Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 1!

Thirteen of my favorite recipes!
1. Creole Vegetables and Smoked Sausage: I created this when we were on a camping trip. It is so satisfying and is great with cornbread!
2. Pork Chop Noodle Bake: I got this recipe from a former co-worker. It is my pastor's daughter's fave!
3. Hearty Spanish Rice: This is my own concoction and it is tummy-warming! Everyone loves it!
4. Jewel's Baked Beans: I kept experimenting to come up with Baked Beans that "I" like. These are it!
5. Cream Cheese Cookies: Cookies can't be made any quicker or easier than this! My family's favorite, too!
6. Stovetop Tuna Noodle: I kept tweaking recipes until I came up with this one!
7. Fruit Salad-My Way: I got this from a homeschool mom and friend and tweaked it a little.
8. Dutch Potatoes: This recipe came from an Amish cookbook and is Daniel and Erin's favorite dish!
9. Chocolate Trifle: This came from Sis. Webster and it is always gone in a flash at dinners.
10.Cherry Whip: This was my mother's recipe. Now my sister-in-law Cheryl always fixes it for family gatherings.
11.Stir-fry Chicken: I came up with this recipe, too. It is so quick and easy and is better left-over and reheated even!
12.Swiss Steak: Simple, easy and delicious. Just my kind of recipe!
13.Potato Salad: I tweaked this recipe until it "almost" tastes as good as my Mom's. *smile* I think everyone thinks their mom makes the "best" potato salad, hm?
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Still Wintering Here

Here are a couple of pics of the weather outside here. It is collllddd. The first is of my back porch now and the other is of my porch in the summer. *sigh*

Of course, the third one is of Rocky, at the back door, waiting to be fed this morning. I fed him, gave him his sweetsy treatsies and cuddles and lovin's. He is the best dog. I call him Wiggles because he just about wiggles his tail off when he sees me. I can honestly say that he is probably happier to see me than anyone else I know! *smile* (Aren't dogs great? *grin*)

I found a some really good quotes about dogs. Enjoy:
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies."
"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful."
"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome Home!

I finally have my computer back! Yay! So, after taking my computer to this newly-found computer repair shop in New Lexington, we were able to pick it up this morning. It needed a new power-source which is the gray metal box inside the computer that houses the fan, etc. And do you know how much it cost to have this replaced?!?!?!? I'm not going to tell you. Let's see if any of you can guess,k?

New Lexington is about 20 miles away and it was quite a drive over as the wind is really fierce today and it has been snowing all morning, too. The snow was blowing and drifting across the road in many places and the roads going to New Lex are so curvy and twisting and there are a kazillion hills between here and there but you do get used to driving in it after living here for so long. (all of our lives. *smile*)

The wind is howling outside, while the sun is shining and snow is falling occasionally. It is a good day to be inside enjoying the coziness of home. The windchill is in the single digits....brrrr!!

I am going to a birthday party tonight for a dear saint in our church. She is presently a patient in the skilled nursing unit of our local hospital. Her name is Dana and she received the Holy Ghost at General Conference. It was so awesome! She is in her 70's and is just the sweetest little thing! Dana had double-knee replacement surgery last year and just recently fell and broke her hip. We all feel so badly for her but have tried to be there for her and encourage her and her daughter, with whom she has lived for the past two years. Her daughter, Ruth, tried to bring her home to stay right before Christmas but could not manage her alone and had to take her back to the skilled nursing unit, which just about broke both of their hearts and ours, but I do understand, because I helped care for my mother during the last several years of her life. It can be so heart-wrenching in trying to make the best and wisest decisions where our elderly parents are concerned. I am so thankful that Mom had such a wonderful attitude through all of her health problems. She was always chipper and joking and looking for something to laugh and smile about. Dana is a sweetheart and I am looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her and others from the church.

I try to keep a positive outlook even on the difficult days. My girlfriend Neda told me one day when we were together to straighten and quit walking like I had something stuck up....well, you get the idea. *feeble grin* So I told her, "What??? You think I like walking like this? You think I would CHOOSE to walk like this?? HELLOOOOO!!!! " We had a good laugh about it. *smile* Ed, my dear husband, says I'm "inVALid". *grin* Velly funny. He and Pastor Martin also call me "Fred" occasionally (after Fred Sanford on TV) because of the way I walk sometimes. And then there are those who are really cute and say, "Run, Jewel, Run". Haha. That's a real scream. *grin* I'm so thankful that I can make people laugh and smile and bring such joy to their lives. LOL Even if it is because I walk funny and AM IN PAIN!!! LOL

Okay, I'll stop. *smile*

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yes, you guessed it.......

