Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I couldn't resist!

A friend sent the link to this video of someone imitating Pres. Bush to me today and it is soooo funny! I am just amazed at how people are able to impersonate other people in such detail!! I'll be interested to know what you think! Enjoy!!


Tony said...

I know I'm the one who sent this to you, but everytime I listen to it I ROFLOL!!!!!!!! "My secretary of state Donald Rumplestilskin" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

chantell said...

That is what I would call "hilariotic." :-)

Jewel said...

Hi Chantelle! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, what we sisters can get into and at our ages (54,56,57) we're passed embarrassement! What a great age it is! *smile*