Saturday, February 25, 2006

Catching up here

We took a van-load of youth to the Section 3.2 rally in New Lexington last night! What a trip! Where DO they get all of that energy? Especially after a week of school and all? Oh, to be young again! Anywayyyy.....we had a great time! From the first note played and sung, the presence of the Lord was so rich and sweet in our midst. There was such a beautiful spirit of worship there! Bro. Mike Wilson, who pastors in Delaware, Ohio, was the speaker and delivered a powerful message. I don't remember the exact title or if he even titled it, but the premise of the message is that the Lord will meet you right where you are. All He asks is that you be willing. A young lady from Nelsonville's youth group, Lorissa, received the Holy Ghost. She is such a sweet young girl. She has went with our youth group on different occasions and she is a pleasure to be around. Afterward, we went McDonald's and Wendy's and had a great time eating and having fun. The ride home was an event, too! Trust me!!! *smile* As a bit of a side note, Bro. Wilson, was a camper when I was a dorm supervisor at the Ohio Apostolic Campgrounds! And now he is a pastor! And I am old.....*feeble grin* My how time does fly by! And how great is our God!

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