Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I love a parade!!!

As I told you in the previous post, we entered a float in the annual Logan Christmas parade. It was designed and created by Caleb McCarthy with help from his family and youth from the church. He won first prize!!! Isn't that just awesome???? Here are a few pics of the prize-winning float!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Today's agenda!!

Sooooo, today being the Saturay after Thanksgiving, it is the day of Logan's annual Christmas Parade and our church has a float in the parade. We haven't had one for the past few years, but Caleb McCarthy wanted to have one this year, so Pastor Martin put him in charge of it. I am so excited to see how it turns out! Here is a picture of the model he made of it. I am so thankful that the weather has been
so beautiful. It has sure made working on the float alot easier. Caleb, family and friends have been working on the different components of the float and, as of yesterday (Friday), they have been putting it together in the drive-thru at church. The theme of this year's parade is "Christmas in the Hocking Hills". It would be so great if Caleb won one of the awards for best float! I'll let keep you posted. Ed and I are riding on the float. We will be waving....*smile*.....along with two other couples and several children. Others will be walking alongside, tossing candy to the onlookers. It is going to so much fun!

Thanksgiving traditions

One of the traditions that my family has is to call eachother on holidays. Not just Thanksgiving. Well, Johnny surprised me by calling me at 7:30am! He beat me to it! After talking with him, I called Bill, Debbie, and last but certainly not least, my sister Bev. Now, you may think...."a phone call? so what's the big deal?" It is a really big deal! If I didn't talk to each of my dear siblings on holidays, I would truly feel that it just wasn't complete. One of the fun things about it is to see who calls who first. You see, I don't want to call toooooo early because this might be the only day that say, Johnny or Bill or Bev might get to sleep in but I want to try and call them before they get the chance to call me, just to get the jump on them. *smile* So it is kind of a cat and mouse game that we play with eachother on hoidays. And somtimes we tell eachother silly jokes and the like. Nevertheless, holiday mornings are special for us. Also, with our families becoming more extended....children marrying, grandchildren coming along, it just makes it more difficult for all of us to get together BUT! We are planning the annual Peters' family Christmas get-together on December 16! Oh, and lest I forget, here was my annual Thanksgiving joke that I laid on everyone, to much groaning and laughter:

Wellll...there was this turkey farmer who, of course, raised turkeys. But there was a dilemna every year because there were never enough drumsticks for everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. Only two. So, this turkey farmer thought he would try to come up with a turkey that had more than two legs. Over the next several years, he proceeded to cross-breed different types of turkeys and did some genetic engineering and testing. Welllllll, after many attempts, he finally produced a turkey that had six legs!!! He was telling his close friend about his great accomplishment and his friend said, "That is just awesome! Unbelievable! But.....what does it taste like?" To which the turkey farmer replied, "Heck if I know! I haven't been able to catch it!"

Har Har Har!!! LOL Well, I thought it was funny!!! *smile*

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now it is on to Christmas!!! And shopping! And banquets! And parties! And shopping! And choir practice! And play practice! And shopping! And more banquets! And more parties! And shopping! And more practices!! Oh the joy of it all!!! *smile*

Just remember the true reason for the season........It's all about HIM.

Later in the day.....

Ed and I returned home at about 4:30 on Thanksgiving. I came in the house, grabbed a couple of things and headed back out to go to my sister Debbie's house. Her two son's and their families were gathering there at five to have dinner and I wanted to see them and visit for awhile. We had such a good time. The only thing I ate was just a smidge of noodles because I was still full from dinner at the Pullins.

The picture to the left is of (starting from the left) Shawn, her youngest son, Troy, her oldest, Troy's youngest son, Cade, and Debbie, my sister.

After everyone had eaten and we had laughed and visited and just enjoyed eachother's company, Troy, Debbie and I commenced to cleaning everything up and doing the dishes. Shawn's wife, Stephanie and his two children, Jayce and Jordan and Troy's oldest son, Corbin were also there , though not in the pic. It was a rowdy, happy time that we had. I finally arrived back home at about 8pm and felt very satisfied and happy with the day spent with family and friends. And wasn't the weather just perfect???

