Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Three Sisters and a Tracker

Wellllll......Debbie asked me to take her to her new respiratory doctor yesterday (Friday), so I said I would, even though my back was killing me, but, hey, what are sisters for??? I mean, she just got out of the hospital, so I really felt like I should oblige, you know? So, I get to her house and she is sitting on the porch waiting for me. I crip out of my car over to her house and talk her into driving TO the doctor's office because I don't know if my back will take pushing in the clutch and all. Sooooo, we both kind of hobble over to her Tracker and crawl in. (It wasn't a pretty sight!)
Now, if you have never ridden with my sister Debbie, you don't know what you're missing! I don't know how the engine in that poor Tracker has survived! She goes up 33 in third gear and I'm tellin' her "Shift, Shift! Before you blow this thing up! You just wouldn't believe how she winds those gears out! Well, we make it safely to her appointment and once she is finished there, we call Bev (our OLDER sister....*grin*) and ask her if she wants to have some lunch with us and she said sure!! Soooo, I drive over to where Bev works. Once there, Debbie gets out and commences to climbing into the back seat of the Tracker so Bev can have the front seat. I mean, it's almost a given that "I" sure can't climb in the back seat of that thing! And wouldn't you know a humongous pick-up truck pulls up and wants to pull in where we are pulling out of? Well, Debbie is heave-ho-ing it up into the back seat, portable oxygen and all, and she can't make it, so she tells Bev to push on her behind! Well....that did it! We all started laughing and Debbie lost what strength she did have to pull herself in with and, well, we were a sight! Three gray-haired, chubby women trying to get into this vehicle, a little physically impaired and alot crazy!! Wellllllll.....we decided we had better give it one more try, so this guy could have my parking space and the third time WAS the charm. We got all settled in and drove over to Steak and Shake where we had a 'licious lunch. I just love a good old, uh....I mean, steakburger. (that's what they advertise, folks) I just think a big juicy hamburger and fries are so satisfying like nothing else! Anyway.....back to the story,a.k.a. adventure! So we finish up lunch, which alot of I end up wearing out of the place on the front of blouse, as usual. (my sandwich had some kind of drippy sauce on it, okayyyyy??? sheeshhhh!) Well, Bev offers to sit in the back and I'm thinkin', "REEAALLLYYYY????" I wanted to see this! Well, let me tell you, she hopped up in the back of that Tracker so lickity split that I felt a rush of envy! I couldn't believe how easily she climbed up into that thing! Man! I think alot of it can be attributed to the fact that she lives in a 3-story house and has to climb all of those stairs every day. Can you believe it? And she's the oldest! *sighhhhhhh* Well, we took Bev back to work and then all the way home Debbie kept saying, "Boy, Bev really jumped into the back seat, didn't she?" "Did you see how easy it was for Bev to get in the back seat?" "Can you believe how easily Bev got in the back seat?" "Yesssss, Debbbbiiieee, I saw how EASILY she got into the back. Yessss, that was really greeeaattttt. Jump might be a bit of a stretch, though." (All said a little sarcastically as I pushed in the stupid clutch in the Tracker with the back seat that Bev climbed into.....sooooo easilyyyyyy.)


Tony said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the mental pictures I have right now are priceless!!!!!

Theresa said...

I have a bad case of the giggles right now just imagining all of the fun!!! Trackers are not the easiest things to get in and out of when you don't have health issues. (Unless of course you are 20 something!)

Donnie said...

I would pay to see video of that!

Anonymous said...

LOL... what a funny experience. It would of been great to watch. I suppose you all were too embarrassed to see what the guys did who wanted your spot.
I LOVE Steak and Shake! Yummy.. we dont have one here in Wichita however. I eat at one when I'm in Topeka though, which isnt often enough.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a "feed the blouse" problem. Invariably, if I have on a just clean shirt i will get food on it. Its a family joke, matter of fact. I have actually prayed before a meal that Jesus would keep me from getting food on my shirt. He is soooo good and cares about the littlest things!---Jeanette

Jewel said...

I'm so glad that I could bring such joy and laughter into your lives!! *grin* Well, Donnie, I may have to start taking my video camera with me, hm???
Oh, Jeanette, it is a family joke with my husband and son, too, about me not being able to eat without getting something on the front on me! Oh well....such is life, hm???? *smile*