Friday, June 29, 2007


*WHEW!* Talk about a whirlwind trip! Stacy and I left my house at 2am Tuesday morning and drove to Dayton where our flight left at 6am. And wouldn't you know it? The metal detector beeped when I went through! Grrrr!! Soooooo, this very nice lady asked me to step over in front of this screen. She proceeded to tell me that she was going to "wand" me and then pat me down. Sooooo, she went over my upper body and then asked me if I could please spread my legs. Ummmm......not so much these days. *feeble grin* So then she asked me if I could just slide one foot forward a little bit, which I managed to do. To make a long story short.....I was clean, but I do appreciate that they do their job so thoroughly and they were very cordial and considerate, even if Stacy did stand there and laugh her fool head off at me!!!
We arrived in Detroit at 7am, where we had a two-hour layover. Of course, I had my trusty walker with me, so we just loaded all of our "stuff" on it and explored the airport for awhile and had breakfast. The time went pretty quickly. We arrived in Bangor, Maine shortly after 11am and got a taxi to Bro. and Sis. Hurst's, which is only a short distance from the airport.
I promise you.....we no sooner got in the house, than they said, "Let's go!" *groooooaaannn* I was soooo tired! But we loaded up into two vehicles and headed for Camden, Maine, which is about 35 miles from Bangor. It is a seaside resort town and soooo lovely. Now, I've never see Dark Shadows but here is a picture of the house/castle/whatever where they filmed it. It is on the oceanfront, though you can't see that in this pic.

We ate at a lovely restaurant on the harbor. I had a huge bowl of their famous fish chowder. It was absolutely to die for! The Hursts highly recommended it but I thought...."Okay....chowder.....lots of potatoes, vegetables, a bit of fish here and there." But, noooooo! Luscious, huge chunks of fish in a buttery soup with just the right touch of vegetables. It was yummmmmy!!
We then walked about the downtown area, checking out all of the little shops and so on. The drive home was so much fun! We sang and harmonized and laughed and sang oldies and laughed, took pictures of the beautiful scenery and sang and laughed. I was exhausted when we got home. But then it was: "Get your showers and get ready for church! We have to leave in ten minutes!!" WHAT????? I about died! But! I obeyed.
You see, Maine's campmeeting was this week and that is the MAIN (no pun intended...LOL) reason why we went!
So we all headed for campmeeting which is just outside of Bangor. Bro. Eli Hernandez was the camp evangelist. The services were wonderful! The worship and presence of the Lord was so strengthening and rich. Bro. Alan Abbey, district superintendent of California was the morning speaker and his messages were profound. He and his wife travelled to Camden with us. Poor people....*grin* Nooooo.....seriously.....they did have alot of fun with us! We all had fun together!!
Sooooo, between going to camp in the morning, going out to lunch, doing a few things and then heading back to church in the evening, they days were full and well-spent! And we went out to eat each night after service. Wednesday night, the rich glory of the Lord was in our midst and many were healed of numerous afflictions. The Lord definitely touched me and I feel so much stronger in my back and legs. The pain level has diminished greatly and I am trusting the Lord to continue His healing work in me!!!
On the way to Maine, I could hardly maneuver onto the automated walkways. I call them people movers. I used them but it really hurt to get on them. BUT, on the return trip, I was getting on and off of those things like it was nothing!!! To God be the Glory!! I'll keep you posted as to my progress!!
Our flight left Bangor at about 4:15 Thursday afternoon and we pulled into my driveway at about 2am Friday morning. Needless to say, I was tired, but it was a good tired. I'm so glad to be home, but Ellie (the cat) is still in the process of snubbing me for leaving her for three days, but Rocky is thrilled that I'm home!! *grin* So is Ed! *smile*
I'll share more little tidbits with you in the days ahead! It was so much fun! I hope you all have had a great week and managed to stay cool in the terrible heat and humidity, though we did get some much-needed rain yesterday, lasting through late morning here.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Spur of the moment? Me?

Hello, everyone! Well, Daniel started his new job this morning. He is going to stop by on his way home from work to let us know how his day went and also so his dad can help him with a small car repair. We went out with Daniel and Erin after church to Applebee's in Athens and had a fun time with them and some other people from their church!

We had a wonderful service at church last night and had several first-time visitors! The Lord is good!

