Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey....where did Tuesday go???

I just couldn't seem to get myself going yesterday. (Tuesday) Do you ever have one of those days? I believe it started very early on Sunday morning. You know, that getting up at 6am, jam-packing the day with every activity you could possibly imagine and then falling into bed in a comatose state at 11pm. And it is supposed to be "a day of rest"? mmhmm.....right. LOL In all honesty, Sunday usually is a wonderful day of rest for me, with this past Sunday being the exception. Most generally, after church on Sunday morning, we either go out for dinner or get take-out, then I come home and take a lengthy nap. There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap! We
most generally are back at church for choir by 4:45pm and then service at 6:00. Most often, church is over by 8pm or sometimes a little later. We then usually go out with people from church and get home about 9:30-10:00ish. So it does make for a full day, but I wouldn't have it any other way! The Lord is good!

Then comes Monday. Oh yes, that was our day off. It didn't seem like a day off. Funny how that happens,huh? *grin*

I went for my 3-month check-up and the blood pressure was 130-80 and the heart rate was 74! Booooyahhh!!!! On the flipside of that good news??? I gained 8 pounds.....*sighh* I think the weight gain is attributable to the fact that I haven't been able to be very active with my back problems. BUT! I am getting better. I have been having physical therapy and I have been doing exercises here at home that they have given me to do. So I have set a bit of a goal for myself. I go back to see the doctor in 4 months. I have calculated that if I start March 1st, I should be able to lose at least 32 pounds by my next doctor's visit. Encourage me, people, encourage me! This may be my last best chance to lose weight and get healthy before the Lord comes! *smile* I'm serious!

Dr. Keller has been my and Daniel's family doctor since before I was married, which would calculate out to be about 23 years. He has seen us through so much. I was sitting in the examining room waiting and I glanced over at the baby scales, remembering when we used to place Daniel on those to be weighed. How the years have flown by. Now Daniel stands head and shoulders above Dr. Keller. Some of the things I like about Dr. Keller: You never feel rushed. He is so patient and thorough. He listens and really considers what you tell him. And he doesn't send you off for a bunch of unnecessary tests and to one specialist after another, though he would and has if and when needed. He was so kind to me Monday, as always. I asked him if I could just give him a hug and he said sure. He has been there for us so many times through the years. I told him, "Dr. Keller, you know you can't ever retire or die, don't you?" To which he replied that he didn't have any plans to do either. *smile* It is just that I know people who have had to change doctors so many times or go to a zillion different doctors it seems. I feel blessed to have had Dr. Keller helping us for all of these years and hope to for many more.

After my doctor's appointment, I met Ed at Walmart and we shopped around a little, left without buying anything....yes!!....., then went to China Buffet, one of our favorite places to eat. We were driving separate cars, so he headed home and I went to Fashion Bug because they were having a big sale. Like that means anything! Grr! They had absolutely nothing I was interested in. Well, I did buy a really cute spring nightgown that was 40% off, but I can't wear that to church! It is so frustrating sometimes, trying to find clothes that I like whether it is at Fashion Bug, Macy's, Catherine's, CJ Banks (I loooove their clothes but they are so expensive!), or wherever! It doesn't help that I don't like to shop in the first place,hm? The only reason I shop anyway is because I am not a nudist. (that reminds me of another story I would love to tell you!) I'm serious. Not that I want to be a nudist. Perish the thought! LOL In a nutshell.....I shop because I HAVE TO! I headed on over to Shoe Show because they were having a clearance sale and I have been looking for a pair of flats shoes that look dressy ( I can't wear even the smallest of heals with my back) and I found them! They are so cute! By this time, my back was realllllly hurting and as I was walking to my car I ran into a girlfriend I hadn't talk to for soooo long. (This reminds me of another story I would just love to tell!) I just couldn't cut her short, so we talked and laughed and talked some more. When we finally said our goodbyes, I could barely shuffle to the car, but I made it. You see, if I stand very long in one place, especially on a hard surface, my hips and back stiffen and hurt so badly that I can hardly get moving again. I looked like the little man dressed in the black trench coat walking in the park shuffling along from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in. (I am really dating myself here) Does anyone remember that TV show?

When I arrived home, I had to lay down for awhile and just relax and rest. Then it was off to church for prayer! We had a wonderful time in prayer! I wouldn't miss it for anything! When we arrived back home, I just had to watch the Olympics Ice-dancing, but I could only stay awake for part of it, so I taped the rest and I went to bed at about 11.

Sooooo....yesterday morning, it was up at 6am to do hair for a friend of mine from church and I just kind of fogged my way through the day, I was so tired. I think Sunday and Monday finally caught up with me. I did get some things accomplished around here (home), but I finally went to bed at 7pm last night. I just couldn't stay up any longer. I actually went to bed but I did read my Bible for quite awhile (catching up on my Bread program) but at 9pm, it was lights out. I feel so rested and better this morning!! So I am off to seize the day!! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.....but I am feeling much better!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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