Saturday, February 18, 2006

Only in Ohio!

Here we go again. It was 70 degrees here on Thursday. That was a mere day and a half ago. Today it is 23 degrees. The windchill is even lower. Is this normal??? I think not! Tonight the projected low is 15 degrees! I can't adjust this quickly. Brrr!

My dear husband was whining a little bit earlier about not being able to get outside and really do anything. He's chopped a mountain of wood. I told him that he needs to learn to enjoy the purpose of winter. It is a time of rest and respose. A time to reflect. He said if he reflected, rested or reposed anymore, he'd be found dead on the floor. ha..ha....very funny....*grin*

He does come up with some real funnies though. Last night we took the youth group to Bro. Monk's and joined his youth group for a fun evening of games, food and fellowship. We did have a good time! On the way home, as my husband was driving the van, he noticed a hookup taking place amongst two of the young people. (Aren't you thankful for rearview mirrors? *smile*) Now, it wasn't anything out of order. You know, just the slipping of the arm around the young girl's shoulders on the back of the seat. Well, after we got back to the church and we were on our way home, Ed asked me if I knew that these two particular young people were interested in eachother? To which I replied that I wasn't. He said, "Well, he was holding onto her like a preacher to a drumstrick!" LOL! How funny is that??? We have laughed about this all morning! He just comes up with some of the funniest stuff off the top of his head. It's kinda scary sometimes, ya know??? He keeps me laughing!! Thank you, Jesus!

We are off to Rocky Boots in Nelsonville to shop a little and get something to eat at the Rocky Grill inside of the store. We've heard it is really a neat place! I'll let you know.

This evening we have a special choir practice from 6:30-8:30. Our pastor's daughter is coming from Tennessee for her daughter's birthday and asked if we would like to learn some new songs, to which I replied...Yes!! So she is going to teach us some new songs and so on. I am looking forward to this greatly!!

Stay warm and hopefully I'll post again soon!


Theresa said...

23 degrees almost sounds like a mini-heat wave. Mount Vernon hit the whopping high of 16 degrees with a wind-chill of 5 degrees. But, hey, it is February, and we do live in Ohio, what are we supposed to expect??!! I'd much rather have winter now, than to have it show up in April or May. lol

Have a wonderful time learning new songs! That's one of the fun things when Liz comes home for visits, too! Love ya'!

Jewel said...

It sometimes amazes me how different the weather is between here and there. We always keep an eye on the weather in Morrow and Knox counties because we have so many wonderful friends there, of whom you are one!! :-) I actually have weather bulletins for them sent to my Ohio Hills mail, along with Hocking County!

And we did have a great time learning the new songs and being together! Have a great day, Theresa!