Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And now for the answers!!!

Here are the answers to the "How America Shops" post!

1. What one item does Walmart sell the most of?
I can believe this.

2. What state buys the most televisions?
I think this may be because we have TWO MLB teams, TWO major league football teams,
an NBA team, OSU sports, just to name a few!

3. What comfort food does Walmart sell the most of and stock up on during a natural
disaster, such as a tornado, hurricance, snowstorm, etc.
I found this just unbelieveable, though I do have a blueberry poptart every morning with
my coffee!

If you go here, you may be able to get the answers if you click on "Inside Walmart" . I just heard the answers on the show. You all gave some really good answers, even if they weren't correct. *smile*


Stace said...

Wow, all of those answers are very surprising! Then again, I wouldn't really know because we don't yet have Walmart in Australia.

Jewel said...

Hi, Stace! They're pretty surprising to me, too, and I LIVE here! *smile* How is the new job going? And the new scooter?

Theresa said...

Oh, Jewel, you forgot about our NHL team, The Columbus Blue Jackets!! HOW COULD YOU???

Jewel said...

Well, I wasn't really trying to remember ALL of them, but that is another one, hm? And the Columbus Destroyers, our arena football team. And the Columbus Crew, our hockey team. Did I forget anyone else? *grin* I take it you like hockey? *smile* The only sports I watch is OSU football and sometimes OSU men's basketball.