Monday, November 12, 2012

A gathering of the Sisterhood

My sister Debbie's birthday was last Sunday, November 4, so we sisters and sisters-in-law gathered to celebrate at Pizza Crossing, our favorite pizza place!! Oh my, but their pizza is to die for! Anywayyyy.....we started celebrating our birthdays together many years ago and have carried on the tradition, for which I am thankful. Sometimes the nieces join us, too, as did April, Debbie's daughter, on this day. :-) From the left, in the picture below is: My sister Bev, Debbie, our SIL Cheryl, Me! :-), and our SIL Sandy!! We have the BEST SIL's!!! :-)
Below is Debbie and her daughter April, who surprised Debbie by coming to join us!!

My birthday was this past Thursday.....I turned 61! Did we ever think we would be this old? I mean, not that I feel OLD, but I can remember when my parents were this age and I THOUGHT they were REALLY old!! :-)

Okay, well, in my heart and mind I feel about 35 but then my body reminds me to not take it so fast!! :-) Someone told me the other day to "hurry up".    I said, "This IS my "hurry up"!!! Sheesh!! :-)

We will be going out for lunch for my birthday tomorrow (Tuesday)!  I can't wait!! :-)

Today, for my and Ed's lunch and dinner I fixed ham and beans with rivels and homemade cornbread! Oh yum!!  It really hit the spot, as it is cold and rainy here!


Ellie, the kitty of the house, has been snuggled in her box in front of the stove all day. :-) What a life! :-)

Well, except for the one time she opened an eye long enough to see a bird out the window:


And in closing, little Jaxon, who will be 1 on December 21, spent the afternoon with us yesterday while Jaylon was at his Mawmaw's.  :-)  My, but how we love these precious babies!!

Hope you are all having a good Monday and start of the week!! 

Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you. –George Mueller

Friday, November 09, 2012

It was GRAND! :-)

Here we are shortly after arriving at the Grand Canyon! This has been a life-long dream of see the Grand Canyon. It did not disappoint and to think it finally became a realization with my wonderful husband! Wow! It just doesn't get any better!!
This picture was taken the next morning as the sun came up. *sigh* Such beauty to behold.
 Oh, I'm talking about the canyon, not me! :-)
And here is Ed looking all handsome for me!! :-)

We flew into Las Vegas, arriving at 9:15AM.  We rented a car and drove to the Golden Nugget, which was suggested by a dear friend who has been there before. I most often do the driving in unfamiliar metro areas and, thankfully, got to the hotel without a hitch! Thank you, Jesus!

Our room was wonderful and we both slept like babies, as the beds and pillows were so wonderfully comfortable!

This is our drive out of Las Vegas heading toward the Hoover Dam, like nothing I've ever seen before!

See how desolate the terrain looks? Unbelieveable.

 I took so many pictures! The wide open spaces are what I was amazed at because we are surrounded by hills here. Tree-covered hills. Trees with leaves. Ed said he would never complain about raking leaves ever again! :-) I have to agree. And speaking of leaves, this is what we came home to and we're not complaining! :-)

And now that we have been home for a few days, we are getting the upper hand on those leaves that we now love! See for yourselves:

And this is what the front of the house looks like with the few "dressings" I've put around in honor of  autumn and the coming Thanksgiving holiday!! :-)
Have a wonderful weekend, give what you can to the Red Cross for those who are suffering because of Hurricane Sandy and pray that the help can get to them soon AND that they can resume a life of "normalcy" soon. In Jesus' Name.