Playing Post-Thanksgiving Catch-up

Hellooooooo, everyone! Okay, that greeting might sound a little more enthusiastic than I am actually feeling at 9:34am on Saturday morning, but I shall press on! *groan* *feeble grin*

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was good. I was a little concerned about how I would handle this first Thanksgiving without the "boy" here. You see, one of our Thanksgiving traditions was that Daniel would usually get up at about tenish on this morning and he and his dad would sit at the table and have slices of turkey on paper plates. I would always have the turkey cooked by then and as usual, before Daniel's feet would even hit the floor, I would hear this voice from his room calling out sleepily..."fooooooooodddddd". *smile* So, while I was fixing dressing and noodles and other dinner goodies, they would sit at the table and eat juicy slices of turkey and bread and butter or the light rolls, if I had them baked already.

Well, it just so happened that while Erin Maree was getting some sleep (she had to work Thanksgiving eve 10:00-7am), Daniel came up here to change the oil in his truck and have his Dad help him put a serpentine belt on it, too. I had just taken rolls out of the oven and faster than you could say Happy Thanksgiving, he had devoured two of them, going on to eventually eat five of them, dipping them in the pot of noodles that were bubbling on the stove. Soooooo, it was good to have him home on Thanksgiving morning for a little while. :-)

Later in the afternoon, we gathered with Daniel and Erin at her aunt and uncle's home and shared a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner with all of the Pullin family. The food was delicious and they always make us feel so welcome and at home. Afterward, Erin, Daniel, Brian and I gathered around Darlene's keyboard and as I played, we sang. These young people can tear it up, let me tell you. They just harmonize so well together. I love close, tight harmony. Now, they don't have loud, flashy voices but just beautiful, smooth voices that blend so well together. As we were singing and playing, the guys retired to another room to watch football and the ladies kind of crashed in the great room to watch the old version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I had never seen the old version and I'm thinking that Ed and I are going to have to get it from the library and watch it. It has been updated and color put to it, which I really like, as I just don't have much tolerance for black and white films.

Here is a couple of really good pictures of Daniel and Erin after Thanksgiving dinner with the Pullins.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I was leaving to go run some errands this morning and looked back at the house as I was getting in the car and the house just looked so pretty in the morning sun, that I just had to take a picture of it and here it is for you to enjoy, too!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Go Bucks!!

Well, it is about time for THE game to start and I am going to go put a pizza in the oven.

I am calling the game as follows: Ohio State 24 / Michigan 13

I'll see you on the other side of possibly the biggest game in college football history!!

O-H.......I-O!!!! OHIO!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Later in the day

Soooo, after putting up the Christmas decorations, I came in showered and laid down to rest for a little while because my sisters and sisters-in- law were taking me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner that evening (Thursday). When I got up from resting, I was in so much pain. I took some pain medication and forced myself to get ready. Oh, and it was raining and cold outside by this time, but I made myself get ready and I went. We had such a good time and I am glad that I made myself go, even though the pain hardly abated the whole time. Now, I'd never been to a Texas Roadhouse and it was pretty rowdy, let me tell ya! All of the waiters and waitresses came over and the whole place yelled out a birthday "Yeehaa" for me! How cute! I had Roadkill. I kid you not. Actually, it is ground sirloin with mushrooms, onions and cheese on it. I also had a salad and humongous sweet potato smothered with butter and sour cream. Our waitress was really great and that made our meal even better! I really did have a good time, even though I just didn't feel very well. The girls each got me a set of bath towels and one of them got me dish towels and my sister, Bev, also gave me a set of Jessica McClintock cologne which I love. We don't have another birthday to celebrate until May but we will be getting together for Christmas, so we may have to have lunch sometime between Christmas and May just for the fun of it!! I am so thankful that we have kept this tradition up. It helps us to stay in touch and just get together and be "girls"! *smile*

Up and Ready!

