Monday, February 27, 2006

I have a question for you!

Just what is wrong with working at a fast-food restaurant? A job is a job is a job, right? Yes, that is what I thought, too. I've worked at McDonald's myself. It was about 12 years ago during the summer of that particular year. Our son, Daniel, was 7 or 8 years old. I had just always thought it would be "fun" to work at McDonald's. I didn't "have" to work. I just wanted to give it a try. So I did. I have never worked so hard for so little and like it so much. This particular McDonald's was the 3rd busiest in Ohio and busy we were, which I loved because the time just flew by! I worked the drive-thru most often and there was a steady, non-stop stream of cars my entire shift. I made new friends and met some great people. I also discovered how many people live in their cars! Not literally, but it sure looked like it! Sheesh! I eventually quit because I wanted to be more involved with Daniel's school, the PTA and so on. Still, I have fond memories of that job and let me tell you, I worked circles around most of the "kids" there, but we had a great time working together. It was a good experience and if the need presented itself, I would work at fast-food again, though at the present time, I don't believe I could do it physically. I said before, a job is a job is a job. At our local McDonald's, the manager there has only ever worked at McDonald's. He started out as a crewperson and is now the manager and has been for several years.

Our son and another young man I know, need jobs. This other young man, who is in his 30's, has said he won't work for less than $15-16 dollars an hour! Helllooooooo!!! Good Luck!!! Daniel needs a part-time job where they will be willing to work around his school schedule. He has applied everywhere, but fast-food. He previously worked at Wendy's in Logan for two years. They loved him and he liked his job there, but he has kind of stayed away of from applying at these kinds of establishments. Why??? It's a job!

My DH and I were talking about this earlier today. Good-paying in jobs in America are getting more scarce by the day. Americans may find their paychecks are not going as far as they used to, but, regardless of that, what do they always find money for? You guessed it! Fast Food!! Seems to me, it might not be a bad line of work to get into. I read somewhere that since Katrina hit down south, there are fastfood places offering big sign-on bonuses if you agree to work for at least a year. Folks, we may have to end up doing alot of things that we said we would never do, so don't ever say never!

Welllllll......I believe he is going to two different places to day. Both fast food. As a mother, I am proud of him. He will certainly add to the attractivenss of the place. (I'm his mother, remember....I can say that...*smile*) They will probably hire him on the spot. That's what happened when he applied at Wendy's in Logan the first time. The manager said he was her favorite. And he was a good, hard worker. He even did some managerial duties. I don't want to sound rude here, but have you seen some of the people that work at these places? I've worked with them, folks. And the turnover at these places is unbelievable! Sooo, if you are desperate for a job or even if you aren't desperate, don't write off fast-food. It's a job and that's enough to make it respectable in my humble opinion.

Gosh, that was a bit of a rant, wasn't it? *pant...pant* Thanks for listening!! I feel

I'll let you know what happens!! Stay tuned!! We might know today!!


Don said...

I have worked lousy jobs and I have had great jobs. $15-16/hour in SE Ohio without significant post-high school education just isn't going to happen. I've had folks at our church say they want a job just like mine. I simply tell them to get two college degrees and nearly 20 years of experience and they can have a job like mine. As Spaulding Smails once said, "The world still needs ditch diggers".

Theresa said...

A good dose of reality (like I can either pay for rent or I can eat) tends to make you less picky about where you work. Unfortunately, young people seem to have to learn by experience instead of learning from the experienced. I hope Daniel is able to find a job where he can be blessed financially, but also where he can be a blessing!!

Jewel said...

Thanks for the comment, Donnie. I know you have worked diligently to get to where you are and I admire you so much. My dad was what they called a ditchdigger when he began his plumbing business. We even have pictures of him in deeeeppp ditches. *grin* and septic tank holes! He built up a prosperous plumbing business over the years that my brothers trained in and inherited and now own, run and support their families with, BUT you have to start somewhere,hm?

WEndy said...

Sad that I know who Spalding Smails is!