prize. We are divided into three circles and each circle has different responsibilites. One brings main dish/sandwiches,one brings desserts, and the other brings drinks and cleans up. It works out so well and runs smoothly. I always enjoy sitting down at a beautifully decorated table.....that I didn't decorate.....*smile*.....and eating luscious food that I didn't prepare....*bigger smile*.

I also was unable to go to church last night.....for the same reason as I was unable to attend the ladies meeting. This was the first time I had missed church in I-can't-remember-when, even though it has been difficult physically to attend, many times. I am so thankful for the good habits I have developed over the years of attending church faithfully. Someone once asked me why I go to church. Is it out of duty? Is it out of habit? Is it because I love to go? I told them that most of the time I go because I love to gather together with my spiritual family at church, but, in all honesty, there are times, perhaps when I am not feeling the greatest, that I go out of duty, and at other times, for whatever reason, I go out of habit. So sometimes, it is because of all three, but this is a good thing. I will say that no matter why I go, I am always so thankful that I made the effort because I am always strengthened and blessed by going and being with the family of God, by hearing His word taught or preached once again and by being in His presence, worshipping Him in spirit and truth. "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." Ps. 133:1 "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." Ps. 122:1

Thursday 13 #4

Thirteen Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. The Second coming of my precious Lord and Saviour!
2. Seeing family members, friends and those that I don't even know
find their way to the Lord and His salvation!
3. Seeing Daniel progress in his call to the ministry, as the
Lord directs!
4. Experiencing having our first grandchild with Daniel and Erin!
5. Spending more days of growing old together with Ed!
6. SPRING! Need I say more?? *smile*
7. Reading the next good book that I just can't put down!
8. Mentoring others in their walk with the Lord and in their
music ministry!
9. Becoming an a great-aunt again because Bethany, my niece, and her
husband-to-be Drew are expecting July 24th!
10. The day that my sister Debbie finally quits smoking!
11. Daniel's graduation day from college!!
12. Finding a new recipe or dish that my family and friends
absolutely love and that I love to fix!
13. This may be a bit redundant, but..... for that day when there will no more
parting, no more pain, no more heartache and tears, and I am able
to just sit at His feet and be at peace.....home at last.
"....and forever I will be, with the one who died for me,
what a day, glorious day that will be."

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday's Maneuverings

After getting things in order here at home yesterday.....okay, in all honesty, Mondays tend to be my "day of rest" after busy Sundays. (Can I get an AMEN from some of my brethren and sistren out there? *smile*) Soooooo, after kind of resting and getting a very few things accomplished yesterday morning, I headed out to run some errands and do a few other things. There is ice everywhere here and now that the temps have risen to a normal level, the snow is melting which makes the ice even more treacherous, plus there are big puddles of water everywhere. I know of two people who have fallen and broken an ankle and a leg in more than one place and I don't want my name added to the list!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I stopped by the library, but once I was out of the car, I just didn't see how I was going to make it to the sidewalk for all of the ice, snow and water, between me and it. Well, there were two young men, teenagers, standing there, so I asked them if they would be so kind as to help me navigate to the sidewalk and they took me gingerly by each arm and, together, WE got ME to the other side of the moat! They seemed sincerely pleased with themselves that they were able to help an older lady. (Me? An older lady? yes, it's true...*feeble grin*) So I was in the library for about an hour, and upon departing, realized that I was going to need help "crossing the moat" once again. Well, it just so happened that one of the dad's in the homeshcool group we used to belong to, was exiting the library the same time as me, so I asked him if he would be so kind as to help me and he said yes, BUT he was not guaranteeing we would get to the other side safely, BUT we did! Thank you, Jeff!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Then it was on to Save-A-Lot to get a couple items that I needed, before I headed to my sister Debbie's. You see, I had noticed, when visiting her previously, that she had a magazine rack, with out one thing in it! Well, I've been wanting something to put at my bedside to hold my reading material. Sooooooo, I called her this past Saturday and asked her what she would be willing to trade and so on for that magazine rack. She came up with a pink sweater jacket that I just recently acquired, to which I added a bottle of perfume that some had gotten me recently that I didn't really want. I thought we had sealed the deal, until she phoned me a little while later. She reminded me that I had not fixed her any oyster dressing/stuffing during the holidays and would I be willing to do that, also? I said oooookkkkkaaaay, albeit a little whiningly. (how badly do I want this magazine rack?) So after stopping by the grocery store, I proceeded to her apartment to fix the dressing. It was actually kind of nice to be there in her little kitchen, cooking, while we visited. I finally popped the dressing in the oven and bid her farewell. Oh, but not before she told me to make sure that I made plenty because a couple of her friends at the high-rise, where she lives, wanted some, too. Okay, now look, don't be pushing my goodwill here, okay? *smile* Of course, I made PLENTY. And then, I almost walked out and forgot my magazine rack! (I think it was worth it...*grin*)

