Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Here is a great post concerning stress, from a pastor's wife, Sis. Chavis, that I thought would be of interest to many of you! I really enjoyed it!
I've been thinking about my precious mother alot this week and recalled how Ed, Daniel and I would come home from church on Sunday evening only to once again find a message from mom on the answering service. You see, weekends were kind of tough for mom to get through sometimes. She was used to her week-day routines, even down to the few TV shows she watched, her nurse visiting, the aides coming by, meals-on-wheels, and whoever else came by. But the weekends could be long and, sometimes, lonely.
So, on Sunday evenings, more than once, she would call and just talk to me via the answering service! *smile* It was so precious. She just needed to connect with someone, I guess. I can still her little, slow voice: "Jewel.....Jewel......are you there? This is your mother....." and she would commence to just talking to me, telling me about her weekend and how glad she would be when Monday got here. I wish I had those recordings now. *sigh* But I do have the precious memories of my dear, sweet little mommy.

Oh, and now my sister Debbie fills that void somewhat. *grin* She'll call and say...."Jewel....are you there? It's your sister Debbie....well, call me when you get this...." *smile*
Daniel loves to grill out! I stepped out on the back porch last Saturday morning and the whole valley smelled like bacon and breakfast! Yum! Come to find out, Daniel had cooked bacon on the grill. He told us that is the BEST way to cook bacon. No mess on the stove or in the microwave and it is delish!! Who knew? *smile*
Here are a one or ten pictures of who else? Jaylon Daniel!! (surely you didn't think I could post without pictures of the boy, did you? *smile*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hillbilly Hotdogs!

Sunday afternoon, after church, Ed and I took off for West Virginia. We decided to go to Hillbilly Hotdogs!
We had passed this place one time when we went to Kentucky with our pastor and his wife. On our way back, when we passed it again, I asked Pastor Martin to stop so I could take a couple of pictures and he told me to hurry because it looked like a place where someone might step out and take a shot at us for trespassing. You see, we didn't think it was a legitimate place of business. We just thought it was a junky looking place along the side of the road. Albeit, a very interesting one!

Amazingly, a while back, it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network.!!!!!! It IS a legitmate place of business and a very popular one, having two other locations in Huntington and Lavalette!!

Well, after taking a wrong turn and getting a little lost, we stopped and asked for help with direc tions and finally it made it there just as they were closing at five o'clock BUT Sonny, the owner, was so gracious and waited on us. Oh my! We had some of the. very. best. hotdogs. EVER! We will definitely be going back. We want to take our pastor and his wife!

Now, I had to use the bathroom and I was hoping I didn't have to use an outhouse and thankfully, they had modern restrooms, though the outside had me a-wondering just a bit! *smile*

Here's Ed getting our food!

And here's a W.Va. license plate with my name on it!!

What a weekend!

Yesterday, we all gathered at my niece's home for a cookout and just a relaxing time of visiting. It was great. You know how it goes: I sat on the back deck for awhile visiting and laughing with everyone out there. Then I wandered into the living room and chatted and relaxed with everyone in there. At one point, my nephew, Troy, called me into one of the bedrooms to play a couple of crazy, funny ringtones he had downloaded to his cellphone. We rolled on the bed laughing, only to be joined by April, Daniel, Erin and a couple of others. Who would have "thunk" you could have so much fun listening to ringtones?!?!?! LOL Oh, the wonder of cellphones!

Then it was back out to the deck where Troy asked me to give him a shoulder massage. And that started it. I ended up giving about 5 or 6 shoulder and neck massages. This is something they always ask me to do as family get-togethers, so it is kind of a tradition. :-) They all keep telling me I should go into the business! *smile*

One thing that simply amazed me was that all of the children (who were old enough) played in the pool almost the entire time of the gathering. There was no fighting or arguing. I was simply amazed that that many kids could play together for that long and have so much fun! Aren't pools great?! *smile*

Jaylon is here this morning, fast asleep in grandma and grandpa's bed. He's probably worn out from the weekend. He is such a good baby. I say "he gets passed around like a sack of "tatas" at church and family get-togethers! LOL But that is just how it goes for such cuddly, happy babies, hm? *smile*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I love holiday weekends!

I just love the anticipation and undercurrent of excitement that comes with the approaching of a holiday weekend! Especially the first long weekend of the summer, though summer is not OFFICIALLY here yet! BUT it sure does feel like summer here in Ohio with temps in the mid-80's!
Anywayyyyyy......I am on FaceBook and while I really enjoy it, I have found myself not blogging because of it BUT I am going to endeavor to do better because I really do like blogging!!
Jaylon is sleeping right now and I am typing like a MADWOMAN, trying to get this post done!

Okay, here is a REALLY funny post that Beth put up this morning and it is worth the read! Trust me! *smile*

Also, for Mother's Day, our District Superintendent, Bro. J.Mark Jordan put up a really wonderful posts for and about mothers that I just had to share with you, even if it is AFTER Mothers Day! Click HERE to read it!