......I am coming to you from our local library, my former place of employment and what a great job it was. Oh, it wasn't without the usual little nitpicky annoyances that come with any job, but it was the perfect job for me, as I love people and love books. I thought I would be working there for the rest of my life, because I loved it so much, but life has a way of changing, hm? *smile* We just never know how things are really going to go, but I am so thankful that I can trust the Lord to lead me along the right path for my life. I was thinking this morning about where I was and how I was doing physically a year ago and I am happy to tell you that I AM better physically. Last year at this time, I was almost bedridden. I couldn't to the laundry or dishes or run the sweeper. My dear husband was doing all of this, plus his part-time job. (He is retired and now working part-time.) And he never complained. Not once. He only encouraged me and prayed for me and helped me. And now, a year later, I am able to do these things once again. I am still limited. I can't "run with a troop or leap over a wall" but, okay, for real now, are those really necessary? *smile* I thought not.
I have been helping the young people at church get ready for Mid-Winter Youth Retreat: Getting all of the forms together, knowing when to be at the church, knowing how much money they need, how much luggage they can take (it's just one night, for goodness' sake! LOL) They are so excited, of course! I remember when I used to be so excited about Mid-Winter and excited about taking them! This is the second year that they will be going with Nelsonville UPC's youth group. Thank you, Bro. Jeremy and Sis. Melinda Edwards for taking on this responsibility and challenge. Oh, and Bro. Chad, too! I will be at the church tomorrow afternoon when they leave, to bid them farewell and good times!
As for my computer: It is still in the shop. But, you know what? I haven't missed it nearly as much as I thought I would. has really surprised me. But as I get older, I find that I adapt to situations and things that happen so much easier than I used to. I used to get so frustrated when things didn't go a certain way or if something changed from the way it had always been. Life goes on and change does happen and we must learn adapt or be eternally frustrated. "................for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Phil. 4:11
I was on my way to Lancaster Tuesday afternoon and I was missing the boy (Daniel). *grin* I checked the time and knew that he was in between classes, so I gave him a call just to hear his voice. ( I know, I know. I am really pitiful. Help me out here, mothers. *feeble grin*) Anywayyyy.....he answered and I said hello and he said that he didn't have much time to talk as he was heading to his next and last class of the day. I thought: Well, why couldn't he talk to me on the way? And the answer I came up with was: Because he probably wanted to listen to music instead or just didn't feel like talking or doesn't miss me like I miss him, once again, I chose to make the adjustment and I let him go and went on with my day.
BUTTTTT.....that night at a few minutes past ten, the phone rang. I was in bed reading, so I didn't get up to answer it and just who do think it was??? Daniel! And he actually left a message, asking me to call him. Of course, I immediately thought he needed something or something must be wrong, but no. Do you know what he wanted? You'll never guess, so I'll tell you. *smile* He wanted to talk about the President's State of the Union Address. Can you believe it? I was so impressed and proud of him! So we talked for about twenty minutes about the address and school and work and how things were going with him and Erin. I was so proud of him for watching the President because I do feel that things like this are important. I can remember us watching and listening to the President before when he was still at home and I would talk to him about politics and take him to the polls with me when I voted and tell him how important it is for him to vote when he becomes old enough and talk about important issues affecting us, our country or the world. After we hung up, I took time to thank the Lord for Daniel calling me. I had wanted to talk to him so much and I can't help but think that the Lord nudged his heart a little in urging him to call me. The Lord does care about the little things....especially a mother's heart, I believe. "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." I Peter 5:7
Well, I need to be on my way so I can finish some errands. Then it is home to put the finishing touches on songs for choir practice tonight and fixing supper!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ohhhh Nooooo..... computer is in the pc hospital. *sigh* I am having withdrawal. Especially considering I have been housebound since Saturday evening. HELP!! I mean, it would have been so nice to play some games or talk on messsenger to Becky or read the news. *sigh* LOL Okay, there are days when I dont' even turn my computer on. Seriously. But now that I don't have it and know that I can't turn it on even if I want to.....well, you get the picture. Thankfully, the place where we took it is very reputable but that just means that it is going to take possibly two weeks before I will get it back because they are so backed up. *sigh*
I will endeavor to come into the library every couple of days and leave a short post. *sigh* I know, I know, I am sighing alot but I do sigh alot in real life. *grin*
I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful winter weather. Well, that is , if you live in the snow belt! *smile*
Talk to you later!!1

Friday, January 19, 2007

I have a sick computer.

