Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How Could I Have Forgotten Her????

I am talking about our Grandkitty.....Roxie!!! Poor baby!! This first picture is of her when she was a little kitty and the second one is of her now!! She is the poor cat that is having to live with those three ugly dog sisters!! LOL (well, SHE thinks they're ugly anyway.) (*I don't, but don't tell Roxie,k??*) When Daniel and Erin first got Macie, the Jack Russell Terrier, Macie thougth she was just going to give Roxie a hard time until Roxie realized that she was as big as Macie and took off after her hissing and scratching!

Needless to say, Macie doesn't mess with Roxie much any more! *grin* Pets do make life so much fun and enjoyable!

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