Friday, February 17, 2006

On the road again!

This evening we are taking the youth to Bro. Monk's church in Millersport. They all just love Bro. Monk.....go figure.....*grin*...just kidding. We are joining with some other youth groups for an evening of fellowship, games, fun and food!

Last Friday evening, we went to the Section 3.1 youth rally at Bro. Monk's, too. We are in Section 3.2, but occasionally we "crash" their rallies. Am I ever glad that we did! First of all, we weren't the only ones who crashed the rally! The place was packed! I think there were over 200 people there! There wasn't any preaching. There was singing: groups and solos and there were several signing groups. Also, a young lady got up to leave her testimony and let me tell you, the girl practically preached! It was awesome! So awesome that I have to tell you something that happened here at home Monday morning.

As many of you know, I have been having difficulties with my back and legs over the past few months, to the point that I have had to resign my job and cut back on alot of my activities. Well.....Monday morning, I was doing dishes and thinking back over the activities of the weekend. You see, I almost didn't go to the rally because I was in so much pain. BUT, the day after the rally, Saturday, I started feeling so much better. And now it was Monday morning. Okay, so here I am at my kitchen sink and I remembered something this young lady said in her testimony: "Hold on, your third day's a 'comin'!" "Hold on, just a little longer, your third days' a'comin'!" I just started crying and worshipping the Lord! This was the third day that I was feeling so much better! About this time, Ed came in the door, took a look at me and I knew he was thinking that I must be feeling really badly again. But I told him not to worry it was a GOOD cry! I told him what I just told you here and he went to get this book that he has been reading and studying along with his bible. It is called "Biblibal Mathematics: Keys to Scripture Numerics" by Ed Vallowe. We just looked at each other and I asked him what the number 3 is representative of. We both got tears in our eyes. He looked it up. Then turned to me. I could tell just by looking at him. We both started crying as he read it to me: Three, in the bible, represents resurrection, divine completeness and perfection! I'm telling you......I am in the midst of my answer. He is healing me but more importantly, teaching me so many profound lessons along the way. I may be down right now for a season, but I am not without hope!

"I'll be up again,
Just you wait and see,
Tough times won't keep me down,
They'll just send me to my knees,
And there while I'm in prayer,
God will give the victory song,
I'll be up again where I belong!"

My third day is coming! I am so hopeful because I have put my trust in the one who cannot fail! I could sing a zillion songs here! Okay maybe not a zillion but a bunch! "I'm Living by Faith" "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus" "He's Been Faithful"

Oh and I have something else to tell you: I am still feeling good! I have been able to do things and walk this week like I haven't been able to for months! *tears.....happy, thankful tears* "God is soo good to me, He is soo good to me....." I can't help but sing!


Sandy said...

Surfed over from My World and Welcome to It. I attend a UPC church in Arkansas. I also have trouble with back and legs. Like you, I am believing that the Lord is going to completely heal me.


Jewel said...

Well, Sandy, I am gradually getting better and I do believe that sometimes the Lord takes His time with us because He wants to teach us some things along the way and graciously, He has been doing just that. I attend a UPC church in Logan, Ohio. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you come back! :-)