Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The fair, the open house, the reception...OH MY!

I've been quite busy the past few days, so if I need an excuse for not blogging much, that would be it. Last Thursday night, Ed and I went to the Hocking County Fair (We live in Hocking County) with Daniel and Erin and watched Tough Track. Now if you have never seen this, let me tell you.....it is so hilarious! You see, they use the motocross track from the night before and let people run anything they have over this same track, be it a van, station wagon, dune buggy,car, truck...anything but a motorcycle. Last year, some guy ran his old conversion van around it. It was a scream!!! This year, they had several roll-overs, which was really cool! *grin* Anywayyyy....I love to watch it! If I was a few...okay, SEVERAL, MANY, you choose...years younger I might even take part. Some of the drivers like nose-dived their vehicles into some of the humps and it made my teeth hurt to think of the jarring they took. I hope they wore teeth guards. *smile* And we ate fair food! Yummo!
On Friday night we went back to the fair to watch the truck and tractor pulls and Daniel and Erin joined us. Thankfully, both nights we got a really close parking space, so I didn't have to walk far. I didn't walk around the fair. We just went right to the grandstand and then back to the car. But it was fun and I saw soooo many friends and acquaintances. ANDDDD I got to eat FAIR FOOD!!! YAYYYYY!! I mean, it only comes around once a year! *smile*
So, on Friday nights of the fair, every year for the past several years, my oldest brother, Bill and his wife, Sandy and their children and grandchildren go to the truck and tractor pulls and we join them and all the rest of the family knows we are there and they sometimes join us. Anywayyyyy, they always sit on the top row, so I had to hike it up all of those stairs which I managed to do, but it was a bit of a challenge. (I paid for it later *feeble grin*) BUT we had fun! AND we ate fair food.
On Saturday, Bev and Bud had an open house for Drew, Bethany and little Nathen, in leiu of a baby shower and it was great! They had the most delicious, to-die-for ice cream cake I have ever eaten! The bottom layer was some kind of raspberry swirl. Oh my! And little Nathen was adorable as usual! The only glitch was that Bev's front steps...all two of them.....are really steep and even though Ed helped me up because there isn't a handrail, they kind of put a bind on the ole hips and back. *sigh* BUT I press on! Bind or no bind! *grimacing grin*
Later in the evening, I went to another wedding reception for my nephew Jason and his new wife, Lindsay. Her parents held this for them and it was most enjoyable. (Actually the shrimp cocktail was what made it REALLY enjoyable! *grin*) Soooo, they had a bride/groom dance. Then a bride and father-of-the-bride dance. Then a groom/mother-of-the-groom dance. After all of that dancin', they put a glass container on one of the speakers and said if you wanted to dance with the bride or groom you had to pay a dollar for fifteen seconds. Well, I figured it would take ME at least that long to get UP there so I put in two dollars, shuffled on up there and took a turn around the floor with my sweet nephew. *grin*
I enjoy reading each of your blogs and the goings-on in your lives so much. I just want to thank you all for taking the time to post. I hope you are having beautiful, absolutely gorgeous fall weather like we are here in Ohio. I've been savouring it! Well, I am off to our monthly ladies' meeting. Blog to you later!!! *smile*

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