Okay, are you sitting down? Wellllll......a girlfriend and I are flying out of Dayton in the morning....6:03am to be exact......heading for Bangor, Maine, where we are going to attend their campmeeting for three nights! Can you believe it? I know, I know.....what brought this on? Well, her parents, who attend our church, are there....they drove up this past Thursday....... and her uncle is a presbyter in the district. Sooooo, she asked me if I was interested in going and after tossing it around overnight, I got up this morning and thought....why not???? So, I've been busy re-arranging my week and so on, getting some last minute things done here at home, and also packing and all I really want to do is take a nap! *feeble grin* But I am excited about going. This is the same young lady that drove me to the music workshop a few months ago. Remember???? Well, I told her the only way I would go is if I was driving. We are leaving from Dayton, which is where the music workshop was, too. Anywayyyy......I AM driving. *grin*

Our family get-together was this past Saturday and we had such a great time. Bethany and Drew look happy as larks and she is so cute expecting their little baby! We also celebrated Bud and Bill's 60th birthdays! We couldn't THAT milestone go by without notice! *smile* We played our customary family bingo with the usual cheesy, tacky prizes, but the kids love it AND I can't believe how the adults even play with such fervor, hoping to win! It's hilarious!

Of course, after it was all over with, I was done in. But what a good "done-in" it was!!!

Soooooo, this is the last blogging I will be doing until Friday, unless I should have access to a computer while in Maine. Oh yes, we are staying with Bro. and Sis. Charles Hurst. He is the presbyter. I've met them once when they came through Logan and Bro. Hurst preached Sunday services for us. Oh, and they and the other couple don't know that I'm coming. They think it is only Stacy coming. Surprise, surprise!!! *smile* Well, I HOPE they are happy I've showed up. *grin* I'll let you know!!

Have a great week and stay cool!!! It's gonna be hot here in southeastern Ohio!!! 90's!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Got me to thinking.....

When I read the things that were different now as opposed to 1900, in my belated Father's Day Post, it got me to thinking of how much has changed in my 55-year lifetime. Here are just a few that come to mind:
We didn't have color TV and we only watched TV in the evening as a family for a couple of hours.
We didn't have microwaves.
We didn't have pantyhose. (oh my!) Remember stockings, ladies?
We didn't have air-conditioning at home.
Oh, and computers were not even thought of! Imagine! And now we consider them a necessity almost!
We had 45, 78, and 33 speed vinyl records and had to replace broken needles often *smile*
We didn't eat out as a family. All our meals were at home. I can only remember 3 or 4 times that we actually went out to a restaurant as a family and one time it was because my dad had done some work at the restaurant and the owner gave us our meals free. Who cared? I remember we got all dressed up and went to the restaurant where they seated all of us (7) in this ginormous booth. We were in heaven! *grin*
We got a 25-cent allowance every Friday. I remember one week, for my 25-cents, I bought a jumprope, paddle ball, and jacks and ball! I had to get one penny from my mom for the tax! I was rich! Remember jacks? It was one of my favorite games!
Donuts, chips, pop/soda, ice cream, candy were not staple items at our house. They were treats for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Oh, and pizza was just beginning to become popular. I remember the first time I had pizza from a pizza shop was on a date with my first boyfriend. I was 16.
We had one car. My dad had his work van for his plumbing business but it was indeed a work van.
I'll add things as I remember them. I think it is fun to go down memory lane sometimes and see how much has changed through the years.
Oh, a couple of more: We didn't have a dishwasher or ice-maker. I still don't, for that matter. Well, there was a dishwasher in our home when we bought it, but I had never used one and just didn't want it, so we sold it. I find doing dishes kind of relaxing, standing there in front of my kitchen window, thinking, listening to music or talking to Ed. And I still use ice-cube trays. I don't mind at all.
Okay, that's it for now. I have to get ready for church. Oh, and feel free to add some things if you like! *smile*

Wonderful News!!!

Daniel is now employed as a draftsman at Diamond Power in Lancaster, Ohio!! Full-time, full benefits, great salary, and paid college if he wishes to continue part-time. I've hardly stopped crying and rejoicing and thanking the Lord since he called and told us yesterday afternoon! I asked Daniel if he realized how blessed and favored of God he is. Of course, he said yes. He starts his new job next Monday. He has the option to work either 7am-3pm or 8am-4pm. Also, if he works an extra hour each day, he will get a Friday off every other week, too, so that sounds good to me! Erin was in the shower when he received the call, so he wrote her a note and stuck it in shower and when she read it, she screamed! *smile* I am so happy for them! Erin has work 10pm-7pm full-time at Walmart for two years faithfully and now she will be able to go to dayshift there, though she will take a cut in pay, but they will be on a normal schedule and not be on such a tight budget. God is soooo good and faithful. They've invited us down for a cookout tomorrow evening (Thursday). I'll try to take pics and post them later!

