Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The mother of invention

You've heard that old saying : "Necessity is the mother of invention." I think I got that right. Well, it holds true here in my life. I thought I would share a couple of things I've learned to do since I'm not quite as mobile as I used to be. First, I'm always dropping things. Not because of any physical problems. No,I'm just clumsy, I guess. Also, I am vertically challenged (short). Sooooo, I was getting clothes out of the dryer one day and having a little difficulty getting the clothes that were in the back. I happened to look up on top of the dryer where I keep a laundry basket and a few other things and there laid my barbecue tools. You know, the long-handled kind. Tongs, a fork, a spatula. Well, I got the bright idea of using the long-handled tongs,which also have little teeth on them, to reach back into the dryer to retrieve the things I couldn't reach andddd IT WORKED!!! So now I have put those handy things (the tongs) where I have easy access to them and use them to pick up things all of the time! Not that I don't still bend over and retrieve things myself when I can, but on the bad days they really come in handy. Oh, and they are good for reaching things that are high up and out of reach IF they're not too bulky and heavy. For those, I use Ed! *grin*
One morning as I was straightening up around the house, I noticed some little pieces of glass on the hallway floor. After checking it out, I saw that Ellie the cat had knocked the electric candle out of the window and the little lightbulb had shattered on the floor. Sooooo, I got the broom and swept it all up into a neat little pile but I couldn't manage to hold the dustpan AND the broom in the position needed to get it up off of the floor. So, I thought for a minute and headed to the kitchen to get the duct tape! I tore off an adequate strip, headed for the hallway and carefully laid the tape over the glass pieces. I pressed down on it with the broom, then managed to pick it up while holding onto the window sill and voila'! There was all of the little pieces of glass and other miniscule particles stuck on the duct tape! I was so proud of myself! *smile* Isn't duct tape great?
Which leads me to another story: While at the ladies retreat this past weekend, Bev, Bethany and I made our usual trip to The Buckeye Connection which is located in the lower part of the Hyatt complex. I couldn't believe all of the new things they have but the one that I loved the most was "Buck Tape"!!!! Yes!!! Can you believe it??? For some reason, I had this thought and I asked them if they had "duct tape" and the young man said, "Yes, but it is actually BUCK TAPE." !! It is red and you can get it with either Ohio State Buckeyes on it or Go Bucks. Daniel will definitely be getting a roll of this for Christmas! He made a billfold out of duct tape in his drafting and design class and carried it till it absolutely wore out. They also had an Ohio State hammer AND a baby bib that says, "I slobber scarlet and gray!" (Liz, you NEED to get one of those! *grin* Or just MAYBE you'll get one for a gift!) Anyway, they have a new website here, though they don't have many of the things I saw in the store....yet.
Have a great day and I hope you are having the beautiful September weather that we are!! God Bless!


~Tr@cy~ said...

Woah! Crazy colors! I thought I was on the wrong blog! Pretty! =)

Liz said...

"I slobber scarlet and gray" yes - that would so rock!!!

and I love the new look!

Theresa said...

Well now, I'm really liking the Bucks colors!! AND I have to remember the Bucks Tape for Christmas, too!

My mom has a "picker-upper" that she was given by a therapist after she broke her hip. It is her best friend! The thing never leaves her side while she is at home.

Jewel said...

Hey, Tracy! Yeah, aren't they great colors! *smile* I changed it around a couple of times, first going for fall colors but then I realized I could do scarlet and gray and thought, why not? *smile* Hope you're doing better!
Liz! They also had a bib that says, "Poop on Michigan" LOL I don't know...that might be a bit much to put on a little baby?
My sister has a picker-upper thingy, too. I probably should have gotten one but my make-shift one works great. Thanks for stopping by everyone!!
Go Bucks!!