Okay, that is all for now but I am going to post like a madwoman over the holiday weekend! I miss blogging!!! Oh, how a little grandbaby changes life! But it is wonderful! I'll post pictures later, too!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jaylon has had a rough afternoon. We think he is cutting more teeth. Poor little guy. His first two bottom teeth broke through a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been able to see where any others are coming through but they surely must be. My, but he just cried and cried. Ed walked with him for awhile and then I walked with him for awhile. We put orajel on his little gums and he finally quieted down and fell asleep with grandpa. I feel so helpless when he is crying so hard but I just walk with him and pray for him, soothing him the best that I can. Ed is so patient with Jaylon when he is crying and upset. I don't know what I'd do without him to help me.
Ed has been out working in the yard yesterday and today. It is looking so nice! Here's the evidence of his hard work! *smile*

I used to do all of the flower-planting and mulching but when I became unable to do so, Ed took over and he does do a great job. AND he told me yesterday that he never realized how much he would enjoy it! During the past few years, I've given him a little direction and he has planted alot of perennials and we love them!!! I mean, it is like having "free" flowers every year!! AND they get bigger and spread and sometimes multiply! I will still buy some annuals and make hanging baskets and flower pots for the porches but I've not done that yet. I need to get with it! BUT, once again, there's a growing little boy in the house and that makes "hopping to it" just a smidge more of a challenge than what it used to be! *smile* Hopefully, I can get my flowers and potting soil this weekend and get started!
Daniel and Erin got me the OSU garden stone for Mother's Day! *smile* They also took me out to dinner a couple of weeks ago! They are so good to me!
Ed took me to Jack's Steak House for dinner Friday evening because that is where I wanted to go. I don't like to go to dinner on Mother's Day because every place is so crowded, so we came home from church and I grilled out chicken breasts that I had marinating in lemon pepper marinade. I also fixed escalloped potatoes and peas/carrots. It was yummy!! I told Ed that he gets to fix Father's Day dinner!! *smile* (just kidding)
Oh, and I had a dear friend stop by Friday. We hadn't had a nice visit for so long and she brought me the loveliest card and a beautiful hanging basket. We shared some coffee and sweet treats and really enjoyed our time together.
Also, a young man, who used to be in our youth group, sent me a letter in which he wished me Happy Mother's Day. I hadn't heard from him for so long and had had him on my mind so much this past week. I was thrilled to hear from him!
The amazing thing about these two things that I just told you about is this: I had been feeling kind of lonely this past week. I know. It seems kind of silly. I had been to church at least three or four times. Ed's been here with me. Daniel and Erin had been in and out, getting Jaylon and so on. Still, I just couldn't shake the lonely feeling. And then to have my friend stop by unexpectedly! AND then to get a letter from this young man! I cannot begin to tell you how much each meant to me. I know the Lord knew how much I needed them. He does so care about every aspect of our daily lives!
I am so thankful for the people in my life. The Lord has blessed me with precious friends and I just love people.
I think my lonely feeling may have come from the fact that I don't get out nearly as much now that I take care of little Jaylon. Part of the reason has been the lack of a lightweight stroller that I handle. Well, I now have one and so I've no excuse for not getting out a bit more! *smile*
Have stroller-will travel!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Kitty of the house

Here's Ellie, sulking in her box, as she stares at Ed holding little Jaylon. Ellie's box is in the kitchen but she has a clear view from here of Ed sitting in my chair in the living room as he holds the baby. *smile*
And here is Ed playing with little Jaylon one afternoon....
.....and look who is sitting down by his knee with her back to him and the baby, sulking again.
But please....don't feel sorry for Ellie.....she gets plenty of attention. She does. She just wants it ALL. She's a cat. AND not just any cat. She's the Kitty of the House! *smile*

Me, Daniel and the boy

Okay, this first picture is of me sitting on my dad's knee when I was about three. It's the only picture I have of me under the age of five. How do ya like those chubby cheeks? *grin* I've no idea why I had such a "scrowly" look on my face!

This next picture is of Daniel when he was about three months old. What a cutie!

Daniel was about 2 1/2 months old in this picture. Hmmmm.....I wonder what he's up to in this one? *grin*

AND finally! Here is a fairly recent one that we took of Jaylon! Doesn't he look like his Daddy?

A bed for little people

As I was preparing to have my hip replacement surgeries last fall, Ed got risers for our bed as it made it so much easier for me to get in and out of bed while I was recovering.
Well, today, Ed helped me replace the bed skirt and he asked me if I wanted to take the bed off of the risers and I said, sure, let's try it without them.
Oh my!!!! The bed is so low! It makes ME feel SOOOOO tall and that is saying something because I am SOOOO short! *smile* The bed looks like it was made for Munchkins! *grin* But I think I like it being low once again because I like praying at my bedside and when it was on the risers it was like my face was stuck in the side of my bed, so I most often would pray in the front bedroom where Daniel's old bed is.
One other thing about the bed being low.....Ellie, the kitty of the house, gets on a mad tear running through the house and she just runs right under our bed into the bathroom and then immediately takes off and tears back through the house. Ed is waiting for her to whack her head on the bedframe. (He is a sick man. LOL) He forgets that Ellie is very aware of the slightest change that takes place in this house, be it bed risers or whatever. Cats are like that. It must be their natural curiosity, better known as nosiness. *smile*
Anywayyyy.....we are now pretty low to the ground and I'm hoping that we don't have any mishaps in the night! *smile* (fingers crossed).