Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here I am holding my newest little bundle of joy....Jaxon Nathaniel! He is the most precious little thing. Already, he's making little baby sounds and looking around.

I had to stop by today and give him hugs and kisses and also, hug and kiss on Jay, though he needs some persuasion nowadays because he is on the move! AND he has better "boy" things to be doing than hugging and kissing on grandma!

And here's little Jaxon sacked out on a pillow. Erin says he loves to lay like this! :-)

When we were going to the hospital to see Erin, Daniel and little Jaxon, Jaylon just loved all of the Christmas trees at the hospital and had to have his picture taken with them:

When he was younger, he didn't like having his picture taken but now he has gotten to be a "poser". :-) Not that his grandma minds one bit! :-)

Well, this grandma is going to take a shower and tuck myself into bed. I'll not be staying up to see the new year in, so may I now wish you a blessed new year!!! Good night!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Jaylon, Jaxon, Daddy and the Grandparents! :-)

You might be wondering where Mommy is, but she just wasn't up to having her picture taken yet. I do have a picture of the first time she got to hold little Jaxon but I do want to be considerate of Erin Maree and not post a picture of her just yet.
She gets home tomorrow....Christmas Eve and I'll get another one of her and her boys! :-) That has such a nice ring to it, hm? :-)
Jaylon looks so grown-up in his picture at the bottom! My his three years have flown!! :-)

Jaxon Nathaniel Cavinee!!

Welcome to the world, Jaxon Nathaniel Cavinee!! He was born at 11:27AM Wednesday morning, weighing 7lbs. 13oz. and being 20 3/4 inches long!
He is beautiful and mommy and baby are doing wonderfully, thank the Lord!
It's been a hectic few days, to say the least, going back and forth to the hospital and taking care of little Jaylon with the help of his Mawmaw and Pawpaw. They've kept him the past two nights and we picked him up this morning and we will be keeping him today and tonight.
Erin, Daniel adn little Jaxon will be coming home tomorrow! Yayyyy!
I'll be posting more pictures later today!
I pray you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! ((HUGS))

Friday, December 02, 2011

Erin Maree and little Braxton!!!

Noooo, she hasn't had the baby yet! But he's in there!! :-) As you can see!! Erin doesn't like to have her picture taken but I told her that we had to have at least ONE for the record!! :-) I think she is beautiful!! She is scheduled to have a C-section the 21st of this month but I'll be surprised if she goes that long!

AND below is a picture of her and Jaybug! :-)

AND below is a picture of me trying to get the hang of taking a picture of myself! As you can see, it didn't turn out so great but then the camera can only take what it sees they always say!
My arm isn't long enough! LOL It isn't!
You see, what started this is........I just don't know how all of these people take countless pictures of themselves and change their profile pictures (on Facebook) all of the time! I'm lucky if I get one good picture of myself a year!! I'm not saying I'm ugly....I'm just not very photogenic, I guess. :-)

ANDDDD remember the time-change kick I was on in my last post? Do you know what time the sun set today? 5:07!!!!! I don't have enough daylight to get the things done that I need to get done in finishing putting up the Christmas decorations!
I mean, I have to wait until it warms up, which is usually in the afternoon sometime. AND, up until today....and that is another post for another time......I've had little Jaylon, so by the time he took a nap, I was ready for a nap, too. AND by the time he goes home, it is dark AND cold again! LOL
AND tomorrow, it looks like the day is going to be full already!
BUT there is always Monday. No, wait! It is supposed to start raining on Sunday and then rain through Wednesday, with snow arriving on Thursday! I HAVE to get the lights and decorations up tomorrow!

Tomorrow...Saturday....we are cleaning the church in the morning, Ed has an eye exam at 11:30pm. We have someone coming to look at the mobile home next door. It is for sale. The Logan Christmas Parade is at 2:00PM. Tomorrow evening is Stuart Opera House's Annual Christmas Program which my friend Pam and I always go to!

