Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cuteness Alert!! :-)

You have been warned! :-)

Below are some pictures of who else, but my two little grandsons, Jaxon and Jaylon!

First is Jaxon, with those chubby little cheeks that I love to kiss! :-) He is soooo adorable and such a good baby! Daniel and Erin have been so blessed to have two good babies!

These next pictures are of Jaylon all decked out at church one Sunday evening. He's pictured with his favorite girl, Katie!! :-) And the other pictures are of him and his Pawpaw, Lew Dunnells, who pastors in Nelsonville. So thankful for the wonderful in-laws that Daniel has.

A few weeks ago, Daniel and Erin's church had a prayer breakfast on Saturday morning. We decided to join them and I captured these pictures during that time.
I was sitting on the pew praying when I happened to look down and see little Jaylon beside me praying. I HAD to take his picture! I know you understand, all of you fellow grandmothers! :-) AND I had to use the flash because the lights were dimmed! (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) LOL
Later, as we enjoyed a delicious breakfast I snapped these photos of little Jaxon and his Mawmaw and Pawpaw and Jaylon having breakfast with his Pawpaw!!
God is soooo good!! Thankful, again, for the godly family that Daniel married into! We are blessed!!

Well, I need to post this and get some things accomplished here at home!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge!!! :-)

1. Did March come in like a lion or was it something less ferocious in your neck of the woods?
March came in like a lamb but it has been a pretty wild ride since then! Whew! Snow, rain, sunshine, blue skies......take your pick! :-) But, thankfully, no tornadoes!

2. Speaking of lions, which one's your film favorite...The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Mufasa (The Lion King), Elsa (Born Free), or Alex (Madagascar)? You may notice I left Aslan off the list. Including him would have made this question way too easy for many of you.
I am most familiar with The Cowardly Lion, having watched the Wizard of Ox seventeen hundred and fifty four thousand times. Okay, well, that might be an overstatement, BUT I HAVE watched it ALOT, okay? :-)

3. What's your favorite spot from which to view the sunrise or sunset?
Our church parking lot is the best place around to watch the sun set. Oh my. I wish I had a picture one from there to show you!

This picture was taken about a half mile from our church, which would be straight ahead and up on a knoll, where it is wide open space and you can see the horizon, unobstructed, so you can imagine what this would have looked like from there!

4. To what extent is knowledge power and to what extent is truth power? What's the difference? WHAT? I am just not up to answering this today other than to say knowledge is definitely power, as is truth.

5. What's something peculiar you've seen recently?
Okay....I hope my new, temporary nieghbors don't read my blog. ;-) Last week, we sold Daniel and Erin's previous mobile home, which sets next door to ours. A very young couple bought it and will be living there for approximately three months, until they get their land upgraded whereby they will be moving the mobile home there.

Well, I was out on our back porch grilling out. I happened to glance over and these two sweet young-marrieds were literally making out on their back porch!


I had just been conversing with them the last time I stepped out to check on the grill. They had to know that I would be coming back out.

I mean, it isn't that we live THAT close BUT ....THEY HAVE A BEDROOM....AN ENTIRE HOUSE, for that matter! TAKE IT INSIDE!!!

They ARE the sweetest kids......gosh, that makes me sound so old, doesn't it?......I just don't understand these things sometimes. Oh, and these "kids" are in their early 20's.

So, chalk it up to my age if we must...... but I just thought this was a bit peculiar. :-)

6. Bottled water...your thoughts?
Well, I do like the convenience of bottled water but think it is a bit of a cost to keep buying MORE bottled water, so we reuse the bottles alot. I prefer the Dasani bottles because the blue tint of the bottle "seems" to make the water taste better and colder. :-) (It's all psychological, I know.)

7. What's your strongest sense?
It would have to be smell, cause my sight is failing, my hearing is diminishing, arthritis has come to my fingers. Taste? Still pretty good. I mean, look at me. :-) I'm still proportionately healthy. (That's one way of putting it, hm? *grin*)

Oh, but just imagine if you couldn't smell? I know their are some really yucky smells but forgetting those, think of all the wondrous smells that there ARE! Freshly mowed grass in the spring. Honeysuckle, with its vines laced all about what would otherwise be brush and gnarly bushes and trees, making everything smell so sweet and beautiful, as you sit on the porch and a new breeze carries the scent past you, causing you to breathe in deeply. *ahhhhhh*

Or the smell of clean, soft, warm grandbabies. The smell of dinner in the oven when you arrive home from church on early Sunday afternoon. I could go on and on! :-)

Oh, and the aroma of freshly baked bread! Oh my!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
A confession: Facebook has really taken me away from my blog. And, yet, it is not the same as blogging because it is just snippets of me, while blogging is more like journaling memories. Now that I have high-speed, I am hoping to get back to blogging more because it doesn't take nearly as long to do what I normally do on the web AND little Jaylon is no longer here every day, requiring much of my time (though I am taking him to the park later!). :-)
I've been endeavoring to get around to my favorite blogs to catch up and comment!
Soooo, here's hoping I can get back in the blogging groove!!