Also, Daniel is teaching the youth class tonight at their church. There are three or four young men teaching a series of lessons over the next several Wednesdays. Daniel is teaching on repentance. He called me last night and was talking about his studying for the lesson. He was so excited about the Word of the Lord and realizing just how important repentance is in our salvation and walk with the Lord. One thing he said that really touched me was that he didnt' realize the enormous importance of repentance. Wow. He stirred me up when he said that and I've begun to study on repentance. When he studies like this, he always calls me and asks me for suggestions, pointers and input. He says I should have been a teacher or preacher and I told him that I AM a teacher. *smile* (I'm helping him. *tears*) I remember teaching the youth class for so many years , pouring myself into them, seeing the hunger in their faces. Endeavouring to instill in them a love for God and His word. Daniel was in that class. What a privilege.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A belated Father's Day post

I found these at my friend, Barbara's blog and wanted to share them with you!

A college boy wrote his father, “I can’t understand how you can call yourself a kind parent when you haven’t sent me a check in two months.! What kind of kindness is that?”
The father replied, “Son, that’s called ‘unremitting’ kindness.”~~~~~~~~~~

Tom had won a toy in a contest. He called his kids together to ask which one should have the present.
“Who is the most obedient?” he asked. “Who never talks back to mother? Who does everything she says?”
Five small voices answered in unison:
“Okay, Dad, you get the toy.”~~~~~~~~~~

The coed came running in tears to her father. “Dad, you gave me some terrible financial advice!” she cried.“I did? What did I tell you?” said the dad.“You told me to put my money in that big bank, and now that big bank is in trouble.”“What are you talking about? That’s one of the largest banks in the world,” he said. “Surely there must be some mistake.”“I don’t think so,” she sniffed. “They just returned one of my checks with a note saying, ‘Insufficient Funds’.”~~~~~~~~~~

One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, “Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?”
The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. “I can’t dear,” she said. “I have to sleep in Daddy’s room.”
A long silence was broken at last by a shaken little voice saying, “The big sissy.”~~~~~~~~~~

One night a wife found her husband standing over their newborn baby’s crib. Silently she watched him. As he stood looking down at the sleeping infant, she saw on his face a mixture of emotions: disbelief, doubt, delight, amazement, enchantment, skepticism.Touched by this unusual display and the deep emotions it aroused, with eyes glistening she slipped her arms around her husband.“A penny for your thoughts,” she whispered in his ear.
“It’s amazing!” he replied. “I just can’t see how anybody can make a crib like that for only $66.95!”~~~~~~~~~~

Junior had just received his brand new driver’s license. The family trooped out to the driveway, and climbed into the car, where he was about to take them for a ride for the first time.
Dad immediately headed for the back seat, directly behind the newly minted driver.
“I’ll bet you’re back there to get a change of scenery after all those months of sitting in the front passenger seat teaching me how to drive,” said the beaming boy to the ol’ man.
“Nope,” came dad’s reply, “I’m gonna sit here and kick the back of your seat as you drive, just like you’ve been doing to me all these years.”~~~~~~~~~~

Fathers of 1900 and Fathers of Today:
In 1900, if a father put a roof over his family’s head, he was a success.Today, it takes a roof, deck, pool, and 4-car garage. And that’s just the vacation home.
In 1900, a father waited for the doctor to tell him when the baby arrived.Today, a father must wear a smock, know how to breathe, and make sure film is in the video camera.
In 1900, fathers could count on children to join the family business.Today, fathers pray their kids will soon come home from college long enough to teach them how to work the computer and set the VCR.
In 1900, fathers shook their children gently and whispered, “Wake up, it’s time for school.”Today, kids shake their fathers violently at 4 a.m., shouting: “Wake up, it’s time for hockey practice.”
In 1900, a father came home from work to find his wife and children at the supper table.Today, a father comes home to a note: “Jimmy’s at baseball, Cindy’s at gymnastics, I’m at gym, Pizza in fridge.”
In 1900, a Father’s Day gift would be a hand tool.Today, he’ll get a digital organizer.
In 1900, “a good day at the market” meant Father brought home feed for the horses.Today, “a good day at the market” means Dad got in early on an IPO.

Prayer List Typo

It could only happen to me! :-/ My dear friend, Arlene, submitted my name to be put on New Life's prayer list which was mailed out last week. Soooooo.....when our mutual friend, Pat, came to have her hair done this past Friday, she laid this paper on the table, telling me I needed to read it and there it was:

Jewel Cavinee: Healing-severe and disabling back and him problems.