See? There isn't enough time for everything! Oh, and I left out Green School's Annual Christmas Bazaar which I love to go to!

Do you all find that there are just sooooo many things going on at this time of the year that you don't know what to do and what not to do? Is it just me? AND I need down time, too! As in a little nap in between or I'm no good for anything!
I'll go ahead and tell you in this post about what I was talking about up there!

Yesterday was my last day of taking care of little Jaylon fulltime. *sigh* Erin is now on maternity leave and will not be going back to work after having little Braxton.

I know, I know.....I'll still see him all of the time. I know that but it is going to be a bit of an adjustment, still.

I'm planning to take him to storytime at the library on Wednesday mornings. And now that I don't have him everyday, all day, I want to have him spend the night with me and Papa once in a while!

My house needs to really be re-arranged and organized because we have toys and just Jaylon stuff everywhere!! :-) I'll have to post some pictures before I change everything just so you can see how much Jaylon stuff we have here! :-)

It will all work out and I will be fine and I know that I am going to enjoy having some "me" time to do some things here at home that have needed done for a long time!

I still have 2 or three crates of Daniel's homeschool books and paper and folders that I've never sorted and gone through!! And he's 25! AND he went to public school the last two years of high school! See how behind I am?!?!?!?! :-0

Okayyy....I'm getting off of here and taking myself to bed! It's been a busy day and tomorrow....well, you've already read about tomorrow! :-) I need rest!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'll just jump right in with both feet!

I hate being plunged into darkness at 5:30 in the evening! But there isn't a thing I can do about it except accept it! I just feel like stomping my foot and having a little fit about it but that wouldn't do any good either, only other choice is to just flat get over it and realize that it is going to be this way for the next 3 1/2 months! help.

I've already gained my 5lbs. of holiday weight. I read somewhere that that is the average weight gain by most Americans over the holidays. Of course, that was a few years ago, so it may be 10lbs. by now, at the rate America is going with its obesity.
Soooooo, tonight I am cutting up a large bowl of salad, of which I will be partaking during the next several days.

I have so many extra "eating occasions" in the coming weeks and it is mostly at night! Help! :-/

AND as if that isn't enough, I read on the internet somewhere today that diet soda is bad for you in that it causes you to bloat AND is thought to have something in it that causes you to want to eat more or eat more sweets or something like that.

I loooove Diet Pepsi in the 24oz. bottles/six pack. I drank Diet Pepsi in the can for years and once in a while would buy a 2 liter bottle but I seldom could drink an entire can at one time and the 2 liter bottle would get stale before I drank it all. (Ed doesn't drink soda.)

Well, one week while getting groceries I saw that someone had the 6-pack bottles of Pepsi on sale for like $2.50 so I purchased one. I cannot begin to tell you the difference in flavor and carbonation!!! It scarcely tastes like the same soda as what is in the cans and 2-liters. I always kind of wondered why people bought the 6-packs, thinking they were more expensive, but they aren't. It is the same as buying a 12-pack of cans and I only buy pop when it is on sale.

I loooooove Diet Pepsi in the bottles!!! Only to read that it is not good for me and could very well be one of the reasons why I need to lose weight around my middle, like a kazillion other people!

Okay, I'm done with that topic. :-) But I did have to go and get me a glass of Pepsi on ice before continuing this post! :-) delicious and refreshing!!!
Below, you will see a picture of little Jaylon alllllllll stretched out taking his afternoon nap! He is getting so tall!!! Oh, but he is my precious little man! He is so good to take his nap every afternoon, for which I am so thankful. By two o'clock, grandma is needing a nap, too, or at least a good stretch of quiet time! :-)

