Thursday, September 27, 2007

In a quandry

I have just not been feeling very well today, Thursday. I have been having stomach trouble, meaning my stomach has just been irritated and kind of "acidy" for the past couple of weeks. I've also had some chest discomfort because of some indigestion, I think. This is rare for me. I just don't get sick at my stomach or have intestinal issues, coming from a family with strong constitutions. *grin* BUT, this has had me a bit concerned because I haven't even wanted to drink my morning coffee. So, as I was laying in bed early this morning, pondering all of this, it dawned on me that it might be the naproxen that I started taking about a month ago. I take it with food and I only take two a day. So I googled Naproxen and its side effects and sure enough, "stomach irritation" is one of them! I also have two or three sores in my mouth which I have not had forever, even after a summer of eating home-grown tomatoes, which this year, for some strange reason, did not cause sores in my mouth. Thank you, Jesus. But, when I noticed the first sore just inside my mouth, I wondered what in the world could have caused that. Now I know it is probably the naproxen causing the stomach problems causing the sores. Yuck. Soooo, I am now off of the naproxen and we'll see how long it takes for these issues to clear up. SOON, I hope.

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