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Ed had told me just to go buy myself a magazine rack. Well, that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun! Sheesh! Debbie and I have always swapped and traded and bartered with eachother for stuff that the other one has that we want or could use. We've made some wonderful memories! Plus, everytime I look at the magazine rack, I'll think of her, to which Ed replies, "And why would you want to DO THAT?" He just doesn't get the sister thing, I guess. *smile*

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Next, it was on to Lancaster Sales, where I exchanged a pair of ladies insulated leggings. You see, a lady from church works there and I had seen her wearing a pair and thought it would be nice to have a pair to wear here at home under my nightgown, dresses, skirts, etc. Well, I had sent Ed in to get them and he came home with a pair of black ones, size THREE XXX! Good GRIEF! Okay, I'm not a petite little size small, but I'm surely not a 3XXX!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! (Okay, so in his defense, they do look alot smaller than they really are, because they stretch ALOT, okay? *sighing resignedly* I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.) So I took them back yesterday and got an XL in beige, as they were out of black, but now the weather is warming the 40's today.....and I am wondering if I'll even need them, but there is always next year, should the Lord tarry His coming. (I can't believe he brought home a 3X.....even if they did look small!)

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

In the meantime, Ed (yes, the same husband who bought me a 3X in leggings, even, if they did look small.) called my cell and asked if I would mind stopping by the library to get a movie for later. All I could think of was trying to get across that wintry moat once again, but this time I parked in the library employee parking, as there was an empty space and hurried in....well, kinda sorta, as much as I can hurry these days, it isn't a very pretty sight *feeble grin*.....and got my DH a movie. (see I don't hold a grudge for very long.)

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Next it was onto the car wash to spray off my salt and mud-encrusted car. I know it is supposed to rain today but I couldn't stand it any longer and it was the best 75 cents I had spent all day!!
Oh, here's a little tidbit of info for you! At Merriam Webster's website, someone had entered a new word to be considered: SNEAT: The snow that lands on your seat when you open your car door to get your snowbrush. Also, did you know that "quail" is not only the name of a fowl but is also verb??? Mmmhmm, it is. It means to "to give way; to falter; to recoil in dread or terror." Just thought you might want to know! *smile*

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

And now I am off to seize the day! Well, okay, that might sound just a little more intense that I am actually feeling but I AM off to do something besides sit here and blog! *smile* Happy Tuesday and God's best and blessings to you! I miss you, Donnie, a.k.a. Bro. Ryan! I hope you are able to blog soon. We are praying for you! ((HUGS))

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hocking Hills

Here are a couple of links if you would like to see more pictures of the area in which I live. Here is a list of the six state parks near where we live, which includes Ash Cave where we went yesterday. If you click on each one, there are more pictures of each park. is the website for our area. Just thought someone might like the info. This is such a great area to come to for a vacation, no matter what time of year it is!

Winter in the Hocking Hills

Ed and I went to Ash Cave yesterday afternoon. It is about 20 minutes from where we live. I have always loved going to the caves to hike in the different seasons. They are such a natural, awesome sight to behold and each season paints a different canvas over the landscape. I am unable to hike the other caves because of countless steps that have to be climbed. Ash Cave is handicap-accessible so I was fairly sure that I could make it up to the cave. Ed helped me, we took it slowly and I was able to do it!! It was well worth the effort and trip!! It isn't often that the weather cooperates so that an ice pillar is formed at the falls but I was just sure that there was one this year and sure enough, there was! My brother-in-law was here on Thursday when the two points were almost touching. By the time I took this pic, it had collapsed somewhat, so he is going to send me the picture that he got of it Thursday. I will post it when I get it. Now hiking the caves is not something that Ed cares to do, but he knows how much I love to do it, so he took me! And he was even glad that he did because the scenery was so breath-taking! I am paying for it just a little today with some added aches and pains, but it was worth it!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Part of my winter exercise routine

Hold for a count of five.....1....2....3.....4......

Whadaya think?