Oh, and that is his blue blanket laying on top of him. Now he doesn't rub the silky border on it but he does rub the taggy on it that you can see right there by his hand. :-) His daddy rubbed the silky border on his blanket when he was little. :-)
A week ago Thanksgiving, my oldest sister Bev, pictured below with her daughter Bethany, and me and our sister-in-law Sandy drove to Newark to spend the day with Bethany and her little ones. I had Jaylon with me that day, too. We had such a good time!
Bethany lives the farthest away of any one else in the family and she feels kind of isolated sometimes so we finally were able to get away and go spend some time with her. We had such a relaxing, pleasant afternoon.
We ate at a local buffet which the little ones loved, as well as the "big kids", too! :-)
Jaylon loved the train they had which ran on a track that hung from the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant. AND he loved playing and spending time with Nathen and Hayley. Now he played with Nathen but he just loves girls!!! Of all ages!!!
It was so nice to just be able to go and not have to be concerned about being back at any certain time and to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves with Beth.

My sister Bev and her daughter Bethany

My sister-in-love Sandy and me!

Jaylon and Hayley

Nathen and Jaylon! :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weather heaven!

If there IS such a thing as "weather heaven", I am living in it and have been for the past few days! Wow!!

AND with the changing leaves, it is absolutely gorgeous here in the Hocking Hills and our little valley! This HAS to be my favorite time of the year!

I mean, I DO love spring. It is soooo welcome after the dreariness of a long, cold winter.

BUT, I do believe fall has come out on top!!! :-) (Not that I was havin' a contest or anything! LOL)
Ed and I spent the evening down in the lower part of the yard Saturday evening, burning a brush pile that we had accumulated over the past few months.

Later in the evening, Daniel called and invited us up to watch the OSU/Nebraska game. Here is what we saw when we walked in:

Awwww....I just fall in love with him all over again each time I see him! *sighhhhh* This being a grandma is the best! :-)

Well, anywayyy......we had gone up to the kids to watch the game and we've come to a conclusion: We like to watch football at our house.
Erin's brother Brian was there, too. He and Daniel are best buds. Erin and I were on the IPad and laptop and Ed was watching the game with the boys.
But Daniel and Brian dissect all of the plays and watch the game so a fun way....but it just about drove me crazy! :-)
So, Ed and I have decided that we'll just watch the games here at home or listen to them on the radio. We think it might be our age differences, perhaps. :-)
I mean, they were all having a great time but it was a bit arduous for me. :-)
Oh, here's a picture that Erin took of Daniel and Brian a few weeks ago. They were all at a restaurant somewhere, eating and watching the game together: :-)

Moving right along......
I couldn't remember if I had posted pictures of our new granddoggy or not, so I thought it only fitting that I post some pictures of his cuteness! :-)

He is a Chiweinie! Yes, you read correctly! A Chiweinie!! He is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachsund (weiner dog). Isn't he absolutely adorable? And we love him to pieces!
The first few weeks that the kids had him, Erin brought him to our house and we helped to housetrain him. We fell in love with him and now that he no longer comes here daily, I miss him and whenever we go to their house, he is all over me! :-) We have a mutual admiration going on! :-)

Well, I need to end this post and get myself ready and off to bed! I need all the rest and energy I can glean for "you-know-who" and he gets here bright and early in the morning!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thursday in the park with Jaylon! :-)

I took Jaylon to Rising Park in Lancaster last Thursday and below are some of the pictures I took of him, the ducks and the beautiful park. We had such a delightful time! :-) AND met so many nice people and their dogs! It is a beautiful park and they have a great play area for the children but I didn't get any pictures of it because I was too busy playing with and keeping tabs on Jay to snap any! I know you can understand.....*pant..huff...puff*. (That's some of the sounds a 60-year-old grandma makes when playing with her soon-to-be-three-year-old grandson! LOL)

Oh, and the last picture is of Ellie, the kitty of the house. Whenever she hears me open and shut the dryer, she comes running because she knows there is going to be warm laundry to snuggle in! :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It could only happen to me! :-/

Soooooo....remember back a long time ago when I said that I was now able to get high-speed internet?

Wellllllll.....being the careful person that I am, wanting to read the fine-print and all.....I endeavored to sign up online at Frontier. BUT what their contract said there was different than what the brochure said AND what their representative said on the phone.