Thursday morning here in the valley, we had sunshine! Well, sunshine and a few clouds and scattered raindrops. Sooooo......my dear husband gave in to my gentle urging ;-) and put up our outside Christmas decorations. I've always done the outside decorating.......well, I've done the inside decorating, too......hmmmm.......oh, what the hey......I've always done ALL of the Christmas decorating, k?!?!?!? *smile* BUT! because of my physical limitations, I am not able to do the outside decorating all by myself because it requires some ladder-climbing. Sooooooo......I sat on the porch swing and fluffed out the wreaths and straightened the bows and made sure the wire was still intact and stable and Ed hung them up. I also straightened up the window swags and I attached them to the window sills. Then I put the garland and bows around the porch railing. Overall, this covered a period of oh, say, 2 1/2-3 hours. I've posted a picture here of our house about 2 Christmases ago. The decorations are still the same. The dusting of snow really makes it a pretty scene, hm? So, we are all ready for Christmas....at least, outside! We've never decorated this early but I kinda thought that since I move a bit slower than in the past, perhaps I should start earlier and get a jump on things.....though jumping is not in my current bag of tricks! *smile*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What would YOU do for a PlayStation 3?

Sis. Pam and I go out to the church two mornings a week and pray. We usually get there at about 6:30am, before she has to leave for work. We had an awesome time of prayer this morning!

Afterwards, I decided to go to Walmart and "finger the merchandise". This is what my dad called it when my mom would go shopping just for the fun of it or go to look but not necessarily buy. Anywayyyyyy......I especially wanted to peruse the Christmas aisles, so proceeded out to the garden center to see what was out there and lo, and behold, but there were people out there sleeping in sleeping bags and chairs and I thought : "What is going on here?!?!?!?" Sooooooo, I asked the next clerk to go by just what the deal was and he said that these people were waiting to be the first to purchase the new Playstation 3 which is due in tonight at midnight. These people had been there since yesterday. Welllllll.....being the introvert that I am...har, har.......I went over to chat with these wierdos, er, uh...I mean, people. Ahem. I just couldn't believe that people would forego 2-3 days of their lives to wait in line for Playstation 3!!!! Hellllloooooo?????
I even took their pictures and yes, I asked permission first!

I talked with them for a short while and eventually told them that I had only stayed up all night for two reasons......to pray and to care for my sick child and my mother. (I forgot about lock-ins and mid-winter...argh! LOL)

In closing, seeing these guys (they were all guys) camping out in the garden center at Walmart for 2-2 1/2 days to get a Playstation 3, really affected me. There IS a spiritual lesson to be learned here.


Born Again!

This past Sunday we were blessed to have Evangelist Ken Cook and his wife, Julie with us. In the morning service, a man who has been attending Sunday morning services for about a month, received the Holy Ghost. As he was worshipping the Lord and all, his daughter came up to watch him and see what was going on and she received the Holy Ghost, too. They both received the Holy Ghost so easily, which was doubly wonderful! The young lady is the girlfriend of Sis. Pam's (a wonderful saint at our church) oldest son. They have two young sons and a week-old beautiful baby girl. Sis. Pam's children are slowly but surely coming to the Lord and back to the Lord. How effective are the prayers of a mother!!

Julie (Sis. Cook) was not able to sing because she had laryngitis *sp*. Would you believe I have never heard her sing or play? So I was really disappointed about that but then I know she must have enjoyed not "having" to play or sing for a couple of services.

She and her husband are just the sweetest people and we enjoyed having them with us so much. God truly ministered and filled souls with His spirit.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And they came bearing gifts.......