Your Personality Cluster is Extroverted/Feeling

You are:

Able to make everyone feel comfortable and special
Someone with a large social circle from all walks of life
Supportive, encouraging, and truly happy when people around you succeed
A great leader who gains loyalty and respect easily

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Reasons Why I'd Marry Him Again!
Today is our 21st Anniversary!
I love you, Ed!!

1. Because he has loved me so faithfully and truly, even through some very difficult times!

2. Because he gave me such a wonderful son and is such an awesome father!

3. Because he loves God, the Bible, and leads our family spiritually!

4. Because he loves to read!

5. Because he makes great fudge, egg sandwiches, and hamburgers!

6. Because he is so handsome!!

7. Because he makes me laugh every day!

8. Because he is so witty and funny!

9. Because he loves people and handles himself well socially!

10.Because he loves animals! Especially Ellie, the cat and Rocky, the lab!

11.Because he is handy: He does all of our home repairs, home improvements, and auto repairs and maintenance!

12.Because he allows me the freedom to be me!

13.Because he loves my family and is so good them!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Those are about the only words that I know to that old Tina Turner song, but I've quoted them often, when talking with a young person who has been married for only a short while and they are wondering what they were thinking when they married their husband or wife. They've argued or are going through some other marital difficulty. I usually end up telling them that in a marriage there are times when you don't feel alot of love for eachother. Especially when you've argued and are stewing, more angry than you thought you could ever be at another human being. Or perhaps when you are going through kind of a low time and you look at your spouse and you just don't feel much of anything. It isn't that you don't love them, but emotions tend to ebb and flow. Actually, we can be thankful that we don't have to sustain that rapturous passionate love that we felt for eachother when we first met, that made us think that we couldn't live another minute without eachother. Goodness, if we'd had to sustain that kind of emotion, energy and passion for 21 years, we'd both be dead! *smile* But through the years, with the help of the Lord, a beautiful reassuring love slowly forms within each of you for the other. Married love is truly a miracle. There's a country song that says "Your Love Amazes Me". That is just how I feel about my DH. That he still loves me so much after seeing me at my very just doesn't get any more amazing than that! I remember one particular evening: Ed, Daniel and I had finished supper. Daniel had taken off outside to play. Ed and I were sitting there reading the paper, midst the leftovers of dinner, exchanging bits and pieces of conversation, when this moment of affection just kind of rose up between us there across the table from one another. I lowered the paper and looked at him and said, "Have I told you lately that I love you?" He kind of grinned back at me. Nothing else needed to be said. It was a special moment indeed.
Oh and another special moment: We had gotten ready for church this particular Sunday morning and I had difficulty finding an outfit that I felt comfortable in and my hair just wouldn't quite do what I wanted it to. Anywayyyyyy.......we are in the car, going up the lane, and I kind of whiningly said to Ed, "Honey, do think I'm pretty?" (You know how we can be sometimes, ladies. *grin*) He gently stopped the car, turned to me and said, "To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am the only one who matters, k?" Wow.....that just settled it right then and there for me. *smile* Ed doesn't say things like that very often. And that is okay because I know that when he does say something like that, he really means it. I've remembered and cherished that comment many times through the years.

Each Sunday morning at church, birthdays and anniversaries are recognized. This past Sunday our 21st wedding anniversary was recognized and when we came up to the front, we renewed our wedding vows. Daniel and Erin were there with us and stood with us. We had made the plans with Pastor Martin beforehand. It was nothing lavish, just simple, but meaningful. I hadn't thought it would be as emotional as it turned out to be. But we told eachother, in essence, that "We Still Do", a song that a young lady at church wrote and sang for us, after we exhanged our vows. So, tomorrow, we will have been married for 21 years!!! WE DID IT!!! Well, I think Ed had to do a WHOOOLLLLLLEEEE lot more than me through the years! Wow, but he has had to put up with alot! *smile* But, again, he's one amazing husband!

"Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, and the romance in a relationship, and find out you still care for that person."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I found this beautiful graphic at "Stray Thoughts", a beautiful blog that I found through Thursday Thirteen. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 2 !

Thirteen Things To Do On A Sub-Zero, Icy, Snowy Day!