HIM problems??? Helloooooo. *grin* Not having any HIM problems here. LOL

I about died when I read THAT! I immediately called Arlene and she was laughing already when she picked up the phone. I asked her if she was trying to start rumors or sumthin'! It was so hilarious! Anywayyyyy......she promised to head off any questions, gossip or the like! Thank you, dear friend, for the prayer request and for running interference as to any questions that might arise concerning my HIM problems. *smile*

(Oh, and just to be safe, I asked my HIM if there were any problems that I wasn't aware of and he assured me there weren't. *grin* I have the best HIM in the world! The Lord is so good!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Soooo, last Sunday after the morning's service, Ed and I were just sitting down to dinner here at home, when the phone rang. It was Daniel:

"Hey, Dad, did I tell you and Mom that I decided to take part in the graduation ceremony? It is at 2:30. See you there!"

Huh? What was that? Hellooooo?

You call us an hour and a half BEFORE the ceremony to tell us you are taking part in it?

So being the dutiful parents that we are, we wolfed, uh, I mean......we ate a bit of the roast and potatoes I had fixed for dinner and headed off for Hocking College.

When we arrived, we were directed to our parking space and when the attendant saw my walker, he called for a golf cart to come take us right to the door. This was so unexpected, but I was so thankful and grateful for the help. Then, once we arrived at the auditorium, we were directed to seats for the handicapped, where we were seated RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE AND PODIUM! I was almost in tears. I never dreamed that we would ever get seats right in front! I told Ed that I would stand the whole ceremony if I was just able to, though,you know? We met a wonderful family from Michigan who was there to watch their niece graduate and on the other side of us was a lady and her father that I've known for years but hadn't seen for quite some time. It was a wonderful afternoon!
As you can see, Daniel's tassel and shirt match. I asked him if he knew his tassel was going to be orange and he said, "Yes, Mom!" He was the only one who wore a matching shirt and tassel! That's our boy! *smile* He had his second interview at Diamond Power this week. We are praying that the Lord's will is done. It sounds like an excellent job opportunity and the benefits package is awesome. They will reimburse him if he chooses to go on in college part-time while he works and Daniel has expressed a desire to get his Masters degree in drafting and design. I'll keep you posted!

Hair dilemma!

Okay...first of all......I have a forehead that you can show home movies on. It is huge. And white. Sooooo, for several years I have taken the short hair that grows around my hairline, curled it, teased it, fluffed it and fashioned curls or bangs of it to kind of cover my forehead. BUT.....with the advent of hot, humid weather, they can be a real pain because I perspire, a.k.a. sweat, my forehead gets a bit oily and they just kind of get in the way, you know? Sooooo, I've tried fixing my hair a few different ways, but it is just so difficult to change a hairstyle!!! Do you girls know what I am talking about???? I look soooooo "foreign" to myself without something covering a bit of my forehead! I just don't look like ME! What to do, what to do! I do use a bit of pressed powder on my forehead in this hot, sticky weather to keep my hair from sticking to my forehead (doesn't THAT sound attractive?). I've threatened to just skin my hair back off my face and be done with it, but I don't have the courage. *feeble grin* I mean, I want to look presentable and fairly attractive. Plus, I don't want to blind people with my glaring white forehead. Would you believe that several.....okay, many, many years ago at this one place that I worked, they took up a collection in the department where I worked, to send me to a tanning salon to get my white forehead tanned????? LOL THEY DID!! It was so funny! I had lifted the hair up off my forehead to wipe the perspiration off and one of my co-workers yelled, "Jewel, put your hair back down, you're blinding me!" She then proceeded to take up the collection. It was a hoot! Well, I signed up for tanning sessions but had to stop after the first few because I was just too sensitve to do it. I burned and broke out in little bumps and itched like crazy. They started me out at TWO MINUTES!! Gosh, it was hardly worth getting undressed for! I never got past eight minutes! *sighhhhh* I sit with my white forehead and curls/bangs. But I do feel better, having gotten it off my chest. *grin*

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What was I thinking? or scaling back some......

I was up at my usual 6am this morning, thanks to the lonely meows of Ellie the cat at our bedroom door. I don't mind. I wake up at this time whether she is there or not. A busy day was ahead of me and I needed to get an early start. I did the usual morning tasks and spent time with the Lord. There was food to fix for a family who lost a loved one this week and the funeral to attend at 10am. I was then going to take my food to the church and possibly vacuum part of the sanctuary in preparation for Sunday, as no one had signed up to clean the church this week. And for those of you getting ready to scold me for vacuuming, I look at it this way. I hurt if I do; I hurt if I don't, so I thought: Why not?

