Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My shoes of choice versus...

....the shoes I would love to wear. I love shoes. Plain and simple. Can you be an Apostolic female and not love shoes? I think not. I'll buy shoes before I buy clothes. For instance, one Easter, many moons ago, I just couldn't find a dress or suit that I liked, but I found the sweetest pair of heels. *sighhhh* They were patent leather and the strap went around the back of my heel then swirled down over the top of my foot at an angle where it attached to the sole of the shoe. The sole had a very narrow gold trim all the way around it. So, I may not have had a new outfit for Easter but I had NEW SHOES! They probably had about a 2 1/2 inch heel, if I remember correctly. I do remember they were very comfortable to walk in. I bought them at Sharff's of Logan and even way back then I paid $42 for them! Not to worry, though, because I got my money's worth of wear out of those shoes!
Now, many years, albeit decades, later, I am wearing flats. Because of back and leg problems I am not able to wear heels at all. *sigh* My feet have been relegated to wearing comfortable shoes.
I have to admit that my toes are alot more comfortable in these shoes, because my toes go straight across. There is no way I could wear the pointed-toe shoes that are so popular at present. It pains me just to see them on women's feet. Still, dresses just look so much nicer with a small heel, right? Maybe someday...again, but not at the present.
Oh, and did I mention that I am horizontally-challenged?? ANDDDD....that I am getting shorter as I get older?? I used to be 5'3". Now I am barely 5'.

"Everyone, please stand. Jewel, would you please stand up with everyone else? Ohh....you ARE standing."

So goes a day in the life of a short person.......

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Anonymous said...

Shorter as you get older? LOL, Try going from 6'7" to 4' Now that is losing height.