Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Wedding Memory Bear, at last!!!

Isn't she adorable??? This is my Wedding Memory Bear that my pastor's wife and good friend, Patsy Martin, made for me! I can't believe how wonderfully it turned out to be!

The body of the bear is made out of the suit Ed wore on our wedding day. The dark band on the hat and the bottoms of the feet are made out of the suit lining. Also, the bear's eyes, which aren't very visible in the pic, are the buttons from his suit. The dress is a miniature version of my wedding dress made from my actual wedding dress! The hat is made from material from my dress and Ed's suit! I am sooo pleased with it! I'll cherish it forever!! And to think that those clothes were just hanging in the closet never to be worn again!

Again, if anyone is interested in ordering a memory bear, just email me and we'll exchange the necessary info,k???

Enjoy this gorgeous day!!


Rebecca said...

that is sooooooo cool!!!!

Sandy said...

Neat idea!