Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This morning we had -11 degrees in our little valley and that's without figuring in the windchill. It was frigid. Tonight, as I type, we have 13 degrees and about 4 inches of new-fallen snow on the ground. Everyone, including myself, has been saying that we've needed this cold snap to kill off the viruses and germs. Well, I think these frigid temps might very well have done the trick on those little varmints. I talked to my girlfriend Arlene and her husband, on Saturday. They are wintering in Sarasota, Florida and they said it was a balmy 72 degrees there. *sigh* I asked Ed when are we going to start wintering in Florida. I haven't gotten an answer yet. *smile* (fingers crossed) Stay warm, everyone and get those covers tucked in tight. Night night!

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