Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guess who came to dinner?

Well, you'll know as soon as you see the picture! Yes, it was the three musketeers, as we lovingly call them! *smile* That is Erin's younger brother, Brian, on her left and of course, Erin and Daniel. Brian has his own bedroom at Daniel and Erin's and practically lives there,which they all love. We joke around about it with Erin's parents, saying we didn't know that we were going to gain a "son-in-law", too, when Daniel and Erin got married. They say they didn't realize that they were going to have an empty nest once Erin got married, either. Brian was pretty much still living at home when Daniel and Erin got married but just started spending more and more time at their house and now you know the rest of the story. We just love him and consider him part of the family.
Sooooo, Tuesday evening they all came up for dinner. We grilled steaks and I fixed dutch potatoes and garlic bread. They don't eat much in the way of vegetables, except potatoes. I also made apple dumplings and had ice cream. It was all delicious and the steaks were perfect. After dinner, we went into the living room and while I played my piano, we all sang and harmonized and the kids taught me a couple of new choruses that they sing at their church. Daniel was just amazed that I could pick them up and learn to play them so quickly but I reminded him that I have been doing this for 30 years, so it should come kind of easy to me by now. *smile* I also helped them with the harmony on a couple of songs that they sing and Daniel kept us all laughing throughout the evening.

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