Friday, April 28, 2006

To My Faithful Readers!!!

I have been out and about today after being almost housebound for the past few days with my back, except for Wednesday evening when I did go to church. Today I went for an adjustment at my chiropractor. Then I took a long backroad drive on the way back to Logan. I just love to ride on the backroads (paved backroads) when it is a beautiful spring day like today. I then stopped by my sister Debbie's and took her to lunch at China Buffet. We had such a good time! We talked about sister stuff and our kids and laughed and ate. I then bought some flowers and potting soil for Ed to plant this weekend. Okay, I might help him plant them if he waits until tomorrow. I got home at about 2:30 and took a much needed nap because I am getting ready to leave and take a van-load of young people to Middleport, Ohio for a Youth Rally! Hallelujah! We should be home by 12 or 12:30am. Then tomorrow morning I have to be at the courthouse by 10:30am to pick up the voting machines and other materials for election day. After that, the day is mine! I see a nap in there somewhere....*grin* I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great weekend!
Oh and I would like to put a plug in for a young apostolic lady's blog that I just love to read! She put up an absolutely funny post about love that you just HAVE to read!
Anyway, I am out of here! I'll try to post again tomorrow and maybe have some pics of the rally! God Bless!!

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