In essence, I was endeavoring to make sure that I understood the contract so that I didn't sign us up for something that was going to end up costing us an arm and a leg in 12 months. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

AND it isn't like I don't have anything else to do in my daily life than research prices and contracts for telephone, internet and cable services.

So, I finalllllly get it all figured out.....go online to sign up, because it is alot cheaper, aka, alot less expensive *grin*.....only to have a page come up saying that high-speed internet is not available in our area at this time.

I refreshed the page. I went back and redid everything, rechecking, double checking that I had everything entered and checked correctly, only to get the same page.

I decided to call Frontier and see if I had done something incorrectly, only to be told that all of the available high-speed internet connections in this area were taken and they didn't know when there would be more.

WHAT?????? Is that possible? Are you kidding me?

*sigh* I kind of went into a funk. Can you believe it? Over the internet? *sigh*

*banging my head against the wall* (figuratively speaking, of course) *feeble grin*

But life does go on. LOL Hopefully, the next time. There's always a "next time", they say. :-)
Jaylon is learning so many new things and talking more and more. It is so amazing to watch him grow and become aware of new things and learn new things.

Jay is into anything that has to do with road construction, be it Tonka, Cat, Matchbox or Hot Wheels. He even lines his little vehicles up when he takes his nap:

Daniel and Erin took their youth group to North American Youth Congress in Columbus, Ohio on either the first or second Wednesday of this month. It ran through Friday night, so they planned to return home on Saturday.

Ed and I kept little Jaylon and Rico (the new grand-dog!)while they were gone. We went to check on their house late Friday afternoon and discovered that it had been broken into!!! AND Daniel's car was stolen!

The thief or thieves broke into their back door and apparently saw Daniel's keys on the kitchen table and took them which enabled them to get into the garage and take his car. They also stole a few other things but the house was not ransacked, thankfully.

The car was found about a week later in Cincinnati in the garage of a house where this same man had broken into AND stolen their car. He was apprehended here in the Logan area and is now in jail, thankfully.

Daniel's car was not damaged and everything is being settled by the insurance companies...homeowners and auto. But it just unsettles you when you have been violated in this way, even though it wasn't our house or car.
I went with Erin to her last doctor's appointment and got to see the new little baby boy in her tummy!! He weighs 15oz!!! :-)

Jaylon went with us, too, though he wasn't nearly as interested in the baby as we were but he was so good!
He sat in the corner on a swivel stool by me, as we watched the images on the monitor. The technician asked us if he (Jaylon) was always so good to which Erin and I both replied unanimously, "Yes".

He really IS a good little guy. I mean, every day at two o'clock in the afternoon, he knows it is nap time and hops up on the sofa where I have his pillow and blanket ready for him and proceeds to take a nap that usually lasts at least for an hour and a half, sometimes longer. AND by that time, grandma (Beh-Beh) is ready for a nap, too, because he gets here at 7:15 and is wide awake, ready to go!
Well, it is heading for 11 o'clock on this Saturday evening, which is late for me, so I am going to post this and take myself to bed, for tomorrow is the Lord's day and I want to be rested!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

We're having another boy!!! :-)

Okay..well...actually...ERIN is having another boy but, of course, this little guy will be a blessed addition to our family!!! :-) AND Erin is doing so well with this pregnancy. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

I am so thankful for such a wonderful DIL! Having just the one son, I prayed that we would get a daughter-in-law that just melded with our family and did we ever!! Erin is so easy to be around and just makes herself at home here and allows us to do the same at their home. We are truly blessed.

Anywayyyy...I don't remember if I posted about her previous pregnancy and some of the difficulties that she had but her red blood platelet level would plunge which would necessitate her going on steroids to increase them but she could not stay on the steroids too long because it could affect the baby. Plus, there were some pretty nasty side effects for Erin from taking the steroids.

She had to have her blood tested every week or two, I believe it was.

