Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is the week that is!!!

And what a week it has been! Monday is of our day of rest, because Sunday is such a busy day for us here in the Cavinee household. So it was "Monday morning comin' down" (The title to an ooollllldddd country song) I didn't go anywhere Monday, which is my kind of day! I savored being home and doing little things around here. I cleaned out the closet that is right here by the computer desk. This particular closet houses crates of homeschool material (which needs to be sorted and recycled because we haven't homeschooled here since 2003!) and our.....*gasp*.....dare I say it......MOVIE COLLECTION! This is a bit of a touchy subject with me for a couple or fourteen reasons. Firstly, I can't relate to people who go out and buy every movie that comes out on home DVD/Video. Secondly, I am a very finnicky movie person. I have to reaaallllllly like a movie before I will buy it. Not so my hubby. Bless his heart (OMGosh....I'm beginning to sound like my si......oh, never mind.....I won't go there) As I was saying, Ed buys these $ .99 specials that are in the big bins at Wally World saraned-wrapped in a little slipcover thing with the defense that if they aren't any good at least he didn't spend much on them! I don't need to tell you how many haven't been good, do I? Thirdly, there are just other things that I would rather do with available time than watch a movie. But, on a cold, rainy, gloomy day, what IS better than snuggling in and watching a really good movie?

"Movie-ing" right along...*tee-hee*... Tuesday was Valentine's Day and you've already read my take on that! Although I will tell you that my DH bought me the most beautiful card he has ever gotten me in our entire married life! His intentions always being deeply sincere, his card-buying skills have left somewhat to be desired through the years. I think the worst was the year he bought me a birthday card that began...."To Someone Nice to Know"! I'm not kidding! LOL And we do still laugh about it! But this time, he outdid himself! He made up for all of the other cards! I am so tempted to put the verses from his valentine to me, here for you to read, but I won't. I did tell him that I wanted this card put in my coffin with me should I die before the Lord comes. It is that special to me! Anddddd.....I have another confession to make: I bought him a box of Whitman's chocolates. They are his favorites and in my defense, I buy them for him even when it isn't Valentine's Day and he was running low on candy and .....Well, there you have it......

20 years!! TWENTY YEARS!! XX years!! Today is our wedding anniversary! And who would have thunk it???

This dear husband of mine is still with me after all of these years. He loves me. He really loves me...*grin*...what a miracle. I truly believe that married love is a miracle of sorts. I mean, he sees me at my very worst, physically and emotionally, just as I have seen him at his very worst. Yet we still love one another. That is the beauty of monogamy and marriage. My dad said something years ago that has stayed with me and it is so true, but I didn't realize HOW true way back then. "You don't really love someone when you first get married. You learn to REALLY love someone through the years as you experience life together." Isn't that so wise and true? Oh, I thought I REALLY loved Ed when we first got married or I wouldn't have married him. duh. But the love we have now is so completely different than the love we experienced on our wedding day. We two have truly become one and I can't even begin to imagine my life without him. I tell you of a truth, we both could have thrown in the towel many times, but I truly believe that it was our committment to God and to eachother that saw us through. Not that we are super-christians or super-human, but we made the decision to tough it out and work through the difficult times. We had our son to consider, too. I know, I know....many people say that you shouldn't stay together for the sake of the kids. I say, what better reason is there?? And now...."Here we are, after all these years....." (Shania Twain) Yeahhhhhhh!!!!

So to celebrate, we went out for lunch today. We went to Jack's Steak House. Now, if you go there during the evening hours, it has a bar kind of atmosphere, but during the day, it is completely different. I say this because we kind of went back and forth about going there. You see, we both wanted steaks and this is the only place locally where you can get a REALLY good steak. So we weighed our options and went for it. Are we ever glad that we did! The service was excellent and that does matter! Our meal was delish! I had a 16oz. sirloin and Ed has a 12oz. porterhouse and I even brought enough home of mine to have this evening! In my humble opinion, there is nothing, where food is concerned, that can come close to being as good as a good steak cooked to perfection. "Make my medium well, please"

So there you have it! The week that is.....down here in our little valley......

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Theresa said...

Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating your anniversary. Pretty soon, Ross and I will be celebrating our 21st anniversary. It's so amazing when God puts the right two people together at the right time and then gives them the strength to make it through the years. Congratulations!!!!