Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Catching up here!!

Hello everyone!! I was reminded that I need to get blogging here and update everyone! (you know who you are, beautiful ;-)

First of all, I turned over in bed last night and wrenched my back.....grrrrrrrrr! So I have been in more pain today than usual and it has kind of gotten me down, BUT I press on! I slowly took more things out of the hall closet and sorted them in the spare bedroom that is right there next to it. It is just full of all sorts of little stuff, you know? I am thankful to be getting to it, at last.
Here is my closet pictured almost empty except for the very top shelf. It is a work in progress!! :-/

I had to lay down for awhile and rest my back. While resting, my niece April called to see how I was doing because I had just chatted with my sister Debbie on the phone and told her about my back and then she talked to April.....well, you get the picture! News travels fast! :-) My family is so sweet to call and check on me.

Yesterday, Monday, I drove Debbie to her doctor's appointment. We made a couple of other stops, had some lunch and headed home. Once you feed Debbie, she is no longer good for anything until she has her nap. LOL! So she dozed all the way home. I got home at about 2:30 and took a nap myself. I drove her Tracker and it is a standard shift. The pushing in on the clutch all day long didn't help my back any either, I'm sure.

Last night, several of us from church loaded up in the van and went to Bro. Monk's church in Millersport for a Section 3 prayer meeting for the UPCI General Conference which will be held at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio this coming September. We had a wonderful time of prayer, intercession and worship. Afterward, we rode back to the church with Daniel's father-in-law, Bro. Lew Dunnells, who pastors the UPC church in Nelsonville. We had such a great visit. Lew calls us his "new in-laws". We stopped at Tim Horton's in Lancaster and had coffee and donuts and talked about the kids and everything else under the sun.

Oh, yes, last Friday I had lunch with my nephew Troy and my dear friend, Becky! If I had a picture of her I would post it here! (hint! hint!) I forgot to take my camera with me. We ate at Olive Garden and had a great time!

Friday night we had a youth rally at church for Section 3/Circle 2. Bro. Josh Carson preached and it was an awesome message and service. How wonderful to see young people worship the Lord and consecrate their lives to the Lord! We were invited to go out to eat after service, but I was beat. I had been in Lancaster all day, going to my chiropractor, to lunch, and running errands. I just wanted to go home.

I woke up soooo tired Saturday morning!!! But Ed and I got up early and headed for Athens to get groceries before it got too crowded. We stopped at Daniel and Erin's on the way to see their new dog! Yes, you heard me correctly, folks, they got ANOTHER dog! You see, Erin took her car to have ground effects put on it and while they were waiting, Daniel and she rode over by the animal shelter. (that was their first mistake :-/) The saw a little Jack Russell Terrier and now she is family!! Her name is Macie and she is so darn cute!!!!

It is like she has springs on all four legs! Talk about energy! And she really gets along well with Heidi and Jasmine, too! I told Daniel and Erin that they are not allowed within 500 feet of an animal shelter for the next 5 years!! :-)

Well, Ed and I went on to Athens and got our groceries. We were finished and back home by 12:30. We put everything away and I headed for the bed for a nap! I was exhausted. I slept for 2 wonderful hours! While I was asleep, Bro. and Sis. Martin called and invited out to eat, but Ed told them I was asleep. I called Sis. Martin later and told her that she was going to have to get her a younger, livelier friend! Thankfully, she laughed!

Of course, Sunday was Easter and we had a wonderful day going to the House of the Lord, worshipping Him and thanking Him for all of goodness to us! Truly He is so worthy!

I think I am caught up on the news of the past few days! Whew!! :-)

I have some other things I want to post, so I will be back soon!!

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