Monday, September 10, 2007

Okay, now where was I?

Oh yes, we had just finished up on the massage chairs, which were unbelievably wonderful! Sooooo, we FINALLY get back to our room, well, after stopping by the coffee bar and grabbing a couple of pricey snacks :-/ The room on the FOURTEENTH floor at the END of the hallway. Well, little Nathen had slept all evening, so he was bright eyed and bushy tailed so Bethany went to bed and Bev and I stayed up with the boy, which we really didn't mind 'cause he is sooooo sweet! Bev finally put him in his little portable bed and we settled down for a good night's sleep but soon Nathen started stirring around, not fussing, just making little noises, so Bev got up and put him in bed with his mama and he IMMEDIATELY zonked out. He just wanted his mama! I knew I probably wouldn't sleep very well and I didn't disappoint myself. *feeble grin* The next morning I just knew that I was not going to be able to hike it over to the conference room for the service that morning, so we decided to have a relaxing morning in our room instead. Bethany noticed that we had been left the morning paper and I told her that for the price we paid for our room they should have read it TO us and given us a one-month's free subscription! LOL Once we were all packed and ready to go, we went to the Plaza Restaurant downstairs and had a wonderful, leisurely mid-morning buffet breakfast to die for. We then headed off to Bethany and Drew's new apartment in Pataskala, also known as "Patalaska" to the locals. *grin* They had searched and looked for an apartment that was nice, reasonably priced and in a good location for them and the Lord certainly blessed them with one. I am so happy for them and little Nathen! They go to Bro. Tiller's church in Reynoldsburg, so this is just a perfect location for them! So we spent the remainder of our time together at Bethany's place, lovin' on that little baby. *smile* I arrived home at a little after five and had just enough time to get unpacked and get ready to go to my nephew's wedding at 7:30 that evening. *whew* It was a lovely wedding and I am so happy for them. It was an outdoor wedding and was just beautiful. We didn't stay for the reception as I just couldn't do it. Actually, I had forgotten about the wedding until Ed called me earlier that afternoon and reminded me or I would have gotten home sooner. *feeble grin* BUT they are having another reception this coming Saturday and I will probably go to it. *whew* Saved myself there! *grin*
Here is a picture of my sister Bev and her little grandbaby in our room Saturday morning!

And one of Bethany and little Nathan sleeping! And of them in service Friday evening! She is such a good little mother! I wish I had a picture of him that shows how dressed up and cute he was Friday night! Okay, okay, here is one MORE of them Friday evening right after we got into our room! Can you tell that I love them? *smile*

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