Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sooooo.....did you hear the one about.....

the blonde who had new replacement windows installed in her house? Well, she did. A few weeks passed and the window company hadn't received her first payment. The salesman, who sold her the windows, decided to give her a little more time. A few months passed and the company still hadn't received a payment on her account, so the salesman called the blonde. "We have yet to receive payment on your account for the new replacement windows we installed a few months ago," the salesman told the blonde, to which she replied with a huff, "Well, you told me that after a while the windows would pay for themselves!"

(this is where you laugh now......uh, you're supposed to laugh at this are laughing, aren't you?...)


Doug E. said...

That was funny. You made me smile.

God Bless and Happy Easter,


Jewel said...

And to you, too, Doug.....have a blessed Easter. Thanks for stopping by! :-)