Friday, February 24, 2006

Some of my relatives

This is my nephew Troy
with me at Daniel's 18th
birthday party! Isn't he a cutie? Troy works for Discover Card and has really worked his way up at his job. I am so proud of him!
This is my sister Bev with me at the same party! Bev is a wonderful sister and steadfast christian. She is such a strength to me. I enjoy our Wednesday visits! She is a medical transcriptionist in her spare time! Ha! Ha!

This is my brother, Bill! He is such a kind, compassionate man. I am blessed to have him for a brother. He is so good to call just to see how I am doing. Bill also has his own plumbing business and is doing a bang-up job at it! He is husband to my other favorite sister-in-law in the world, Sandy!! She and Bill are like grandparents to Daniel. Thank you, Bill and Sandy.
And here is Debbie! *smile* We've swapped and moved more furniture through the years than I care to remember! We have had a time together! She is a homemaker and is in the running for "The World's Best Grandmother" and "Sister of the Year" and "Mom of the Year"! She is so wise and she makes great coffee!

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