Daniel and Erin came up Saturday afternoon to watch the OSU/NW game with us. We ordered our favorite pizza (Pizza Crossing) and settled into the den to root the Buckeyes on. It really wasn't much of a game, especially the second half, but oh how sweet it was when their 3rd string quarterback, Todd Boeckman, took in a touchdown! And the way Troy Smith was jumping around and celebrating it on the sidelines. It was sweet! And that boy, Todd Boeckman, is a big guy...whew!! He didn't seem to have much speed.....he kind of lumbered in.....but he got the touchdown. It was just fun to watch! But that had to be the longest second half of a Buckeyes game that I have ever watched! BUT....I did manage to get alot done on a Pittsburgh Steelers afghan I am crocheting for my Pastor's son as a Christmas gift.

Moving right along.......Daniel and Erin brought me and Ed belated birthday gifts Saturday. Here is a pic of Ed wearing his new blue shirt they got him. Isn't he absolutely handsome?? I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. God sure knew what He was doing when He brought us together. "And I tip my hat, to the keeper of the stars, He sure knew what He was doin', when He joined these two hearts....." (Words from a C&W song that I love).

The kids got me a gift set of Dove "FIRMING" body wash and "FIRMING" body lotion. (Bless their hearts) Now don't go expecting to see any pictures on here of me "wearing" this stuff any time soon. LOL I wonder if it really works? I mean.....do you have any idea of how much and what all I have that needs firming?? Kinda hard to believe some body wash and lotion is gonna do the job, ya know??? LOL But I do have plans......three hour soak jobs. I'll let you know what happens. Oh, and the gift set also included a bar of soap and body scrubber and it all smells luscious. They also got me a Christmas Kitty picture frame in which I can display a picture of Ellie and they got me another Snowman. It is a stuffed snowman and is so cute. Now I don't collect alot of stuff, but I do like snowmen, though I only have a few. Oh, and there was also a little atomizer of Bath and Bodyworks homescents.....Cotton Blossom, one of my favorite B&B scents.

I think we may go to Erin's Aunt and Uncle's to watch the game this Saturday. They have a big projection screen TV, so that should be pretty neat but Ed is thinking maybe we might go out of town to see some friends because he has a five-day weekend this week. They will be moving REACH to new offices during this time so he will not be transporting kids Thursday, Friday or Monday. I hope to hear something about the job I applied for after the move is completed. (fingers crossed and the Lord willing.)

Well, I need to get off of here and go into town and run a few errands. I have a couple of other things to post about so hopefully I will get it on here before the day is out! God's best to each of you!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The best birthday ever

Wednesday, November 8, was my 55th birthday. Double nickels. Five years from sixty. On the downward slope to one-hundred. Whatever.

It was the best birthday yet! And I didn't even have cake! Can you believe it? And this is not a ploy to get all of you to go out and buy me a cake or bake me a cake. So please.....don't. Seriously. I'm not a big cake fan anyway.

My point is this: The reason this birthday was so special was that I heard from more of my family and friends on this one day than I have for as long as I can remember! How great is that???? Dare I try to name all of you??? Okay, here goes:

Ed.....my dear husband, who, upon my walking into the den with my first cup of coffee that morning, began singing "Happy, happy birthday, baby..." to me! Now how sweet is that???

Debbie.....my sister.....God love her.....she called me shortly after Ed's little serenade and commenced to singing happy birthday to me in her slow, kind-of-struggling-to-breathe-voice. It meant the world to me.

Bill.....my oldest brother, called sometime during the day and said a hearty "Happy Birthday, Sis!" to me and sang happy birthday to me.

I received several messages on EC (EveryonesConnected) from Stacy, Serena, Jeffrey, David, Kim, and Theresa.

And here on my blog, I received birthday wishes from Becky and Donnie.

I received phone messages from Troy-my nephew, Becky-my dear friend, Tina-another dear friend, and Neda-another dear friend.

I saw my twin-brother, Johnny, at church that night and we wished eachother happy birthday and hugged and all. Sis. Hurst, whose hair I do twice a week, brought me a beautiful fall centerpiece for my table. My sister, Bev, had come down Saturday and spent some time with me. Also, she and my other sister and sisters-in-law will be taking me out to dinner this coming Thursday evening at the Texas Roadhouse in Lancaster and am I ever looking forward to that!

