Saturday, September 22, 2007

How America shops!!

Good Morning America ran a series last week about Walmart and how they make it their business to know how America shops. They told three interesting facts about how America shops and I am going to pose these three questions to you, my blog readers, and see how many you get correctly. Post your answers in the comments. I'll give you a couple of days. I'll put the answers up Monday and no cheating!!!! Don't go looking up the answers on GMA's website! I got one of them right. The other two I was amazed at! Here they are:

1. What is the one item/product that Walmart sells more of than anything else?

2. What state in the U.S. buys the most televisions?

3. What comfort food does Walmart sell the most of and stock up on during a natural catastrophe such as a tornado, hurricane, snow storm, etc.?

Put your thinking caps on and post those answers!! You just never know! You might win a prize!


The Muffin said...

1. I'm going to say toilet paper
2. New York, maybe because of the city
3.Canned food, maybe?

Also, 3 minutes after you signed off, I got on the computer. Bummer!

Jewel said...

You'll have to wait until tomorrow and maybe Tuesday for the answers. I'm hoping some more people play!
You were talking to all of those cute guys again, weren't you? *grin"
Talk to you later, sweetie. We're off to church! ((HUGS))

Aidan said...

Firstly i had to look up what a walmart was... insane consumerism at its worst!

1) I am going to Guess Amunition... Being the gun toting country that the US is...

2)I am going to guess at Texas given the rate of obesity.

3) comfort food?
just googled it... I am learning some new words today:) I am not fully sure what Walmart sell, i am going to guess at TV dinners!

I am probably miles off:)

Don Ryan said...

Sis Jewel

1. gum

2. Florida

3. bread,eggs, and milk. Everyone knows in the middle of a natural disaster you want French Toast. Or is that just an Ohio thing?

The Muffin said...

Haha..yup Sis.Jewel. You know me and those cute boys. I have beat them with a lead pipe to get them away. It's so much pressure!

Hahaha...maybe there will be some cute guys at General Conference? Tampa is sounding better by the second....

Jewel said...

Australia doesn't have Walmart, Aidan? Wow! I thought they were every where. It is so interesting to see your take on the U.S. *smile* Most of the people that I know that have guns use them to hunt animals or don't USE them or they just collect them. I mean, in my area of the country, you aren't afraid to step outside of your door because of the gunfire or anything. Well, maybe during deer-hunting season. It does get pretty wild here in the country. We make sure our dog is confined.
Comfort food is what we call food like macaroni and cheese or chicken and noodles or ice cream and cake. It looks like it is french toast for Donnie. *grin*

Well,Becky,good luck at GC. And Tampa? Wow, that sounds like so much fun!! When are you leaving?
Will you be able to blog from GC? I hope so!

Hmmmm, Donnie, I'm trying to think of what kind of comfort food I like. I think it would have to be creamy, baked mac and cheese or maybe a cheesy baked lasagna.

I'll definitely post the answers tomorrow! You'll be surprised!

Aidan said...

There was a suggestion that walmart was buying Australian Kmart stores. I did some research since then, but have never seen an actual walmart.

Jewel said...

Aidan...well, Walmart is everywhere here. While they are convenient, I miss so many of the "older" retailers that they have put out of business here in our local community. Many times, I avoid Walmart if at all possible. But most often, I can find what I need there. Thankfully, I am not much of a shopper, except for the necessary things.