Well, just in case any of you were wondering where I have been! *grin* I'm having computer problems at home. *sighhhh* I am posting this from the library, as Ed and I come here weekly to get reading material and movies, so I thought I would hop on here and let you know what's going on. It isn't anything too serious with my pc, so I should be up and running in no time, but it has been a busy week and even if my computer was okay, I probably wouldn't have been on much.

Has winter ever come to Ohio!!! Brrrrr!! I was talking to a very nice young lady when calling Cingular about a cellphone issue. She was located in Florida and I asked her what the temp was there. 70 degrees! I told her that it was 17 degrees at my house at 9:30 in the morning in Ohio and she about flipped! She said that she had complained that morning about it being chilly in Florida at 70 degrees, but that 17 would be an excuse to stay home down there! I told her that excuse would never fly up here! We just laughed and laughed. It is so nice to call customer service, whatever company it might be, and get a really nice person,hm? Anywayyyyy.....we got that problem resolved.

I will post more later if my pc get all better. *fingers crossed*
God's best to each of you and may you have a wonderful weekend!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

41-14. I wasn't sure that we were going to win, but I sure didn't think we were going to get the trouncing that we got. The Buckeyes just acted lost on the field. In disarray. Well, it's over for another year. Here's a really good article that explains very well what I, too, felt was the reason we lost. I will say one thing: once a fan, always a fan. And I am very proud for the way our players and Coach Tressel conducted themselves. Our fans did a good job of this, too. Daniel had stopped by before the game and "borrowed" my Buckeye necklace, my football that plays the OSU fight song, and my Brutus Buckeye. He was decked out in scarlet and gray and was hyped to the max! Needless to say, his enthusiasm no doubt waned rather quickly last night. It will be interesting to talk to him today and get his take on the game.
Upon the suggestion of a friend, I purchased knee braces, in the hopes that they might help with the hip and back pain that I deal with on a daily basis. This friend said that they have helped her tremendously. Although I was a tad leary of them being able to help me, I bought them and wore them for the better part of the day yesterday. I noticed that I was having some added pain in my lower back, so I took the braces off yesterday evening. Whoa, I was really in pain. I had to go to bed, up my pain med some. About 11pm, I asked Ed to pray for me and I was able to go to sleep for a few hours, as long as I stayed on my back, with pillows under my knees. So I got up this morning and was feeling a smidge better, until I went into the den where I plugged in the lights on the ficus tree. As I straightened up, something popped in the lower, right side of my back. Talk about pain! This was at 6am and I had a lady coming at 6:40 to get her hair done! I managed to get seated and turn on the heating pad for a few minutes. Though in much pain, I managed to get her hair done, then I went to bed. But the pain was raw, even laying down. So I got up and ate a little bit of food so I could take pain med. It didn't help, so about an hour later, I took another dose and finally.....finally, the pain decreased to a manageable level. I am feeling pretty good at the present time, thankfully. The chiropractor that I had been going to, told me to be careful when taking the pain med because while masking the pain, I could possibly do more damage to my back. My family doctor prescribed the pain medicine because I felt that I needed something to help me when the pain is really intense, like this morning. Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me, too. And Sunday. Oh, I don't know. Sometimes the days seem to all run together, you know? As I've said before, because we don't have insurance, our options are limited. But as I say that, I am reminded that the Lord's aren't. And He knows right where I am and what I am going through. He knows what is best for me. It can be a bit of a quandry though. I have the faith that He can heal me, for He has so many times before. Yet, is He trying to do a greater work in my life through this? Have I become comfortable with my pain, has it become my companion? Has it altered my life so much that I wouldn't know how to act if He did heal me and I was "normal" again? Or is this just a part of the aging process for me? Have I been so hard on my body over the years that I have brought wear and tear on my back and so on? Do any of you go through these questions and doubts? I have an old cassette recording from Family Camp at Buckeye Lake. Bro. Tenney taught one afternoon on "Why Saints Are Not Always Healed". I "dug" it out and I am going to listen to it this evening. I'll give you some of the high points and my comments tomorrow.


