Thursday, April 20, 2006

Springtime, Debbie and my car

Good evening, everyone, from southeastern Ohio! It has been such a lovely day today. I absolutely love spring! It has been a rather quiet day for me here in my little valley. My sister Debbie was admitted to Lancaster-Fairfield Hospital yesterday afternoon. She was having trouble breathing and also having chest pains. Well, they gave her breathing treatments, ran some tests, and also gave her a stress test. I am happy to tell you that she is now home and doing much better. Of course, she has not been able to smoke for almost two days. That is alot of her problem, if not most of it. She has smoked for so long and so heavily......the damage is done and is only getting worse, because she continues to smoke. I can only pray that she will quit some time soon.
I was not able to go see her because I am having car trouble. I drive a navy blue Ford Focus which I just love. Well, ever since I bought it, it has had a rattle underneath when I am driving on a secondary road like ours. Out on 33 it is noise free. Ed took it back to where we got it and they put it up on the rack and said the front spring was busted, BUT once they put it up on the rack and did whatever they did to it, it is REALLY noisy, so I have to wait now until they get the spring and then put it on, which will probably be Saturday.
Back to Debbie....I have called her several times and kept in touch with her and her children. I talked to her just a short while ago and we'll talk again tomorrow.....several times, no doubt. We do have a very close relationship and I don't know what I would do without her! I just pray that she can lay down those cigarettes in the near future!

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