By Jewel :-)

1. Catch up on my Bible-reading program!
2. Make a big pot of vegetable soup! You can't just make a little bit!
3. Work a jigsaw puzzle! I am doing a Thomas Kincaide one!
4. Read a good book!
5. Stay in bed and snuggle!
6. Watch a chick flick!! More than one, actually!
7. Call my sister Debbie and talk about any and everything!
8. Read blogs, play online games and surf the web!
9. Bake cookies or some other delicious dessert!
10. Call my family members and friends and catch up with eachother!
11. Listen to Cd's and get new music ideas for church and choir!
12. Snuggle in bed with Ed and Ellie the cat!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This morning we had -11 degrees in our little valley and that's without figuring in the windchill. It was frigid. Tonight, as I type, we have 13 degrees and about 4 inches of new-fallen snow on the ground. Everyone, including myself, has been saying that we've needed this cold snap to kill off the viruses and germs. Well, I think these frigid temps might very well have done the trick on those little varmints. I talked to my girlfriend Arlene and her husband, on Saturday. They are wintering in Sarasota, Florida and they said it was a balmy 72 degrees there. *sigh* I asked Ed when are we going to start wintering in Florida. I haven't gotten an answer yet. *smile* (fingers crossed) Stay warm, everyone and get those covers tucked in tight. Night night!

Monday, February 05, 2007


We had -6 this morning (Monday) and already tonight we have 1 degree at 8:37pm. So we know that it is going to be even COLDER in the morning than it was this morning and snow is on the way, too!!! What great snuggling weather! *smile* Stay warm everyone!! God Bless!
Last fall I applied for S.S. Disability. I did so with a bit of trepidation because I feel that getting disability sometimes bring with it a bad reputation. I know of people who are on disability and I've questioned whether or not they really need it. (I'm being really honest here, okay?) But when I started having my health problems, I began to think quite differently. I look at people so differently now. There is no way for me to know what they are suffering. There is an old saying: "Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes." How very true that statement is. When I've had to use the motorized cart at Walmart or other stores, I've had people give me "the look", that says: "Why are YOU riding on that thing? You're just lazy. You just need to lose some weight. Walking would probably help you to feel better. You just need to exercise more." All of the same thoughts I've had about people I've seen riding the motorized carts. As I said before, I've had such a change of heart and attitude. It has been humbling and made me so much more compassionate and understanding toward others.
Okay...back to the disability. I had applied last fall, was turned down and let my appeal date come and go, thinking I should just forget about it. In the meantime, I applied for a few jobs that I thought I might be able to do, interviewed for a couple of them, but was never offered the positions. Then I heard about the companies offering people jobs at home. Very legitimate companies and I was so excited. But that didn't work out either, as we are not able to get DSL here at home.
I was praying about all of this and told the Lord that if none of these opportunities worked out that I would take it as a sign that I should once again apply for disability. So I made an appointment to go refile. The first time I applied, I did so online, but then my computer went on the blink, so I made an appointment at the S.S. office in Lancaster. You might know it would be on the coldest morning of the year! :-/ I almost called and cancelled but I didn't! So I gathered up all of the necessary forms and info and off Ed and I went. I prayed so fervently that I would get a really nice person to help me, not some old grumpy person who thought I was just looking for a hand-out. Please, Lord. Wellllll, I was directed to one of the nicest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was a gem. (Thank you, Lord.) She was so kind and helpful and really encouraged me to pursue getting disability because it will take several months and no doubt, entail going through the appeals process more than once. There is a good possibility that I will not get a monthly check but that I will be eligible for Medicare which would be wonderful.
So after my appointment was over, Ed and I went over to the food court (the Social Security Office is in River Valley Mall) to get some lunch. We had chinese from Mark Pi's and it was delicious. After we finished lunch, we were sitting there watching the people and I said I might as well look at my fortune, so I cracked open my fortune cookie and read it. I couldn't believe it! It said, "Your present plans will be successful." I showed it to Ed and we both just sat there and the tears came. Now don't get me wrong, I don't put my hope in fortune cookies, but I do believe the Lord can use things such as this to speak to us. I had just so dreaded going up there and then to have such a lovely, kind woman assist me. I am so thankful that the Lord went ahead of me and prepared the way and let words of encouragement come to me. He is such an awesome, caring Saviour. I never cease to be amazed at how particularly He cares about the little things in our lives. "He's a wonder, He's a wonder, He's a Mighty God...." Yes, He is. Jesus, My Rock.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

My own weather report

It is always colder here than what is reported on TV or on the web. We have -4 degrees here this morning. I'm not sure what the windchill is.....I don't really care because whether I know what it is or not.....I know it is frigid! *smile* Pastor Martin changed the order of service today, cancelling this morning and tonight and scheduling an afternoon service at two o'clock. Call me a whimp, but I really appreciate him doing this. I could get used to having one service on Sunday. I have been giving little hints at this for quite some time but to no avail. :-/ But already, by having just one service today, the day feels so much better and less "full". I mean, doing music for one service is so much better. Alot of this is probably because I am getting older and because of my physical limitations. BUT......those of you who know me, know that I will keep on keepin' on, no matter how many services we have on Sunday. :-)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What's not to love....