Anywayyyy....moving right along. grin*

Then I was going to go to the library for a bit and then I was to be at my sister Debbie's by two o'clock, where she was going to give me a perm.

BUT.......there was a change of plans. First of all, the pain level today is almost excruciating. But I did manage to get the food to the church after going to the funeral. That is as far as I got on my list. *feeble grin* Oh, and let me insert here that I also sprayed my car off at the car wash, after the funeral service, as I decided to take the "scenic route" into town this morning, not knowing that what used to be a "chip and seal" road was "dust and gravel" now in many places. My car looked like a chunk of dirt by the time I got to the funeral home. I could hardly see out of my windshield but I didn't dare run the windshield washers and make it all a muddy mess! *smile*

Soooooo, last night at church, a good friend handed me a folder and said it was an excerpt from a book they wanted me to read. They had printed out the first chapter for me. So, after realizing I wasn't going to be able to finish my "list" this morning, I went through a drive-thru, got something cold to drink and headed for the lake. Lake Logan, that is, to read this chapter.

I am just wanting to understand where I am at. Oh, I am so blessed. The Lord is and has been so good to me. But the pain and physical limitations have thrown me for a bit of a loop. I've always been a "do-er and a go-er". Pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, but feeling great satisfaction in accomplishing tasks and organizing things, whether here at home or work or at church. Organizing activities for the youth. Planning parties and banquets at church. Putting together concerts in the park with our music department.

Now, it is sometimes a challenge to keep the necessary things done here at home. I manage to here in the house but no longer outside. So, thankfully, Ed has taken up that task and is doing very well at it. *smile*

I am not complaining at all. I am just having a little difficulty in making the adjustments, you know?

Okay....time for a little injection of humor:

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office.
"Doc, every time I see nickels, dimes and quarters, I have a panic attack! What can my problem be?"
"Oh, that's easy, " the doctor answers. "You're just afraid of change."

Yep, that's me. Not necessarily "afraid" of change, but not sure of how to negotiate the changes taking place in my body and thusly, my lifestyle.

So, I drive out to the other side of the lake, knowing that there is a good chance no one else will be there at this time of day: eleven-thirtyish am. I get out my trusty rollating walker, load my things into the little basket and head for the nearest picnic table. I got settled and opened the folder. The title read: "Reposition Yourself" by T.D. Jakes. I could hardly believe it. The Lord had been working behind the scenes all along, knowing what I had need of. The tears just flowed as I read what was before me. As the breeze off the lake ruffled the pages, the Lord ministered to me and I read, shed more tears, talked some things out with Him. I am so thankful that He is ever mindful of me and the path that I take. That He knows the plans He has for me; to prosper me.
"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29:11
"When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then thou knewest my path." Psalm 142:3

I left that place with a blessed assurance and new-found peace in my heart. I still don't have all of the answers. Nor do I know exactly what His plans are for my future. But I know that He is with me each step of the way and I am learning to walk with Him one day at a time. There is still so much for me to do for Him, though it may take more effort and I may have to struggle through some pain, but this one thing I do: "forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:13-14

I am trusting in Christ alone,

I am trusting in Christ alone,

Since His faithful love I've known,

I am trusting in Christ alone.

Verse I:

When the shadows hover near,

When my heart is filled with fear,

I will trust in Christ alone,

When I'm fragile, feeling weak,

And I'm needing perfect peace,

I will trust in Christ alone.

Verse II:

When darkness seems to hide His face,

I'll trust in His unchanging grace,

Through every high and stormy dell,

My anchors holds, with Him prevails,

by Sis. Nancy Grandquist

You can listen to the song here. It is the fourth song down.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One or two things to share

One of my asiatic lilies finally blossomed over the weekend. Isn't it gorgeous? Just thought I'd share it with you! There are several more ready to bloom and some of those are orange. I'll post pictures of them once they have bloomed.


My sisters, Bev and Debbie, and my sisters-in-law and I went out to La Cascada yesterday evening for Cheryl's birthday. Cheryl is in the back on the right. Okay, here we go: The front row from left to right is: Me, my sisters, Debbie and Bev. In the back, we have my sisters-in-law, Sandy and Cheryl. We had a very good time, visiting and eating and catching up with each other's families.

The simple things

Each May at our ladies' meeting, we have a small indoor yardsale. We each contribute whatever we have that we want no more than a quarter for. The money raised is given to Mother's Memorial, along with other funds that we have raised throughout the year. Well. I purchased this spoonholder which I have put on my stove. It has brought me so much more pleasure than you would ever think 25cents could possibly purchase. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is the tiny ladybudy on the inside of it. Or

some other little detail. I'm just thankful for such simple pleasures.