It is winter in Ohio!! And when the snow sticks, it is just beautiful. I should have taken some pictures this morning for the flakes were huge and fluffy and coming down so slowly. It was beautiful!! We have a woodburner and the house is so warm and cozy. I appreciate the work that Ed puts into gathering in wood during the summer months so we can enjoy this cozy heat in the winter. Ellie really likes it, too! See???? *smile*

Friday, January 05, 2007

An update on Erin

We finally got a call from Daniel yesterday evening telling us that he and his mother-in-law were taking Erin to the emergency room as she was still in so much pain, so I joined them at the hospital. Ed had already made two trips to Athens and was so weary, so I told him that he could stay home and I would go. When I arrived, poor Erin was in so much pain. I felt so sorry for her. After about four hours, tests and a cat scan, they discovered that she had a kidney stone. She was pretty loopy by this time and feeling PRETTYYY good as they had given her pain medicine. *smile* She was back to her old self when we arrived back at their house at about 10pm and Daniel just had to show me some comedy video that he had downloaded and it was hilarious. I can't remember the young comedian's name, but he is hispanic and his humor is decent....thankfully. I love stand-up comedy but you can seldom find any worth listening to. This young man is a hoot. He can do so many different voices and sounds. We had alot of raucous laughs!! And Erin had pain medication and some other things that the hospital gave her, so she is going to be Jesus' name!
It was good to spend time talking with Bro. and Sis. Dunnells and Brian, Erin's brother as we waited for results on Erin. I am so thankful for them for they love Daniel like a son and they are so good to include Ed and I in family get-togethers and church activities, though we go to a different church but isn't this how it should be? I've always prayed that when Daniel got married that it would be like this and truly the Lord has been so good to answer just as I prayed. He is so faithful and mindful of us. What a personal, caring God He is!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

He's no longer a teenager!

Daniel's 20th birthday was yesterday, January 3rd! I can hardly believe he is twenty years old! How the years have flown by, especially the years between sixteen and now! It
was like once he got his license and that measure of independence the years took off like a flash! We treated Daniel and Erin to lunch on Saturday at our annual New Year's lunch. Yesterday, because of his and Erin's busy schedule, she got him an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery and I fixed him Dutch Potatoes and Baked Chicken which Ed dropped off to them on his way to Athens yesterday afternoon. They both looooove Dutch Potatoes. I'll have to post the recipe here soon for those of you who would like to try them. We also got him a beautiful card and put a "little something" in it for him. *smile* He called us and thanked us for everything. The Lord has truly blessed us with a good son and daughter.
Daniel and Erin are having a little contest. *grin* Mid-Winter Youth Retreat is the last weekend of this month, so Daniel and Erin are endeavoring to lose a little weight before then. So, the one who loses this contest, only gets to take THREE pairs of shoes to MW. And this is a big deal, because last year, Daniel took EIGHT pairs of shoes to MW. (I told you he is high-maintenace!) I'll let you know who wins!

"Oh What a Night......."

"....late December back in '63" Do you remember that oldie but goodie of a song by Frankie Vallie??? BUT....I am speaking of last night, Jan 3rd. *sigh* We got a call from Daniel about half past midnight, asking us to pray, because Erin had called him from work asking him to come and get her because she was sick and in alot of pain. We immediately went to prayer for Erin. After not hearing from them for quite awhile, I finally phoned Daniel at 2:30am. Erin answered and told me that she had had Daniel bring her home, where he had prayed for her and she was trusting the Lord to touch her. Erin is so pitiful when she is sick. You just want to take her up in your arms and hold her and protect her. She asked us to please continue to pray for her, which we did. I had thought that Daniel was going to take her to O'Bleness right from work, so I was a little surprised to find them at home when I called. But then I remembered that Erin Maree has a very low tolerance level for pain, needles, or anything of the sort, so that is probably why they didn't go to the hospital. I phoned once again this morning, around 7:30am, and Erin said the pain had abated for awhile but flared up once again at about 4am. When I called this morning, the pain had subsided again. She thinks she may have kidney infection because the pain is located in her mid-lower back and she has some other familiar symptoms. Needless to say, she didn't sleep last night and neither did I. Daniel got some sleep and was going to go in to a later class this morning. I'll keep you posted as to how Erin is doing. Your prayers for Erin would be so appreciated. God Bless everyone!


