Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ellie, Come Home!

Our kitty, Ellie, is getting declawed today. *sigh* It has to be done because she is ripping up furniture and carpet, but it was not easy putting her in the carrier and taking her to the vet. She made the most mournful sounds on the way. I just kept talking to her in a soothing voice. It is going to be pretty lonely around the house until she gets back. We will pick her up at 11am tomorrow morning. I know, I know.......you might say she is JUST a cat. BUT.......she is our baby girl. Is it right for us humans to get soooo attached to these animals??? I sometimes wonder........but they do bring so much companionship and joy into your life. Like in the mornings when we open our bedroom door, there she is just meowing, so cuddly and lovable, and so happy to see us. While I am putting on the coffee, she jumps up on the washer and just waits for me to come give her some lovins'. *smile* I know, I know, I make a complete fool out of myself over this kitty. She is also known as Elzie, Elzikins, Furball, Baby Kitty, Baby Girl, Floot Snoot.....are you gagging yet???? LOL Furball and Floot Snoot are Ed's pet names for her. Anywayyyyy......I got the job of putting her in the carrier this morning and taking her and leaving her. She will probably never come near me again. *SOB* But, let's face it, it would have been even more difficult for Ed and she does tend to be more HIS cat than mine. I mean, I take care of her but he plays more with her and cuddles her more and so on. Actually, we both have our own kind of relationship with her, I guess. Alright.......I'm done being a blithering idiot over Elzikins. I just needed to vent a little. *Big Deep Breath" Theeerrrrreeee.........I feel much better now! :-)


Rebecca said...

That is true..Ellie has more nicknames than any person i know, let alone animal.

Jewel said...

And I forgot to add Hopalong and Hairball!! LOL Are you glad to be home...finally?? Did you go to school on Monday? I saw that you all ate out ALOT over the weekend. What place did you like the most??? Love you! ((HUGS))

Rebecca said...

Yes, I am glad to be home, but not to be back at school.:(.hmmmm..... i dunno what I liked best. Probably Red Robin because I went with my friend Krystal who I hadn't seen forever! I forgot to tell you that Ellie was still trying to get that bug on Thursday night/Friday morning when I was watching Titanic. hahaha. It was funny