BUT, so far, she has not had any of these similar problems! Thank you, Lord. She is still having the blood tests periodically to make sure her platelet level is sufficient.

So, though we were kind of wanting a little girly, we're just as happy about the little guy that is on his way!! AND he already has LOTS of toys to play with!!! :-) AND clothes to wear!! :-)

AND in case you are wondering if Ed and I are up to taking care of two little guys, Erin is planning to quit work and be a stay-at-home mommy after this little one is born.

She will still be doing Ebay selling, of course, at which she makes more money than at her 8-5 job at a local university.

ANDDDD, Erin has already assured me that I need not worry about not seeing the babies as much.....I can have them as much as I want them! :-)

BUT, on the flip side of has been so long since I have just been a homemaker and had my days to myself to do as I wish. There are so many things that I am looking forward to doing but, alas, they will wait, while little ones tend to grow like little weeds and we must cherish each stage of their little lives.

What newness and delight they can bring to an ordinary day. Jaylon is soooo aware of everything around him.

We take a walk around the yard most every day, down to the creek to throw rocks. Well, one day he stopped in his tracks, kind of sucked in his breath and his little mouth formed an "oh". He heard something! So I listened, too, and it was an airplane going overhead. I pointed it out to him and he was just amazed.

Over the course of the next two days or so, when we were outside, Jaylon kept hearing these planes going over our house, yard.

Come to find out, there is an airline flight pattern that goes right over our property into Port Columbus airport! Who knew? :-) AND there are alot of them! Airplanes, I mean....going over our property into Columbus!!

We're planning to take him to the airport in Columbus and let him see the planes land and take off! :-)

Jaylon will be spending 3 nights and days with us next week, as Daniel and Erin are taking their youth group to the UPCI Youth Congress in Columbus next week. Perhaps we will take him to the airport one of those days and just maybe stop by and let him see his mommy and daddy for a little while!

Have a wonderful Friday and stay cool wherever you are!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't believe I've ever gone a MONTH without posting to my blog since I started blogging and it's not going to happen now either! I just have to get a grip on my time and life! Sheesh!

High-speed internet is now available to us through Frontier(formerly Verizon). We can get a bundle with telephone, internet and DirecTV combined, which we are planning to do once I get signed up for it. I endeavored to do so about a week ago but could not complete the process because of a problem with my browser. Probably the dialup. So, I am going to sign up at the library or at Daniel and Erin's.

I don't mean to whine but I just kind of dread switching everything, meaning specifically the TV. It always seems to be such a hassle but hopefully it won't be as bad as I am imagining it to be. :-)

BUT because of having dial-up, I have almost foregone using the internet at all because it is so time-consuming.

Anywayyyy....enough of all that and my whining and I am just going to DO IT!! This weekend!!
Jaylon is growing by leaps and bounds AND he is talking alot more!! Yayyyyyy!!! (for now anyway! LOL)

Yesterday afternoon, I got him ready to take a nap and he told me: "No nap...No nap". He didn't say it "brattily" or anything, just very simply, "No nap".

Uh, yes. Nap. If not for you, then for grandma!!! Oh, how I love those afternoon naps! How I NEED those afternoon naps!


So, we had another "first" last week. We took Jaylon to Burger King and he wanted to go into the play center.

WELLLLL....he couldn't go by himself.

AND, Lord knows Grandma couldn't go up in there with him. SOOOOOOO, that left one person to go with him. you can see....that person, AKA, Grandpa is kinda tall and could only go so far. BUT how hilarious it was to see him TRY. :-) Bless his heart. LOL

Thankfully, a lovely little girl, Olivia, came in shortly after Grandpa exited and she said she would climb upward and onward with Jaylon and her mother said it was alright with her.

Jaylon was fine climbing UP but he didn't want to crawl across this strappy bridge thingy to get into the car at one end or the helicopter at the other but he did do the slide and climbed up both of the towers AND I do think he took a fancy to Olivia. :-) She was a sweetheart.

Looking back over the month and endeavoring to catch up here on my blog.....we had a nice July 4th weekend.