I am feeling really rough today, what with the lack of sleep last night and the upsurge of pain that I have been dealing with that past few days. I had wanted to accomplish some things today but it looks as though I will have to re-order my day's doings. After catching up here on my blog and blog-reading, I am going to do a few necessary things here at home and then catch up on my bible reading and study. I am still working on my 2004 BREAD program but I am determined to finish it! I had thought of starting this year's prgram anew but concluded that it would be best for me to finish the old one. I've started the BREAD program so many times and have never managed to finish it, so finishing the 2004 program would really be a great accomplishment.


The Day Before New Year's Eve Day Celebration

My two sisters and two brothers started a tradtion several years ago of meeting for lunch at Red Lobster on New Year's Eve Day. Once again this year, we met for lunch, only it was on Saturday as our usual day fell on Sunday, so Saturday was much more convenient for everyone. This is a time for us to get together and have a relaxing time, eating and chatting, without all of the children, grandchildren and the hubbub of Christmas. You will notice in the pictures, though, that Daniel and Erin and Bethany are with us. This is because when we first started this tradition, Daniel and Bethany were quite young, so we just let them come along. Now that they are older, we've decided to still include them. (parents, you know how these things tend to evolve. *smile*) We had such a relaxing, pleasant time and I got some great pictures, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!! *smile*

This first pic is of me and my TWIN brother, Johnny. Besides our graduation picture, this is one of the very few that we have together and I think it is quite good! Next, is me and Ed and, once again, I think this is a really good pic of us...thank you, we don't have many "good" pics of us either. This next one is of Erin and Daniel. They were not with us last year at our annual lunch because they had just departed Dayton International Airport for Hawaii for their honeymoon!! They were a little late arriving, per usual, because Daniel tends to be a little "high maintenance", though you might not know it from how he looks here. I am trying to be patient with his wanting to have longer hair and facial hair. *sigh* He is such a fine young man and does love the Lord so. I am just used to him being nice and clean cut. Erin loves his scruffy look, so that is what really matters. Below, we have Bev, my oldest sister, and her daughter, Bethany. Bev's husband, Bud is sitting right across the table from her, but for some reason, I manage to not get a pic of him that day. hmmm......

And last, but certainly not least, is my oldest brother, Bill and his wife Sandy. They were more than a little tired this afternoon because they had been helping their son and his family move and were going to be going back after lunch to do more of the same. I am so thankful for my family and the closeness that has come with the passing of time.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So after a wonderful New Year's Eve service at church and going out with Pastor and Sis. Martin and some other couples from church, Ed and I drove down to Nelsonville UPC where they were having food and games to see the new year in and, of course, Daniel and Erin were there, which meant we could see the new year in with them. Several of us ladies, a few youth and children were playing the game Gestures which is similar to Charades, but you have this gadget that you tap and it tells you what word to act out. Well, I was taking my turn, doing just fine, until I got the word "SHIFT". *sigh* Need I say anymore? *feeble grin* First of all, I kind of had a mind blank about how to express it, so I grabbed Katie, who is 10, and we starting changing places kind of quickly, which is the only thing I could think of to do and while in the midst of shifting, something shifted in my back! ARGHHHH!! (It was only later, that I thought of demonstrating shifting a car, which would have no doubt prevented any "shifting" to my back. *sigh*) BUT....Bro. Phillips DID guess the word! So the "shifting" demonstration did work! Needless to say, I had to drop out of the game and since the new year had already arrived, Ed and I started making our way to the car, with me kind of cripping along and him gently scolding me for thinking I could be doing any sort of contortions, with my body in rebellion the way it has been for the past several months. *little smile* I just still find it difficult to accept that I am limited physically the way I am, because I feel so young at heart! I am happy to report, though, that I am feeling back to normal this morning. I took it pretty easy yesterday.....Monday, New Year's Day. I didn't even leave the house except to step out on the front and back porches and stretch and breathe in some fresh air and give Rocky some cuddles and pets. I'll share more about the weekend and post some pictures a little later. For now, I'm off to take down the last few remaining vestages of Christmas here at home! May your day be blessed!!