I know that I've probably forgotten someone, but my point is this: I didn't have a cake, received only one gift and yet my birthday was so wonderful because I heard from the people I love the most and that is what really matters, that is what counts. To just be touched by the ones you love and hold dear. (gosh, but I AM getting old and sounding OLD, hm? *smile*)

Ed got me a new printer, scanner, copier for my computer. I've had the same printer now since 1997. It's been through three computers and still works fine but I just wanted a new and improved one with a scanner.

So, thank you all for making my birthday so special.......because you are all so special to me!

((((((HUGS TO EACH OF YOU)))))))

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006

I am the presiding judge for precinct Green 2 in Hocking County. I have worked the voting polls for the past seven years. Except for the presidential election in 2004, the voter turnout has always been well below fifty percent. Yesterday was a record-setting day.

In the past few weeks, leading up to the election, you could tell that this was going to be an important election. Our training classes were very thorough and meticulous. As November 7th approached, the feeling that this election was going to be very pivotal for America, only increased.

Yesterday morning, when I unlocked the door to the polling place, there was a long line of eager voters. The line never abated. People were eager to vote and came prepared to vote, having gotten all of their information in order at the election office prior to the election and having their identification ready and in hand when they got there. Even though the line was long most of the day, people were amazingly patient. And those people who did not have the proper ID more often than not, made the decision to leave and get the proper ID info and come back, rather than vote provisionally. It was so evident that people were determined to vote and see change.

And, my oh my, have things changed. I am not sure that it has all been for the good. Nevetheless, the Democrats have succeeded in accomplishing an overwhelming victory. Now we must prepare ourselves for the next two years of watching a monumental struggle between the White House, President Bush and the Democrats. It is not going to be a pretty sight, I'm afraid, and I doubt that much will be accomplished. I've already read somewhere that an investigation of President Bush and "his Whitehouse" is in the works. Oh, joy and gladness.......

This was a bit of an interesting read on Yahoo yesterday: An article telling who, in the Democratic party, was going to be in charge of what in the Senate now. I don't even want to talk about it right now.....*sighhhhhh* I'm just thankful that, in the end, God is in control. And that is all I have to say about that.....

A smoking rant

Okay, now look....I used to smoke.......before I gave my heart to the Lord and He gave me the strength and desire to quit. I mean, I wasn't one of those fortunate people who was totally delivered from smoking the night I was born again. My husband was, as was many other people I know. And it wasn't because I wasn't sincere in my committment to the Lord either. I received the Holy Ghost the first night I went to the altar. Other areas of my life came under His influence and control almost immediately. I struggled with smoking for about six months after receiving the Holy Ghost. Now I never just sat around and smoked liberally after that time but I did have overwhelming cravings for them. I remember times when I would leave an awesome service at church and "just know" that I was never going to smoke another cigarette, only to find myself stopping on the way home to buy a pack and then smoking maybe half a cigarette and tossing the whole pack out the window, so disgusted with myself. Also, I lived with my parents at the time (I was 22) and they were both smokers, which made it even more difficult for me to quit. But approximately six months later, still growing in the Lord and endeavoring to live for Him, I found that I was no longer smoking and I rejoiced and thanked the Lord for helping me. That was 32 years ago. Still, I will be honest and tell you that when our family gets together for a big dinner and we've finished eating and everyone is sitting around talking, some of the family will go outside and smoke and have a cup of coffee.....I remember what a good feeling that was.....to just relax and have a cigarette, sip on a cup of coffee, what a nice combination, though I know you will only understand if you've been there......it is soothing and relaxing and a good feeling. BUT......I don't and won't do it. The Lord so graciously helped me to quit and I will be forever grateful and I am much healthier for it.

My mother passed away in 1999 and most of her health problems were because she was a lifelong smoker. She loved to smoke. She said it was the one vice she had and no one was going to tell her she couldn't. She carried a full pack of cigarettes in her purse till the day she died, though she could no longer smoke during the last few years of her life because of breathing problems. But, in the end, it was the effects from smoking for so many years that brought about my mother's death.

