Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, rain, and more rain!

We're experiencing the worst flooding since we lived here in 15 years! The rain has finally stopped, thank the Lord. But the water is not receding very quickly. The picture of Daniel and Erin's driveway show water still running over it but it had gone down by the time I took this picture. It had been raging over the road down over their driveway. That will take some time to repair and also their underpinning.
I don't know if more rain is forecast, but I pray not or if there is, that it is minimal and happens during daylight hours.
The sun is now out and as I was standing out on the back porch, all I could hear was the sound of rushing water, as it continues rage down through the valley.


Bethany said...

wow daniels driveway looks awful! hopefully erin can get her car down in there okay when she gets home from work! there is more rain in the forecast for tonight and some tomorrow evening...i'm not sure how bad it will be though...hopefully it will at least let up down that way!

Jewel said...

Well, Ed and Daniel checked it out this afternoon and it should be okay for her to get down the drive, if she can get home without any difficulty with high water. The Hocking River is really up. We'll see. I hope you are feeling better, Beth! Love you, sweetie! ((HUGS))