Thursday, July 12, 2012

"These are a few of my favorites things....."

Here are two of my favorite guys in the whole wide world at church camp last night!! Aren't they handsome? :-)
Below are pictures of little Jaxon trying green beans for the first time! :-)

Jaylon was in his first wedding as a ringbearer about a month ago.  When Ed and I arrived at the church at about one o'clock, Jaylon was hungry, so I made a quick trip to BK to get him something to eat.
Once he had eaten, it was his normal naptime....about two o'clock.  The wedding was at 2:30, but try as we might we couldn't keep him awake:

Daniel woke him up shortly before the wedding started and ended up carrying him down the aisle.  Once at the altar, Jaylon did stand with his Uncle Brian who is shown in the above picture on the left. :-)
Below are some pictures taken before  Jaylon fell asleep! :-)  And then there is one of little Jaxon and Grandpa and Jaylon and his Pawpaw after the wedding!

I didn't get any pictures of Erin Maree because she was busy, busy, busy with the reception preparations and anywhere else she was needed!
All in all, Jay did pretty good for being his first wedding!  :-)  And a little hint to future brides and mothers of little ones in the wedding party.....You might want to consider naptimes when planning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge #84!

Can you believe I am doing the Hodgepodge? I can hardly believe it but I am determined to get back to blogging!! So here are my answers and I hope to get around to read some of yours!! Happy Wednesday!!! :-) AND if you would like to join in, just go on over to Joyce's blog to find out how!! :-) 1. How often do you check the weather? How do you check the weather?
We usually watch the local early morning newscast and get the daily/weekly weather report there.  And that is the only time I check unless there is an impending storm.

2. Since this is volume 84 of the Wednesday Hodgepodge, and since I got married in 1984, and since I'm attending a wedding this weekend it only seems right to post something related here.
"Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life."
Agree or Disagree. Why?
Wellllll........I tend to agree more than disagree because you aren't just automatically happy when you get married.  I mean, real life sets into the relationship prettttyy quickly and things can get a bit sketchy.  Sooooo, you must decide if you want to be right all of the time or if you want to learn to compromise and have a peaceful home.  :-)  You must decide to accept eachother's quirky little habits.  You must also decide to give eachother space and not smother one another.  Marriage truly requires effort on both parts and the presence and wisdom of the Lord  and His word in all that you do. 

3. Do you like to dance? Have you ever taken dance lessons?
I have always loved to dance.  My twin brother Johnny and I were vioted the best dancers in our senior class and I often won the dance contests at our high school sock hops (remember those?). :-)  Oh, no, I've never taken lessons.  My brothers and sisters and I used to watch American Bandstand every Saturday afternoon and we learned to dance from watching them.  My sister Debbie and I used to do a really good rock 'n roll/ jitterbug, though there was not throwing each other in the air or any of that kind of stuff! :-)

4. Fresh from the oven peach pie or home made peach ice cream? Pick one.
Oh, definitely the fresh-from-the-oven peach pie!!!  With a scoop of vanilla ice cream please! :-)

5. Should people accept unfairness and learn to make the best of it?
It depends, of course, on what type of unfairness is being meted out.  Thank goodness that slavery was not just accepted, but there were brave people who decided they were no longer going to endure it.  And even though slavery was abolished, racism in America still exists.  Many black Americans must still decide each day if they are going to tolerate it or take steps to do something about it, all the while knowing there will be repercussions.  I believe many still choose to just make the best of it, as do many less-fortunate people in our society.
And then there are the people of  Egypt, Syria and other countries who have chosen to do something about the unfairness of their governments.  Thousand have died fighting against the tyranny of unfairness.
But everyday life will always present times of unfairness.  We have all experienced it, I am fairly sure of, at one time or another.  In my life, I have found that the Lord has used circumstances of unfairness, many times, to teach me invaluable lessons of humility and submission.  

