Saturday, April 08, 2006

I hate when that happens!!! Grrrrr!!

I tried to post three different times yesterday evening and just when I was ready to post..........THE POWER WENT OUT!!! I finally gave up! (did you all notice???? *feeble grin*) I am, once again, and I am going to try my best to get a post up here, weather permitting, of course. It is still cloudy and we have had a rain shower or two this morning, but here goes nothing!!!

As for Ellie the kitty: She is improving daily though still kind of doing a prancing step still with those front paws. BUT....she has been doing things that she would not normally do. Like, yesterday morning I went looking for her and she was just sitting so prettily in my new chair in the den! She has never done this before, so I gently picked her up and told her that she knew better and put on the floor. After supper yesterday evening, Ed and I went looking for her and found her all stretched out on our bed, of all places! Now she KNOWS she is not allowed on our bed, except when I am napping and am covered up with "our" afghan. Sooooo, once again, I picked her up gently and told her she knew better! About the "our afghan" thing: My dear sister-in-law Cheryl made me an afghan many years ago and I cherish it, but since Ellie has come to live with us, she thinks it is HER afghan, too. I have no idea why. Go figure. She's a cat. Anywayyyy.....everytime I get MY afghan out, here Ellie comes kneading the thing, purring like crazy, and plopping her cute little furry body down on it. Most of the time, I accommodate her, I'll admit. I mean, we are taught to share from childhood on, are we not? *grin*

Now about Ellie doing things she doesn't normally do: I wonder if she realizes that she is being given special care and attention because she is "in recovery" and she is taking advantage of us??? Surely she isn't THAT smart, is she? What do you think? Could it be? Hmmm.....I wonder.....Should we be more stern with her??? But she is just so kewwwwttt!!!!!!

Now.....onto other things! :-)

How am I doing physically? Well, in all honesty, this has been a pretty painful week for me. Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday especially. Still, I have done my exercises through the pain. I believe that I am beyond most of my back problems and am now dealing with arthritis. I have been reading as much as possible about alternative treatments for arthritis and exercise is absolutely a must. Also, yesterday, I watched a bit of an exercise program on TV (isn't that what most of us do with those exercise programs?.....WATCH them.....heaven help us!! LOL) Anywayyyy.....there was one exercise that they were doing that I really feel would help me in one area of my body where I experience a great deal of pain and that is where my legs join the trunk of my body. I did a few of them last night and already I have felt some relief, I believe. The exercise is this: while laying on your back on the floor, you bend your knees, feet flat on the floor as if you were going to do a crunch. Pointing your toes, you lift your leg off the floor and bring it back to your chest, alternating legs. You don't quite bring your knee to your chest....not that I could anyway! lol Too much in between to do that just yet! My left hip and leg are the weakest, but I am really going to be faithful in doing this along with my other exercises. I have a tendency to want to just go gungho at anything I start, but I have learned to be patient and go in small increments as I have endeavored to work my way back from my back problems. I'll keep you posted!

Well, the day is a'wastin' and I have alot that I want to do! The youth are going bowling this afternoon from 2-5pm and I am cooking for our Easter family get-together tomorrow after church. I also need to put a few finishing touches on music for church and the lesson for class tomorrow. I am so thankful for the things the Lord has given me the privilege of doing for Him. May I never take them for granted and may I be able to do them to the best of my ability, for His glory.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. The Lord's best toeach of you and I will post more later, hopefully. Oh, and about the bowling.....not to worry.....I won't be bowling,k? I will be watching and eating pizza and having a good time otherwise!!! *smile* Until lata!!!!


Theresa said...

Ellie seems to be doing a wonderful job of letting you know that she's not happy with what you had done to her!!! Cats (and dogs) are incredibly gifted at getting their point across subtly!

Don't overdo the hip exercises at the beginning! I speak from experience, it just causes more pain and less healing! I'm praying for complete healing for you, no matter what form God chooses to use to accomplish it!

Love you lots, have a wonderful weekend!

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa!! thanks for stopping by!

Oh yes, Miss Kitty-thing is getting better, but I do believe she is taking advantage of her temporary disability!! *smile*

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather after the storms of the past two days!!

Love, Jewel :-)

How are YOU doing after your tests and all???