Sunday, April 16, 2006


There are just sooo many wonderful blogs to read! Where do I draw the line? I don't have time to read this much! My dear husband asked me last night......"how can you sit at the computer for such a long time?" Well, there are just so many good blogs out there! I do have to find a way to contain this. Any suggestions from those of you in blogdom???

I originally began blogging myself as a way to let family and friends know what is going on in my day to day life and that is still why I blog. Also, my dear, adopted son has a wonderful blog which he uses in much the same way and reading his blog is what got me started. But, in being introduced to blogdom, I find myself being drawn to first one and then another blog, most of them christian and most of them having wonderful insights and things to say. I said before......I have to curtail this blog reading, folks. And I am going to do just that right now because it is time for my wonderful Sunday afternoon nap! Ahhhh I will blog at you later!!

I pray you are having a blessed Easter! The Lord's best to all of you!!


jel said...

Hi Jewel, thanks for stoping by my blog, and for the comment! I like your blog!

take care and have a good nap! :)

john said...

thanks for dropping by in sweden! Hope to see you more often... God bless,