Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ellie and Ed (Her Daddy)

Here is Ed and Ellie. He is just petting and comforting her. Can you tell this kitty is loved?? *grin* She even purred a little for him!


Theresa said...

My hubby gets this way about our dog, Sparky! It's so much fun to watch these big, tough guys get brought to their "tender selves" by animals!!!

Jeanette said...

AWWWW..... your kitty is so purty. I feel bad for her.. just layin on the blankie feelin icky. But, I definitely understand getting her declawed. You should see the edge of my loveseat. But my kitty Annie has started going outside so I cant consider that anymore. Glad your baby is home. The pick of Ed and kitty is sweet.

Alcuin Bramerton said...

Cat people have a knowing beyond purring.