Saturday, August 27, 2011

It could only happen to me! :-/

Soooooo....remember back a long time ago when I said that I was now able to get high-speed internet?

Wellllllll.....being the careful person that I am, wanting to read the fine-print and all.....I endeavored to sign up online at Frontier. BUT what their contract said there was different than what the brochure said AND what their representative said on the phone.

In essence, I was endeavoring to make sure that I understood the contract so that I didn't sign us up for something that was going to end up costing us an arm and a leg in 12 months. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

AND it isn't like I don't have anything else to do in my daily life than research prices and contracts for telephone, internet and cable services.

So, I finalllllly get it all figured out.....go online to sign up, because it is alot cheaper, aka, alot less expensive *grin*.....only to have a page come up saying that high-speed internet is not available in our area at this time.

I refreshed the page. I went back and redid everything, rechecking, double checking that I had everything entered and checked correctly, only to get the same page.

I decided to call Frontier and see if I had done something incorrectly, only to be told that all of the available high-speed internet connections in this area were taken and they didn't know when there would be more.

WHAT?????? Is that possible? Are you kidding me?

*sigh* I kind of went into a funk. Can you believe it? Over the internet? *sigh*

*banging my head against the wall* (figuratively speaking, of course) *feeble grin*

But life does go on. LOL Hopefully, the next time. There's always a "next time", they say. :-)
Jaylon is learning so many new things and talking more and more. It is so amazing to watch him grow and become aware of new things and learn new things.

Jay is into anything that has to do with road construction, be it Tonka, Cat, Matchbox or Hot Wheels. He even lines his little vehicles up when he takes his nap:

Daniel and Erin took their youth group to North American Youth Congress in Columbus, Ohio on either the first or second Wednesday of this month. It ran through Friday night, so they planned to return home on Saturday.

Ed and I kept little Jaylon and Rico (the new grand-dog!)while they were gone. We went to check on their house late Friday afternoon and discovered that it had been broken into!!! AND Daniel's car was stolen!

The thief or thieves broke into their back door and apparently saw Daniel's keys on the kitchen table and took them which enabled them to get into the garage and take his car. They also stole a few other things but the house was not ransacked, thankfully.

The car was found about a week later in Cincinnati in the garage of a house where this same man had broken into AND stolen their car. He was apprehended here in the Logan area and is now in jail, thankfully.

Daniel's car was not damaged and everything is being settled by the insurance companies...homeowners and auto. But it just unsettles you when you have been violated in this way, even though it wasn't our house or car.
I went with Erin to her last doctor's appointment and got to see the new little baby boy in her tummy!! He weighs 15oz!!! :-)

Jaylon went with us, too, though he wasn't nearly as interested in the baby as we were but he was so good!
He sat in the corner on a swivel stool by me, as we watched the images on the monitor. The technician asked us if he (Jaylon) was always so good to which Erin and I both replied unanimously, "Yes".

He really IS a good little guy. I mean, every day at two o'clock in the afternoon, he knows it is nap time and hops up on the sofa where I have his pillow and blanket ready for him and proceeds to take a nap that usually lasts at least for an hour and a half, sometimes longer. AND by that time, grandma (Beh-Beh) is ready for a nap, too, because he gets here at 7:15 and is wide awake, ready to go!
Well, it is heading for 11 o'clock on this Saturday evening, which is late for me, so I am going to post this and take myself to bed, for tomorrow is the Lord's day and I want to be rested!!