....about this adorable face? *grin* We just love him so much!! Of course, he had come onto the porch out of the pouring snow and wanted some pets and cuddles, which he certainly got after I took this picture. Oh, and he got some treats, too! *smile*

A Doggy Snow Angel and DSL

This is Rocky's version of a Snow Angel. Not very neat and concise, but he had fun making it nonetheless. He is so funny. He puts his nose down in the snow and just goes plowing along. We had so much fun playing with him outside yesterday evening in the snow. Okay, so I didn't do too much romping about but I had fun watching, okay? *grin*
Okay, so my dear husband was standing her behind me just now watching me upload this photo and he was commenting about how long it took.....imagine that.....and he started singing...."Well, this ain't Dallas......this ain't DSL....." Very funny.
The actual country song, which is quite old, goes:
"Well, this ain't Dallas, this ain't Dynasty,
We're a real live two-job-working family,
And I ain't JR and you ain't SueEllen,
We're just man and woman,
Holdin' this thing together."
Okay, concerning isn't available here in the hills of Southeastern Ohio where we just happen to live.....:-( We have exhausted every avenue in trying to get it here. The only other option we might have is to try Hughes Net, so we'll see. In the great scheme of things, I dont' really know if it is necessary. Ohhhhh, but it would be wonderful to have. No more waiting for pictures to load. I could watch the video that all of you put up on your pages. I could post videos to my blog. I have a page on Everyones Connected but I don't go to it very often because it is unbelieveably slow with dial-up. Also, I had inquired about working from home via my computer but the companies that I contacted required DSL via a landline so Hughes Net would not have helped in that endeavor. I had heard about these companies through a segment on Good Morning America. They are legitimate and sounded like something that was right up my alley, because I had been thinking I would love to work part-time again and with my physical limitations, working from home would have been great! But as I said before, DSL was required. *sigh* But you know, I prayed about it and put it in the hands of the Lord and I just believe that He knows what is best for me right now and this must be it. What a comfort it is to be able to trust in Him for everything.
Okay, here are the web addresses for those companies that are hiring people to work from home:
These are reputable companies as warranted by Good Morning America and their website. No selling is required. I believe it is more of a customer service type of job or possibly taking orders for these companies as people call you or perhaps trouble-shooting of some sort. You must have a computer of course and a room in your home where you can work privately and quietly. As I have sat here typing this post, I have thought that perhaps I wasn't meant to get one of these jobs, but perhaps someone else needs this information and the Lord is using me to get it out to them. I am anxious to see and to hear what happens! I'll let you know!

What's for dinner?

This is what we had for dinner yesterday! Spanish Rice! Now I didn't care for the spanish rice that they used to serve us in the cafeteria at school...yuck! Imagine that. :-/ But I've come up with this version which I love, especially on a cold, snowy day in Ohio. Of course, you can serve it with a nice salad and rolls, too. This is a quick dish to fix, which is another thing that I love about it. Ed said I really outdid myself on this yesterday! *smile* So, here's the recipe for those of you who might want to try it:


Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moving on.....

Ed and I just realized today that we are no longer calling the den "Daniel's room"! *sighhhhh* We're moving on,hm? Daniel has been married to our wonderful daughter-in-law Erin for 1 year and 1 month. We had struggled with what to do with his old bedroom as it was completely decked out in OSU scarlet and gray down to the plaid carpet. At the time, I was in fairly bad shape physically, so we couldn't do much. We decided to leave it in the Ohio State Buckeyes decor and are we ever glad that we did! I don't what we were thinking when we were contemplating changing it. Sheesh!
Anywayyyyy.......we called it Daniel's room for sooooo long after he left. It just didn't seem right not to. He had lived here for 18 years!
BUT......this afternoon, Ed was looking for the book he is presently reading and I asked him if he had looked in the den. We both just kind of stopped in our tracks upon realizing that we were no longer calling it "Daniel's room". A good thing, I believe. Yet, a bit heart-wrenching, as a parent and empty-nester. We're doing okay. Me and this wonderful husband of mine. *little smile*