My sister Debbie is following in my mother's footsteps. She is on oxygen all of the time, except when she shuts it off to smoke. She smokes about 10 cigarettes a day. I don't understand allowing your health and life to be compromised like that for the love of a cigarette but it happens all the time and is a choice they make. Cigarettes have been said to more addictive than cocaine.

Having said all of that, I would like to say that I just don't agree with the smoking ban that has been passed. I believe that we should be allowed to have choices. So what is next? I know it was given to the people for a vote. I know that smoking is bad for you. But so is alcohol. I don't like the fact the it is sold everywhere.....in grocery stores, etc. It used to be that you had to go to a carry-out....not the most reputable of places in years past......to get alcohol. It used to be that you had to go to a bar or bar and grill to get alcohol. Now there is hardly a restaurant that doesn't serve booze, except for the fastfood places. I am not particularly fond of having to walk past a bar everytime I go into a nice restaurant. That offends me but I guess I make allowances, you know? So people can sit next to me and sip on their booze but people can no longer smoke in a designated smoking area?

I grew up in a family where both of my parents smoked. I remember all of us riding in the car. Five kids and my mom and dad. If it was cold outside, there we'd be, mom and dad puffing away with the windows all rolled up, a blue haze enveloping all of us. It's just the way it was and none of us have suffered any ill health because of "second-hand" smoke. But only one of five of us kids smokes today.

ANDDDDDD......I remember sitting around with friends in bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and other places smoking and having a good time. It was a choice that we made. If you didn't want to be around it you could go sit somewhere else. I even had people occasionally ask me not to smoke and I abided by their wishes.

I've said all of that to say this: We had better be careful about giving away our right to make choices. I just don't understand what was wrong with designated smoking areas.

Oh, and I'd venture to say that booze and alcohol has broken up more marriages and torn up more lives than cigarettes ever did.

I'm not promoting smoking. It's about our freedom and our freedom to make choices.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't Forget To Vote!!

I have been busy getting ready for election day tomorrow: picking up voting machines and supplies, calling pollworkers, getting things done here at home, fixing food, etc. I am going to the polling place to set up everything at three o'clock this afternoon. Soooooo, I will not be posting until Wednesday, at best.

Isn't the weather great? It has been 65 here today and the rest of the week looks really good, too, so Ed and I are going to get out the outside Christmas decorations and get them put up Thursday while the weather is nice. It is so hard to believe that Christmas is only six weeks away! Where does the time go?? Especially now that I am going slower, the time seems to go by even more quickly!

Have a great week everyone and I'll see you on the other side of election day!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


My sister Debbie called me early this morning, along about 7:30. She asked me how old she was?????? "How old am I?" was her exact question! I said, "You have got to be kidding me!!! Look, Debbie...now follow me here. Get a pen and paper and subtract 1949 from 2006. Your answer should be 57!" Hellloooooooo!! LOL She is sooo funny! Today is her birthday!! I sang a heart happy birthday to her and wishes her bunches of good wishes. Oh yes, she is the owner of the infamous Tracker that I have posted about a time or three. She is so special to me. I don't know what I would without her. She is our mother incarnate, so much so that it is almost scary, let me tell you!! She has raised three wonderful children and has 8 grandchildren that just adore their "Nanny". Debbie was a grandmother to my son Daniel and my niece, Bethany, too, because our mother was not in very good health and just couldn't do much for or with Daniel and Bethany when they were little, but they still loved her bunches. All of the grandchildren called my mom Grandma Pete. My dad had his own plumbing business and his business nickname was Pete the Plumber, our last name being Peters, so the grandchildren put the "Pete" tag on Mom, too. It fit her to a T!

