Monday, June 22, 2009

What a weekend!!

I played for a wedding on Saturday at New Life. A young couple that used to be in our youth group got married. They just graduated from high school!! *whew* They seem so young! They ARE young! *smile* But they have been "boyfriend/girlfriend" since they were twelve and have planned for this day for some time. It was a lovely wedding and Pastor Keller always does such an awesome ceremony!

AND I got to see Becky!!! Before she flies off to Paraguay!!! I was so trying to figure out a way to see her again before she leaves and in she walked at the wedding. We sat together for part of the ceremony and at the reception. Daniel, Erin and Jaylon were there, too! I was able to see so many friends that I hadn't seen forever!
But my day began earlier that day (Saturday). I had a piano lesson to give at ten at the church. Laura and I had a great time, learning, sharing and catching up with each other! *smile*

After our lesson, I cleaned the bathrooms and vestibule at the church, then headed off to Lancaster for the wedding!!

I didn't leave New Life until 5pm!!!! I hadn't meant to stay that late but I was just having such a great time at the reception visiting with everyone!!! *smile*

I then, stopped by Walmart in Lancaster and got Ed a box of candy for Fathers Day and a cute card! He is so deserving! :-)

AND then I stopped back by the church and ran the vacuum in the sanctuary and tidied it up for Sunday!

Talk about tired! I was beat. I finally arrived home at about 7:30! I was so worn out. I showered and went to bed, where I commenced to answering a couple of phone calls. And sometime after that, I died, a.k.a. slept soundly.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I still felt tired but also weak. That kind of concerned me, but I made sure I was drinking plenty of water and eating.

You see.......when I exert myself, as in vacuuming the sanctuary, for instance, I SWEAT! I mean, the sweat pours off of me!!!! Even in the air-conditioning. And it isn't because I'm overweight either. I did this even when I was MUCH smaller. It is hereditary, I believe. And now Daniel has inherited this wonderful trait! I feel for him, let me tell you!!

Here at home, even though we have central air, I sometimes have to put a fan on me to get or stay cool. I am sitting here with a fan blowing on me now. We don't set our AC below 70, but even at that temp, the house stays so cool and comfortable.

ANYWAYYYYY....I am sooo thankful for AC!! Soooo thankful!!


Sunday, I was up bright and early.....6am.....that is just my normal time to get up and I just can't lay in bed. I put BBQ ribs in the crockpot for dinner before we left for church, fed the dog and cat , made the bed and got ready for church. That morning in service, as I played and sang in worship, it felt like it took so much effort. I was still feeling soooo tired.

Sooooo, we came home, I fixed dinner, tidied up the kitchen and went to bed for two hours. Oh, what a glorious nap!!! *smile*

And after I was up for awhile, Ed told me that Daniel had been over, my sister Debbie had called, and Eddie had called to wish him a Happy Fathers Day and I didn't hear any of it AND I didn't even have the bedroom door closed! I must have died!!! *smile*

So, we went to church again last night and my pastor's wife and I were standing in the vestibule when who should come in the door but Daniel, Erin and little Jaylon!! What a wonderful surprise!!! Now, you may wonder why THAT was such a surprise. Well, for one thing, even though the kids live beside of us, we don't actually see them that much and we do endeavor to give them their space and privacy.
AND....I was a little miffed at Daniel because he didn't do anything for his dad for Fathers Day. I mean, he did wish him Happy Fathers Day when he came over to get something that afternoon BUT I felt like his dad deserved a LITTLE more than that after all he does for them!
Soooooo......seeing them come to church last night was just awesome! Daniel said that he just wanted to be in church with "Pops" on Fathers Day and that meant more to Ed than anything Daniel could have gotten him. *tears* Okay, I didn't mean to go and get all mushy on you all!
Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Daniel and Erin go to church in Nelsonville where Erin's dad pastors and we go to church in Logan! So, it is always a treat to have them in service with us, especially because Daniel plays such awesome drums with me! *smile* And Erin helps praise sing and she has a beautiful voice AND we get to see little Jaylon MORE! *grin*

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