Saturday, February 17, 2007

Winter in the Hocking Hills

Ed and I went to Ash Cave yesterday afternoon. It is about 20 minutes from where we live. I have always loved going to the caves to hike in the different seasons. They are such a natural, awesome sight to behold and each season paints a different canvas over the landscape. I am unable to hike the other caves because of countless steps that have to be climbed. Ash Cave is handicap-accessible so I was fairly sure that I could make it up to the cave. Ed helped me, we took it slowly and I was able to do it!! It was well worth the effort and trip!! It isn't often that the weather cooperates so that an ice pillar is formed at the falls but I was just sure that there was one this year and sure enough, there was! My brother-in-law was here on Thursday when the two points were almost touching. By the time I took this pic, it had collapsed somewhat, so he is going to send me the picture that he got of it Thursday. I will post it when I get it. Now hiking the caves is not something that Ed cares to do, but he knows how much I love to do it, so he took me! And he was even glad that he did because the scenery was so breath-taking! I am paying for it just a little today with some added aches and pains, but it was worth it!


Ronda Hurst said...

Beautiful. Looks like fun.

Jewel said...

We had a great time, Sis. Hurst, and afterward we had hot chocolate and got warmed up! It was very cold!! Thanks for stopping by!

Linda Elms said...

This is just beautiful! It looks like something I would like to do. Then to get a cup of hot chocolate in my good!