I had the most wonderful surprise today! My sister Bev and her daughter Bethany came to visit! I couldn't believe it! After we visited for awhile, we went up to Green Elementary School's annual craft bazaar. It is just a couple of miles away. Bethany and Daniel went to school there before they were homeschooled. I didn't know if I was going to be able to walk that much, but I took my trusty cane, which I have been hesitant to use......I don't like using it.....but I need some kind of support these days. Soooooo......we went to the bazaar and I saw so many people that I hadn't seen for so long. Oh, to back up a little......I asked Ed if he would kindly give me a little money to take in case I found something I liked....well, he said that all he had was a $100 bill. Like that was going to stop me from taking it???? HELLOOOOO!!! LOL I finally bought myself a OSU buckeye necklace and yesssssssssss, I am wearing it even as I type! And I bought a cookbook from a church group that had a booth. They were the ones who changed the $100 bill for me. I told them about the exchange that Ed and I had and we had a good laugh together as they gave me my change! *smile* Every where we went people asked Bev and I if we were twins. *sighhhhhh* No, we aren't but I DO have a twin brother. I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone has asked us this. I'd take a nice, long vacation!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Two women, Two boys, and a Tracker

Okay, here we go again.....my sister Debbie called me yesterday and asked me if I would drive her to a doctor's appt. and she also had to pick up her two grandsons ANDDD go by the grocery store, so I said......yesssssssssssssssssss.....in a really whiney voice. Well, I get to her house and I am kind of cripping around and here she comes out of her house toting her portable oxygen and stuff and I just look at her and say....."you know this is like the blind leading the blind, don't you?" And she just kinda chuckled and mumbled yes or something. So we get the Tracker and only after we have gone about three miles up the road with the wind whipping around our heads does she say, "I have money to give you for gas and I was going to ask you if we could take your car...." NOW SHE TELLS ME! *feeble grin* You see, her Tracker has a cloth top.....well, part of a cloth top. Well, most of a cloth top but somehow it has gotten some rips and tears in it and she has patched it up with duct tape as best she can, but, let me tell you, the wind was blowing again in that thing last night AND it was snowing, to boot!! So I just pulled up my coat collar and hunkered down a little lower and cranked up the heat. Well, we made it to the doctor's office and lo and behold if there wasn't this lady in there that just about talked, not just one, but both of my legs and almost an arm, off. She told me she was 75 and lived alone. (you're kiddin' me? I would never have guessed) Now, I don't mean to sound cold or like I don't have a heart. It is just that when I go to these appointments with Debbie I kind of look forward to gathering up a couple of magazines and just reading and having a little time to myself and maybe chatting A LITTLE with someone nearby. But in the span of 15 minutes I knew that this woman had been married 3 times. She had 5 children by her first husband and 3 by her second husband. They were both bums. Her third husband molested some of her children and it turned out he was gay so she got rid of him. Oh, I could go on and on. Oh and she asked me my maiden name. My mother's name. Ed's name and where his family was from. Where I lived. How many brothers and sisters I have. I truly tried to be patient and kind and realize that she was just lonely.....you would have been proud of me........ but I'm telling you she never shut up for one second!!! Finally....finnnnaaallllllyyyy......a nurse called her back to see the doctor. But by this time, Debbie was done. Sooooo..... so much for perusing the magazines!
So then we were off to get Corbin, who is 13, and Cade, who is 8. Well, Debbie told them to pack light because they were going to spend two nights with her because they didnt' have school today. I guess for boys they packed light but we only had the Tracker which has two seats, a steering wheel and gearshift in it. We finally found a place for all of their stuff and managed to squeeze them in, too, and then we were off to the grocery store. Wellllllll......we came out with two bags of groceries and two gallons of milk. so we put them on the floor in the back and the boys wrapped their legs around their heads. (just kidding, ok? but it was pretty crowded)
BUT! One good thing about the Tracker being so crammed full of people, luggage, bedding and groceries is that the wind and snow blowing on the way home wasn't nearly so bad!! LOL
We did have such a fun time with the boys! Cade couldn't believe that an "old woman" like me could drive a stick shift. Welllllll....I showed him a thing or five! *smile* He was pretty impressed at my speed shifting! Yeehaa!!