Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Memory Bears!

My pastor's wife and good friend, Patsy Martin, is making Memory Bears. For example, I gave her the dress that I was married in and the suit that Ed wore on our wedding day. She is going to make us a Wedding Memory Bear out of them! I will post a picture of it here as soon as she is finished with it. Pictured at the right are some of the bears she has made so far. I am not sure of the price. The bears come in large and small. If you are interested in one, please email me,k??? I can't wait to get mine!! (And I'm 54!!) I guess you're never too old for a teddy bear,hm??? :-)

They are also sometimes called grief bears because they can be made out of clothing that belonged to a deceased loved one. Elder Sis. Martin's daughter-in-law had one made for her out of her deceased son, Jerry's favorite shirts. She gave it to Elder Sis. Martin for Christmas and she just cherishes it! I think it is a precious idea!

Email me if you're interested! God Bless you one and all!!

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