Daniel and Ed we "whole hog" on the fireworks this year. I mean, when Daniel was still home we always set of a few but they decided to "go big" this year. They were great! We called some of the neighbors and they even sat out in their yards and watched them!!!

We smoked up this valley, let me tell ya and talk about mosquito control! There couldn't have been one left alive when they got done!! :-)

The only negative was that little Jaylon didn't like them at all, so Ed and I took turns taking him to the house and watching from the window in the den.

Other than our fireworks here, we didn't see any others, although we could HEAR the ones being set off at the July 4th celebration in Logan! :-) We laid in bed reading, while listening to them! :-)


We had our annual church picnic on July 3rd, Sunday evening. While I always look forward to the picnic, I have to tell you that I just didn't enjoy it so much this year because it was sooooo hot and there wasn't a breeze to be found blowing!

The food was great. The fellowship was wonderful. BUT the heat was unbearable. I could hardly wait to get home, shower and just go to bed.

I know...I am such a wimp! I don't care. I am what I am.

One very big reason is that I SWEAT! Buckets!! None of this dainty perspiration stuff for me. Oh no. I should be so lucky. My hair gets soaked. Drops of sweat fall from my forehead into my eyes, onto my glasses. AND this happens even without much physical exertion. You can imagine what I'm like if I actually get very physical doing anything. I'm soaked through and through, that's what I am!

So, as you can imagine, I parked myself in my trusty lawnchair, nibbled on some food....amazingly, the heat even kept me from eating very much....... and I guzzled sipped on several beverages during the course of the evening.

My pastor's wife tried to get me to play lawn darts. Uh, no.

How about cornhole? Uh, no.

How about.....uh, no. Bless her heart. She finally gave up and some other ladies decided to play and I didn't see any of them "sweating". I think they all belong to the "daintily perspiring" club. *sigh*

Anywayyyy.....I was so glad when we had been there long enough to say, "Oh, it's been so much fun! We've had such a good time!" and we got out of there into our air-conditioned car on our way to our air-conditioned home!!! (Don't I sound terrible!?!?! But I'm just been totally honest here. :-/)

Oh, but I did fix a lusicous dessert for the picnic! It was a strawberry-blueberry patriotic trifle. It was so pretty and delicious! This is a picture of it from Taste of Home's website but mine didn't look nearly that neat or pretty. I don't know how they got the strawberries to look like that and to be so neat but still mine was okay.

Well, that is all for now but it is good to blog once again! I pray you are all doing well. I will endeavor to get around to your blogs and catch up!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

If we had it to do over.....

When Erin brought Jaylon to our house Monday morning, she told me that he was a bit warm, had been coughing and was not feeling too well, so she would be making an appointment with his pediatrician, hopefully for that day.

She called around nine o'clock and asked if we could take him in at about 11am, to which I replied, "Of course!".

By ten o'clock that morning, Jaylon could not be comforted. He was crying and fussy and didn't want to be held. In all honesty, I had not seen him like this before. So, I told Ed we needed to get ready and just take him for a ride on our way to the doctor. Perhaps that would soothe him, and, thankfully, it did. He fell asleep almost immediately, once in the car and on our way.

His regular pediatrician was not in, so his partner would be seeing Jaylon. Right off, he seemed very personable and efficient.

Jaylon's regular pediatrician is a bit aloof and not very personable, in my humble opinion. He doesn't even look at you when he talks to you. He talks with his eyes closed or averted, which just bugs me to no end.

So, this other doctor starts asking me a barrage of questions, which I answered. His nurse had already taken Jaylon's vitals, oxygen level, and so on. The doctor said we might be looking at pneumonia, which surprised me, because Jaylon had a runny nose, itchy eyes....he had been rubbing them all morning.....and a cough. I was thinking perhaps allergies and sinus, certainly not pneumonia.

The doctor ordered a strep test. No strep and his ears were fine, too.

