Friday, June 12, 2009

What was I thinking?

I was sooooo tired yesterday!! From the get go! and I just couldn't build up any steam as the day progressed. So what did I do? I called Daniel and told him that I would fix supper for him and Erin. I usually try to fix dinner for them at least once a week just because I love 'em! *smile*

When I ask them what they would like, they always say "Dutch Potatoes and Shake n' Bake Chicken!", almost without fail. And both of those are easy enough to fix!

So, even though I was growing more weary by the moment, I managed to fix a nice supper for all of us. Daniel and Erin took theirs home and I hit the bed. *sighhhh* Oh, but I do love my bed.

My back gets so tired some days. I am still dealing with lower back issues but I'm hoping they get better as I strengthen those muscles and endeavor to lose some weight.

Oh, and regarding losing weight....I've started eating less this week. I'm not even going to mention that four-letter word. I started watching what I eat on Tuesday..........okay, so I always WATCH what I'm eating....har, har.....*grin*....which reminds me of a joke of sorts:

Did you hear about the new "light diet"? Yes, you eat everything that "lights" in front of you!!

Hmmmm....seems I've been on THAT one for some time now!!! LOL And look where it has gotten me!
Soooooo, I am now in Day 4. I'll keep you posted. I am serious this time! I've never weighed this much in my life......well, until now, that is!!! AND my FAVORITE clothes are getting more than a little snug. So, I have no choice! (please pray.)

Oh, and for those of you who are not weight-concious at the present time, here is the recipe for Dutch Potatoes:

Dutch Potatoes
Scrub and bake 5-6 nice size potatoes.
Bake them in the microwave until done but not
too soft and mushy.
Remove the skins.
Melt a very liberal amount of butter or margarine
in a big skillet. Slice the potatoes and add
them to the skillet. Salt and pepper liberally.
Brown them thoroughly though don't get them too
crispy. You might need to add more butter/margarine.
I like alot of butter/margarine. :-/
Once you have them at the desired brownness,
sprinkle two tablespoons of flour
over the potatoes.
Next, pour one cup of milk over the potatoes and
slowly turn with a spatuala, mixing the flour and
milk together, which will make a gravy or sauce.
Add milk if you need to, to get the desired
Then cover all of this with a 2-cup package of
shredded cheddar cheese or another flavor of
shredded cheese that you like. My family
prefers cheddar.
Keep a low heat under the skillet until the
cheese is melted.
These are Daniel and Erin's favorite potatoes!
Oh, and this is not diet food!
You have been warned!


Barbara H. said...

I think I have been on that "light" diet, too -- most of my life!!

Those potatoes seem to have the same ingredients as au gratin but they're prepared differently. Sounds good!

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! I KNEW some people had probably heard of that diet, too!!
Yes, they are similar and yet different, too. They are scrumptious!