Monday, February 05, 2007


We had -6 this morning (Monday) and already tonight we have 1 degree at 8:37pm. So we know that it is going to be even COLDER in the morning than it was this morning and snow is on the way, too!!! What great snuggling weather! *smile* Stay warm everyone!! God Bless!


Theresa said...

When I left for work Monday morning we had a chill factor of -25 degrees. Now let me tell you, THAT'S COLD!!!! I'm sure that whatever viruses needed to be frozen out, have, now I'm ready for warmer weather!!! Love you!

Jewel said...

I remember the days of having to haul it out to work no matter what the weather was. I do feel for you, Theresa....bless your heart. We had -11 this morning (Tuesday) without the windchill factored in. It was indeed cold! Yes, this should kills those little varmints for sure!! *smile*