Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ed and I spent a very enjoyable day together yesterday. The student he transports was sick yesterday, so we decided to take off early and see where the day would take us. I fixed us a hearty breakfast before we left, so it was on to the carpet barn to select carpet for the living room and hallway. After that, we stopped by to see Daniel, as he is sick, too. He has such a time with his sinuses. He gets these awful dark circles under his eyes and says he just feels terrible and all. Erin was sleeping as she had worked the night before, but she did poke her head out of the bedroom door to tell us she loves us! *smile* Daniel had fixed breakfast for her before she went to bed. She calls Daniel the "Breakfast King" because he fixes such good breakfasts! Anywayyy....we visited with the granddoggies....Heidi, Macie, Jasmine and Dakota. Dakota, the Weimeraner, has GROWN! Oh my word, he prances around like a horse because his legs are so long and his feet are big! But he is beautiful! I'll have to take a recent pic of him and post it. We had such a good visit with Daniel and we prayed for him before we left. Last night, just before we went to bed, Ed called Daniel and he said that he was feeling so much better. I am so thankful that even when we can't be with our children or our ability to help is limited, the Lord is always available and able to help. What a faithful God He is and how mindful He is of the things that concern us as parents. Here is a couple of recent pictures of Daniel and Erin. I took them a week ago this past Sunday when they came up for a visit!
Oh, and Daniel told us that he is on schedule to graduate in June. This is a big deal because he will be the first student of Mr. Leffler's.....Daniel's Drafting and Design teacher from Tri-County Career graduate in two years from Hocking College. It is a two-year course, but the other students have always drug it out to 3-4 years, for whatever reason. It is alot to accomplish in 2 years, but it can be done. Daniel has always been one to set goals and achieve them. He did this when we homeschooled. He makes lists and posts signs of encouragment in his living space. Yesterday, as we were leaving, we noticed a sign on his front door...."Protein Shake" remind himself to have one before leaving the house each day.
Well, thanks for "listening" to me brag a little on the boy. I promise to listen/read when you have the need. *smile* Have a great Wednesday!!

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