Thursday, January 26, 2012

The boys!! :-) Need I say more? :-)

Here are some recent pictures of Jaylon and little Jaxon.

Jaylon isn't too crazy about me paying attention Jaxon! Oh my! Whenever I try to pay attention to Jaxon, Jaylon tells me, "No, Beh! Away!"

I've had to be a bit firm with him and tell him that Grandma is just going to talk to little Jaxon for a few minutes. *sigh*

Now that I don't have Jaylon every day, I find I'm not taking nearly so many pictures of him, so I am just going to have to remedy that somehow! I do have a few on my computer at home that Erin has taken so I'll upload those in the next few days! Oh, but they are sooo good!

I am getting high-speed internet and Wi-fi THURSDAY! THIS WEEK!!! I can hardly believe it! Actually, I won't believe it unti it actually is done! AND working!!

This means I can now get a laptop!!! Yeeehaaa!!! I've used Daniel and Erin's Ipad quite a bit. Enough to know that I don't want one. I like a regular keyboard and mouse. So, when I get a laptop, I'll still use a wireless mouse!

I am soooooo excited!!! I hope everything goes as planned!!! I can't even imagine how nice it is going to be to surf the web without dial-up! Oh, but I'll adjust. I'll adjust! :-)

Enjoy the pics of the boys!! :-)

Randomness! :-)

Here is a picture of Ed's "first hold" of little baby Jaxon! :-) A month and a week later, little Jaxon is so much bigger already!!

And this is Jaylon playing some drums at a music shop he and his parents visited! He loves the drums!!! Just like his daddy!1 :-)

The next two pictures are of Jaylon having breakfast with Papa! :-) I take Jaylon to evening storytime at the library on Tuesday evenings. Then he spends the night with us and the next morning we always have breakfast together!! Makin' memories!! :-)

Oh, and Grandma, aka "Beh-Beh", (that would be ME!! LOL) lets Jaylon play in the water in her kitchen sink. I made him a bunch of bubbles and he looked at me and said, "Beh! Snow!!" And I said, "Yes, it does kind of look like snow, hm?" And we blow bubbles and just have fun!!! Does he have me wrapped around his little finger or what? ;-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What we did this past weekend! :-)

About 1/4-1/2 inch of freezing rain fell overnight this past Friday in our little valley....well, actually, in most of Ohio, for that matter! :-/
Thankfully, we didn't lose the electricity but we couldn't anywhere until the sun came out and melted the ice on our driveway. Ed tried chipping away at it but to no avail and we didn't have enough salt to really do any good.
Anywayyy....we spent a cozy day inside, cooking, reading, eating, watching a movie, cooking, napping. You get the picture! :-)
Here is some of what we whipped up:

Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce

Apple Crisp

Cabbage with Onions, Diced Potatoes and Smoked Sausage

Peanut Butter Fudge

Sunday, January 15, 2012

At Monster Jam with my favorite guys!!

I've always wanted to go to Monster Jam, though back when Daniel was just a baby and they held it at the Ohio State Fairgrounds Coliseum, I don't think it was called Monster Jam.
BUT, Ed didn't seem interested in going and as Daniel got older, he didn't really seem interested in going either. He was always into sports.
But, nowwww....allllll of these years later, I have a little grandson who LOOOOOVES monster trucks!!!
We think he discovered them through YouTube. You see, he was watching construction vehicle videos on his parents' IPad and happened upon monster truck videos which were displayed on the sidebar. And that is how it all started! :-)
Soooooo, when they started advertising Monster Jam, I just knew we had to take Jaylon and go! We had such an awesome time and Jaylon looooooved it!
Jaylon especially likes Gravedigger, pictured below! :-) (I do, too!) :-)

Oh, and we can't forget Monster Mutt! We love the red tongue! :-)

And one more picture to share:

This was taken on one of the train cars down at Rocky Boots in Nelsonville! We had eaten lunch there with the kids earlier and Jaylon was in the mood to have his picture taken!