Monday, February 26, 2007

Catching up and Getting Started

I'm here at the library downloading music from the internet at and thought I would put up a quick post as Ed is at home putting down new wood flooring. That means I might not have access to my computer for a couple of days because he is installing it in that area.
I had a 9:30am appointment with Dr. Gedeon, my new chiropractor. This was my second visit and I do believe I have had some improvement though it is minimal. I realize that this will be a slow process and that is alright. I just found out over the weekend that my brothers are his plumbers and actually, one of them was at his house this morning doing some work. I told him that I hoped he wouldn't hold that against me. I've heard those plumbers charge pretty high rates. *grin*
Oh, we had such wonderful services at church yesterday. Especially last night. You see, when Daniel was in the 2nd grade, I started getting this little girl off to school in the mornings. She began going to church with us and continued to through the years until last year sometime. She started working while going to school began dating a nice young man and just kind of busied herself out of church, I believe. Well, service was going along so wonderfully last night and in through the sanctuary doors came this young lady. I could hardly believe it. She has just gotten off work and came over. After service, she came to me and we prayed together and talked and I believe she is back. What is so awesome, was that earlier in the service, while the preaching was still going on, I had been sitting there beside Ed thinking of this young lady, while looking up at the other youth sitting there, and just thinking of how I missed her so. And then to have her walk in later. The Lord is so good and truly in His time all things are made beautiful.
I hope your Monday is going well. May the Lord order your steps and keep you ever in His care.

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