Monday, April 10, 2006

She's Healed!!!!

Happy Monday, Everyone!! The cat is healed!! How do I know this to be a fact? Well, when we got home last night, after a 12 hour absence, we opened the front door and Ellie shot out the front door like water out of a high-pressure water hose! She's back to normal, folks! Trust me on this one. My sympathy has lifted. Ed got her and put her back in the house and I told her, "Repeat after me: "I am an INSIDE cat....I am an INSIDE cat" LOL Have we become complete idiots over this cat or what? (I think we need to get a life *smile*) Noooooo, this is what happens to you when your only child gets married and leaves. (I hear some of you mumbling: My kids ain't never gettin' married and leavin' LOL) Earlier this morning Ellie stretched up and tried to claw on the corner of the potato bin and just kind of slid down off of it and laid down looking dejected, as if she were saying:"Well, that sure isn't fun any more..." Poor declawed, Kitty.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I got up early and put a ham in the oven, made rolls, and cooked noodles for our family get-together at one o'clock. We had it at church in the fellowship hall. Ed and I left home at about 9 AM. We had a really good service yesterday morning, then stayed afterward and got everything ready for dinner at one. We had a good turn-out and everyone visited and laughed and had such a good time. Bev and Bethany made like 90 filled eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt. Ed and Kevin, April's husband, hid the eggs in the side yard at church and the kids had great fun hunting for them. The party finally broke up at around 3:30, after everyone had eaten plenty and helped clean up. Ed and I just stayed at the church and went to the evangelist's quarters downstairs and rested for a short while. We had choir at 4:45, prayer at 5:30, service at 6:00. I was so weary, but once service started there was such a spirit of joy and worship I immediately felt rejuvenated. Pastor Martin's sermon title was "Shake, Rattle and Roll". It was awesome! He preached from Acts 16:25 where Paul and Silas were locked up in prison and how that even when we are faced with adverse circumstances, praising the Lord is the answer. It was just what I needed to hear!

Ed and I came home after service, where usually we go out for food and fellowship, but I was beat. After getting home, I felt a surge of energy.....believe it or not......and did dishes and put everything away from the carry-in dinner, took out the trash and recyclables, showered, burned some pictures to a CD for Sis. Martin and surfed the web for a short while, then finally took my tired self to bed! I just wanted to get of this stuff done so it wouldn't be facing me this morning!

My brother-in-law, Bud Schrader, has some of his photos posted at
Shutter City and I took a look a them last night. They are very, very good. Go have a look if you like! Once you get to the webpage, you just type in his name in the little window on the upper lefthand portion of the webpage. You'll be pleased, I guarantee!

I am by MYSELF today! Just me!! I can't tell you how often this ever happens. Like NEVER!! But Ed and Jim Doughty are working at Daniel and Erin's house today, ripping up carpet and laying new tile, though they may not get that far today. You see, it is the original carpet in their house and it is old and dirty and just scrungy. The people that lived there before Daniel and Erin had pets and now the kids have two dogs and a cat. The carpet is beyond shampooing. I think it would probably just fall apart if you tried to clean it. Anyway, Ed and Jim are going to have to put down some subflooring before they tile it so it will take a few days to accomplish all of this but the kids are so excited about getting rid of the old carpet and I can see why. Also, they talked with April and Kevin yesterday (my niece and her husband) and they have an outside dog kennel that they are going to give to the Daniel and Erin for their dogs, which is great, because now they can get the girls (the dogs) outside without worrying about them taking off and so on.

Well, I need to end things here and get to work on my hall closet. Did I say that that was what I was going to do today? Well, it is. The hall closet is a castastrophe! I have just been shoving stuff and shoving stuff into it since way before Christmas and it shows. I can barely shut the door, but I haven't been able to clean it because of my back. Don't worry, I am going to take my time and be careful, so I don't hurt myself. *grin* There isn't anything heavy in there anyway. Just mostly small things that need to all be taken out and put back in an organized manner.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, everyone and I'll post again soon!!


Rebecca said...

i think my dad was one of those mumblers. lol. i was just mumbling the personal tense of that "i'll never get up and get married" lol

Theresa said...

Tell Daniel and Erin that my thoughts are with them as they get help re-doing their floors!!! We bought a house that has beautiful, but badly kept wood floors. I love wood floors, but I can't wait until the time I can sand and refinish these and let the beauty shine forth.

I hope you are enjoying the accomplishment of tackling your closet. I've been trying to get my household filing caught up! I'm normally such an organized person, I don't know what happened to me the last few months. I haven't filed anything!!!

Have a lovely day, Sis. Jewel!

Jewel said...

Oh yes you will get married one day, Rebecca, should the Lord tarry!

Theresa, Daniel just called as he was between classes. He said that after Erin went to work last night...she works 10pm-7am at Walmart in Athens....he went to her parents house and spent the night because he couldn't stand the mess at home. Ed says it does look pretty bad, but it will be worth it. Erin has already painted the living room, so they just have to finish the floor, but Ed and Jim couldnt' finish it today because Jim's daughter had a water pipe bust. Anywayyyy...I'll keep you posted!! ((HUGS))