6. The top five all time summer movie blockbusters (released between May and August and grossing at least 100 million dollars) are-Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars (the original), Ghostbusters, and ET. Which one's your favorite?
Raiders of the Lost Ark was awesome but I would have to say E.T. is my favorite!! :-)

7. If given the chance, would you like to visit the moon?
Uh,  that would be a "no".  :-)

8. Insert your own random thought here.
The recent power outage that we had has made a new cat out of Ellie, the kitty of our house!  This should have happened YEARS ago!!!  LOL She has always been kind of aloof and snooty, but since she was left for four nights in a row, had to live in a dark, rather hot and humid home, she has been REBORN!!  This cat is so affectionate now and has become like my shadow!!  I love it!!  :-)   Just lookin' for some positve in a pretty difficult time here in my little valley!!!  :-) 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Our growing-up grandsons!

Please.....pause for a moment....compose yourself....take a couple of deep breaths.

Therrre we go. Better?

I know that in coming here....if, indeed, you still do....and finding a current blog post must come as a complete shock to your system, so I wanted you to take it in slowly. :-)

Not that I have anything great to post about except....


Okay, okay, I know all of you grandmothers feel that way about your grandchildren, as well you should! Aren't they WONDERFUL!?!?!?!?!?! :-)

Next to my precious Lord Jesus and my amazing husband AND my dear son, I NEVER knew love like this before. *tears* I just never knew that I would love my grandchildren like this UNTIL I saw them.

As I said in a long-ago post, each time I see them is like the first time all over again!! And it is still true 3 1/2 years and 6 months later!!! :-)

Andddd, of course, you must know that I would have pictures!! Oh and let me give you fair warning: NEVER ask a grandparent if they have pictures unless you REALLY don't mind looking at grandchildren pictures!! :-)

Below, for your viewing pleasure, is Grandpa Ed and little Jaxon, who is now 6 months old and the happiest baby in the whole USA!! :-) He is the most pleasant little thing all of the time!! I've told Daniel and Erin countless times how blessed they have been with two good babies. But then, I know that alot of it has to do with their parenting.  And they are such good parents.   :-)

And this is little Jaxon and Grandpa, after Grandpa picked him up! :-)

This is handsome little Jaylon.  :-)  We had just come in from playing outside.  He had been riding his big wheel up and down the sidewalk and he suddenly stopped, came up onto the porch where I was sitting and said, "Grandma, it is too sweaty out here.  Let's go inside."  I didn't argue one bit!  So I took him inside and washed him off with a cool cloth and he climbed up on the back of the sofa (he was tired and ready for a nap) when I took this picture.  Hasn't he grown?  Andddd, did you notice I said he called me "GRANDMA"?!?!?!?!?!  Yes, he does!!!  No more "Beh" or Beh-beh".  Thank you, Jesus!!!   :-)

And this is Jaylon playing with his new tractor and truck that Grandma brought to his house for him.  :-)  That is macaroni that he is loading up!!  I thought of that one day when he was at our house and Daniel and Erin thought it was a wonderful idea, too!!  :-)  When he opened the bag and saw his new tractor and truck, his little eyes got great big and he said, "Wowww....thank you, Grandma, thank you....wowww."  :-)  (Like he never gets anything....mmhmm...right. LOL)

We had begun to wonder if Jaylon was ever going to start talking but he surely did, shortly after his 3rd birthday!!  And I never tire of hearing him talk!!  He pronounces everything very precisely and I can hardly believe some of the things that he says but a dear friend told me that all the while we were wondering if and when he was going to start talking, Jaylon was listening and storing everything we were saying.  It has to be so true!!  :-)

Well, I've gone on  long enough about my boys, so I will close this post for now, buy I plan to blog more regularly.  I almost feel myself being called back to my blog.  I truly miss putting all of my memories down somewhere permanently and that is what my blog has been about all along and now that I am OFFICIALLY RETIRED (Ed says he's "REAL TIRED" LOL) I plan to get back to storing memories again!!