Then he said we needed to rule out any infections, because Jaylon was running a fever. He wanted to do a catherization to get a urine sample. I called Erin at work and she told me to do whatever the doctor thought was necessary and I thought, "Hey...he must see something here that I don't AND, after all, he IS the doctor."

So, while I held his little arms down and Ed helped hold his legs down, the nurse got a urine sample. It took everything I had to not just fall apart.

I tell you....I do believe taking little Jay to the doctor or seeing him sick is harder on me than when I took Daniel. I wonder why that is? if all of this hasn't been enough, the doctor wants to give Jaylon a shot of Rocephin to treat the pneumonia, which he is thinking Jaylon might have. Again, I call Erin to get her permission, though I already have a legal medical permission form for Jay, they just want to make sure.

So, again, Ed and I are holding little Jay down while the nurse gives him a shot in each thigh.

Next, we are off to the hospital to get blood work done and a chest x-ray. In between all of these tests, the little guy is falling asleep on Ed's shoulder because he is just simply worn out.

I'm telling you, Ed and I were both almost in tears, just holding it together because of little Jaylon.

We finally leave the hospital after one o'clock and Jaylon falls asleep on the way home.

Oh, and we also have three prescriptions. Amoxicillin, Albuterol *sp* and a steroid, though I cannot remember the name of it. He is only to take it if the albuterol doesn't take care of the cough.

Again, I just though all of this was a bit much. Was I missing something here or what?

Jaylon slept for a bigger part of the afternoon, once we arrived home and when he woke up, he seemed fine. Fine! I'm serious!!!

Oh, and we had also purchased Gatorade and Pedialyte for him to drink.....on doctor's orders, to make sure he didn't become dehydrated.

Later that evening, after Daniel had taken Jaylon home, we called to check on him and Erin said he was doing fine....laughing and playing....eating and drinking. I told her I just wondered if this doctor didn't overreact a bit and she agreed somewhat, though we were still waiting to see how Jaylon was going to be.

Thankfully, none of the medicine prescribed had to be given to Jaylon until the next day because of the shots of rocephin given to him earlier that day.

Erin stayed home Jaylon the next day and received a phone call from either the hospital or dr's office, letting her know that they had found something on his x-ray. It looked like he may have swallowed something and it was making its way through his intestines. They were to take him to Children's Hosgital Urgent Care in Pickerington.

Once there, they checked him over thoroughly.

Apparently, he swallowed something but was going to be fine regarding it. It would "pass through" in the next couple of days.

Regarding the apparent pneumonia or whatever else might have been suggested when we took him to Dr. Anonymous (I don't want to mention their names here for privacy reasons), they said not to give him the medicines prescribed because he was fine. Not strep, no ear infections, no pneumonia, nada.

I am contemplating whether to write to this doctor and tell him what I think of his "doctoring", in a nice and respectful way, of course. more thing: There was another little boy and little girl....not brother and sister, just different patients..... about Jay's age, in to see the doctor and it seemed to be with the same ailment AND they were at the hospital, too, as we were leaving. I had to wonder if this doctor was running them through the same tests and procedures as he had Jaylon. Good heavens!

I am praying that Erin and Daniel will endeavor to find another pediatrician for Jay. I just don't care for either of these doctors but they are the only ones locally and before they would dismiss Jay from the hospital when he was born....because of the difficulties he had, resulting in a six-week stay....he had to have a pediatrician locally and these two were all there was. That sounds meaner than what I intend, but it's the only way I know to say it.

We...meaning Erin and I .......have taken Jaylon to Children's Hospital Urgent Care two or three times before and love it. We get right in and the doctors are just wonderful. It's a bit of a drive but, in my opinion, so well worth the trip.

Anywayyyy.....Ed and I have questioned ourselves a few times since Monday, wondering if we should have said something or done something to have kept little Jaylon from going through all that he had to and I think that we agree with Daniel and Erin that it won't happen again. We'll take him to Children's, if we are ever faced with something like this again.

I am going to talk to Jaylon's regular pediatrician about it if/when I take him to the doctor again. Sometimes Erin takes him and sometimes I do.

My, but I tell you....I told Ed more than once...."Can you imagine what parents with chronically ill children must go through? It must be sooooo very terrible. How my heart goes out to them."

So, today, Jaylon is fit as a fiddle!! We had a fun day yesterday with him, going to the mall and all. And he is really starting to talk!! Yesterday evening he said, "Beh-Beh's house!" (Uh, that's me...Beh-Beh...:-)...I love it!)

Thanks for listening to my long story and I would appreciate your to what you would have done in our situation with little Jaybug and the doctor. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do, but I will tell you that this will not happen again. Not on my watch. :-) (That's a grandma talkin'!) :-)

Below is a picture of Jaylon and Grandpa watching the sheep behind my niece's house! Jay loves sheep and does a mean sheep imitation! :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

In my neck of the woods.....

Below, for your viewing pleasure, is some of what has been going on in my little valley the past few days and weeks. :-)
We didn't have Jaylon the past couple of days because he has been sick....kind of (I'll explain later.) it was wonderful! to have him come this morning AND has he ever been one busy little guy since arriving! Wow! He's playing with most of his toys, played basketball with Papa in his room, read books with moi', watched a little Thomas the Train and is now watching Tigger and Pooh with Papa and barely managing to sit still. Well, actually, he doesn't sit still.....hardly ever! :-)

Below is a picture of Jaylon and Papa "fixing" eggs for breakfast one morning. :-)

The next four photos are of us as we walked through Ash Cave, (okay, I'm resting....but I DID walk, too LOL) a beautiful state park in our area. Jaylon just looooves to be outside exploring and walking! AND it sure helps to keep me and Papa in shape!

These next two are of Jaylon sitting and sometimes bouncing on Papa's legs as they watch Tigger and Pooh! :-)

And here is the boy all snuggled in, in "his room/used to be his dad's/kinda our den" watching Tigger and Pooh or Thomas. :-)

Outside my kitchen window is a beeeeyoootiful hanging basket that I got for just $6.88 at Carnival in Lancaster. They had beautiful hanging baskets of all sorts for that fantastic price!!!
This particular one looks like a miniature petunia but isn't. I can't remember the name of it but I looooove how pretty it is outside my window!

A young soldier from our area was killed in action two weeks ago in Afghanistan. He was one of five soldiers killed in an attack.

Spc. Robert Hartwick was brought home to Logan, Ohio on Wednesday, June 15. Many people lined the streets of Logan, as he was brought from Rickenbacher Air Base to Heinlein Brown Funeral Home.

It was such a moving sight to see so many honor this fallen soldier. Ed, Jaylon, and I waited for his return, along with many others from our communtiy. It was a privilege.

On the day of his funeral, Westboro Baptist Church was supposed to come and protest, but was stopped from doing so by someone slashing the tires of their vehicles which were parked at the hotel where they were staying..

Now I'm not a proponent of such things, but I am thankful that they were not at this young man's funeral, spewing their hateful, misguided protests.

I am thankful for all of those who showed up to honor this young man's service to our country!

And, lastly, below is a picture of a slice of Peach Dream Pie that I made for my wonderful husband on Fathers Day! I asked him what he wanted and he said a couple of grilled sirloin burgers (I didn't get a picture of those, though I did make them and they were to-die-for!) and a yellow cake with chocolate icing (his favorite)but in leiu of the cake, I made him the pie! :-) I think he has one piece left to devour eat! :-)

I have a couple of things that I really feel the need to blog about......Summer's death and Jaylon being "sick".....and I've mentioned them here so I will not forget what they are!

We are having absolutely gorgeous weather here, except for the pop-up storms which can get pretty violent. But the temperatures have been in the 70's and the humidity has been nil.

I'm praying for the dear people in Minot, N.D. and those in the West dealing with the horrendous fires.

I hope you are well in your part of our wonderful country and in your part of the world!